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  1. I'm not sure what a tarzan boat is. They had different boat tours for snorkeling. They had venders selling them. They had a large apparatus out in the water for people to climb on, slide down, and jump off of into the water from 2 heights. Some school aged boys were having fun on that.
  2. We were just there and took a water taxi for $10pp round trip. There are signs in the cruise terminal directing you. Very easy. There is some waiting because they want to fill up the boat. Capacity is 15 if I recall correctly. There are 10 or 12 boats and they run continuously. The ride itself takes about 10 minutes and drops you off on the beach. There are numerous venders renting chairs and umbrellas and selling food and drinks.
  3. We were at Copacabana in Dec at the recommendation of the driver we had. We were on the Summit. The cost is $25 pp and included beach chair, umbrella, a rum punch and a food/drink credit, the amount of which I apologize but can't remember (might have been $20). We had each has a decent lunch and bottled water and it was covered. We didn't have additional drinks. The sand is super powdery and the water warm and calm. The entrance area is very nice and the staff are too. Changing rooms are decent. My main complaint was that the beach chairs are very close together. It turned me off as soon as I saw it. Fortunately we were the only ship in port and the place wasn't very crowded. There are quite a few venders trying to sell you jewelry and snorkel, turtle, jet ski type stuff. It gets a little annoying but I know they are just trying to make a living.
  4. The poster said they already decided to do a land tour. The DIY isn't everyone's cup of tea. For us, there were 3 couples. A DIY would've been logistically very difficult as far as travelling together in one vehicle, agreeing on hotels, and schedules. With the cruise tour, the schedule is predetermined. Yes I know, it's less flexible. We did active excursions each day, everyone picked their own, so at the end of the day it was nice to relax at the lodge and share experiences. We kayaked the afternoon we arrived at the Mt. McKinley Wilderness lodge. We did a hiking trip the next day , the Tundra Wilderness during our stay at Denali Princess Lodge, and some of our group did whitewater rafting as well. We also did the riverboat cruise in Fairbanks which I expected not to like but it fun and interesting. I think 5 days on land if you can swing it, and if you're combining it with a cruise. My neighbor spent the whole summer there last year exploring in her little RV. She had some amazing off the beaten path stories. But alas, I am not retired yet.
  5. Frequent posters lean towards DIY. Here's my opinion. We did the Princess 12 night NB Denali Explorer cruise tour in June 2017 and loved it . We are 3 active, capable, middle age couples perfectly capable of planning a DIY. But here's the upside to the Princess cruise tour package in my opinion. We were 1st timers to AK. The Princess land tour take every headache out of the trip. It was a great overview with the inside passage cruise, 2 nts at Denali State Park, 2 nts in Denali National Park, and 1 nt (2 long days) in Fairbanks. All the transfers were seamless. No standing in line at the hotels to check in because you've received your room # and key before arrival. Lots of excursions for any interest. Everyone can view the scenery at all times since no one has to do the driving. The lodges were great with beautiful scenery, interesting lectures, convenient locations. Now that isn't to say that when I return, I wouldn't do a DIY. Next trip I hope to do the cruise again, and add time in the Seward/Kenai area on my own. But I absolutely loved the land tour through Princess for the wonderful overview.
  6. Thanks for your wonderful review. My sister-in-law and I were on the same cruise and are also Wisconsinites. It was such fun to see some of the same photos in your review that we also attempted to capture like the Santa with his elf in San Juan and the umbrella canopy. We also found the itinerary rather busy and kept asking one another, "which island are we at again?" on any given day. But like you and many others, we liked starting from San Juan for the better odds of great weather and for getting to some of less travelled islands so no complaints. Loved being the only ship in port at all but 1 island. Ate in the main dining room about half the nights (very good), as well as Sushi on 5 twice (decent food and quite relaxing atmosphere), Tuscan Grill (best calamari ever but the rest, not sure what the fuss is all about). The most fun experience was Qsine. We were fortunate to have a lot of shipboard credits 🙂 We also really enjoyed listening to the singer guitarist Chris Hawks who played throughout the ship all week. Happy holidays and thanks again for the review!
  7. We did this Northbound trip as part of a cruise tour last year on the Star Princess. Ports were Ketchikan Juneau and Skagway plus Glacier Bay. We're hoping to go again next summer, and add on some days in Seward and Kenai Peninsula on our own, post cruise. I had the Golden in mind. But then I saw that there is an alternative itinerary that trades Ketchikan for Icy Strait Point but all those sailings are on the Island Princess. This gives us one different port which I like. We are active travelers looking for wildlife and active excursions so from what I can tell Icy Strait will fit the bill. Is there much difference between the 2 ships?
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