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  1. I have purchased a bottle of Tequila to be put in my room in the past from Carnival's web site. I thought I heard you could buy one on ship and have it sent to your room.
  2. Is there an advantage in buying liquor from the fun shop on line, rather than buying from the ships fun shop after you board?
  3. I've got two cruises booked. I'm waiting to see the restrictions before I cancel. Being told when you can go here, when you can go there. Oh your times up, you must return to your room. And always wear your placebo mask, is not my idea of a vacation. Some people will be fine with the restrictions, I truly wish them well it's not for me.
  4. Tipping at Mr. Sancho's , I will be going on my first excursion to Mr. Sancho's. Trying to decide when to tip, at the start, end, or during ( or a combination of the three ). I want to tip at the start so they will keep check on me, but also want them to earn it too. Suggestions?
  5. In January my wife and I will be taking our first cruise. I was studying which cruise line to book, NCL or Carnival. Early into the study it came down to Coke or Pepsi, we chose Coke. After more studying, even without Coke I would choose Carnival. We have the Bottomless Bubbles which I believe is fountain drinks. Cans and bottles there is a big difference, not so much with fountain drinks. In my opinion fountain drinks taste like syrup.
  6. Thank y'all for the posts.Looking forward to the cruise.
  7. I will be in Cozumel January 15 and was wondering if the water at the beaches will be warm enough to swim?
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