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  1. Just 1 day shy of 6 months they finally refunded me. It only took 11 phone calls totaling 322 minutes. (For those wondering first thing in the morning is the best time, but you will also connect quickly past 4:30 but cashops is closed then so they are limited in what they can do) The customer service department seem lovely and incredibly helpful however they are vastly let down by cashops who have no concept of the passage of time.
  2. Oh right, I didn't believe debit cards fell under the section 75 protections. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Day 161 of my refund request. Having had p&o send my check to the wrong address twice... And a bank transfer promised which for some reason might take 14 days to clear I've had enough. I also have a promise of a phone call back tomorrow so I would like to go into that well informed. Unfortunately I paid via debit card via a TA so I don't suppose anyone has had any experience in the small claims court with p&o over refunds?
  4. Well ive just worked out ive made the 100 day club. Currently being on day 103 and day 22 since they said they are sending me the refund via check. How long have other people had to wait since getting an email saying their check is on the way?
  5. Unfortunately negativity is to be expected on forums. People like a good moan and will be passionate about decisions the company takes. Sometimes its important to keep them in check but it really needs to be balanced. Personally the space ratios have me a tad concerned but I am in the belief that Iona will be managed well to minimise those issues. The fact that the aitrum is being used a show location is a very welcome surprise. Im on Iona in 13 weeks and am definitely looking forward to a modern take for P&O.
  6. Not quite sure this it the right thread but... An interesting email from P&O just arrived detailing shows for the SkyDome which was to be expected but also details about a performance in the aitrum. Using the aitrum as a performance space should really help with the overcrowding concerns.
  7. The reported cases of Wuhan dont contain everyone who has caught the virus. The reported figures are only the most serve cases. Those with mild symptoms are not included and that is where WHO has tried to guess the vast number with little to no symptoms. As for the original point its because of the large incubation period that the virus is able to spread before people even know they have it. As such its expected the virus will spread exponentially. The 80% infected is the worst case and at the moment its all about delaying the widespread infection until summer.
  8. The minimum time according to P&O is 5 weeks before sailing so the 35 day mark. Although in my experience the cabin has been allocated before then around 50 days before sailing. If there are a lot of cancellations they may be holding out until they have sorted out all the room changes from the cancellations and upgrades.
  9. On the cp Iona used to default to tables of 10 and didn't give a choice. However for my cruise in June its now making me choose a preferred table size.
  10. Iona has 4 main dining rooms which are all anytime dining. How they will work is unknown but it will likely be a case of being allocated by cabin number. That being said table size seems to now be open for selection so its possible the 4 MDRs will be based on table size. The buffet serves a variety of food almost 24/7. They have themed nights which can prove popular and you just grab a table and then go up to get food. There is also multiple speciality restaurants which cost extra, the amount varies by restaurant. I would recommend booking these onboard as you can some
  11. The CP is now showing menus for all the restaurants on board Iona but I agree it doesn't seem to want to reserve any. I suspect that it's an Iona specific problem. Its a vast improvement on the last time I logged in. Its now showing the right room category and has a load of information about Iona that I hadn't come across before. That being said its still clearly not finished. Certian menus linked up incorrectly and information about the spa is just placeholders. Just not sure in why they made the switch when it clearly wasn't ready.
  12. As others have said, big and cheap. The size means that there will be a large variety of speciality restaurants and a larger evening line up of entertainment. One reason for me is how Iona prides itself on connecting you with the sea. The aitrum with the huge surrounding windows looks very pleasant and the MDRs being situated at the aft again with the full height Windows is another good way to bring natural light in. You then have the quays outdoor dining with the very wide promenade and the entertainment space at the aft so you don't feel like you are trapped inside. Take the qu
  13. My worries with Iona is not the number of passengers. There are plenty of large ships which have plenty of public space. Space ratio is by far the more important number to consider. Ionas public space to number of passengers is really low so I can see why people are negative about it. That being said her size does mean she has a lot to do. So I think it will come down to more how well the space is managed. Space ratios 39.4-33.2 Britianna 37.3-32.1 Ventura/Azura 29-26 Iona (approximate)
  14. Personally I don't like the placement of some of those cabins. With the casino/Brodie's underneath you and then people walking past in the day or using the infinity pools just outside your room. The noise would become off putting and even though they cant see me I might feel like my privacy is being invaded. However the balcony cabins more towards the front being above the theatre and being away from the hot tubs, with presumably less people traffic outside may be ok. For me it would come down to how much its saving.
  15. If that is the case and only inside is considered then im not too worried about Ionas potential crowding issues. The skydome thing presumbly counts as outside space which will be used in almost all weathers and should have a reasonable capacity. I do like her design philosphy of connecting people to the sea rather than a shopping center that moves, I just hope that it deals with the crowds well enough.
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