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  1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to give this awesome detail. We upgraded to the concierge suite for our April to Alaska before all of the crazy happened. Its supposed to be our first cruise ever but now its not looking good about it happening which is a huge bummer. (and the Joy won't be in Alaska next year!)
  2. Is there a source for this? I haven't seen this news.
  3. Not Washington but the Maryland governor just announced the temporary closure of the Baltimore port, so it looks like some other US ports are following
  4. Would love to know this too! Hopefully someone chimes in
  5. It looks like these suites are under the observation lounge. Thinking of booking one, anyone have any experience with what the nose is from above?
  6. About a hundred days out and no disembarkation excursions showing. Has anyone done one in Seattle? Wondering the odds of some being added or if we're out of luck for using our credit.
  7. What week are you traveling? I booked it for the April 25th on the Joy (which is also confusing since the description says its not offered in May so I'm worried its a mistake and they'll cancel it)
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