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  1. That's the problem. The vast majority of us are citizens and they could easily have both options available and let you fly to neighboring countries with a EDL like we used to be able to do. I showed the same documentation to get my Real ID (more actually) that is required for a passport, yet the only benefit I get is for FFL transfers, Federal courthouses, military bases, and domestic flying. Quite frustrating how things are set up.
  2. Agree. April 2022 booked as well, plus Jan 2023. If the the April cruise doesn't sail I don't think there is any hope for the January cruise. Just don't see how the fiscal numbers could work for that long of a delay, even if twisted, looped, devalued etc.
  3. They take the same amount of documentation to get each license, both would easily satisfy passport requirements/standards as well, yet somehow we have three different products that allow three different permissions. Government efficiency at it's best.
  4. People always bring up these hearsay second hand stories when the truth is that you can be issued an emergency passport in 30 min or less if needed. The cruise lines have folks on the ground at the ports, travel insurance nearly universally includes passport services for repatriation, and you have consulate/embassy services. For the millions upon millions of cruisers that cruise without passports, you'd hear more about this if it were an actual problem.
  5. There is no higher fee in CA. Baloney. "The DMV will charge a $35 fee for your REAL ID. It's the same fee you pay during your regular driver's license renewal."
  6. Awesome! We have several, what I like to call "vaccine parties/socials" scheduled over the next few weeks as well. Vaccinated folks are eager to get out and get some social interaction time in. Hope you have a great beach trip!
  7. To me it really makes no sense since you could cash out and then rebuy chips anyway but they do watch what you are doing. Trust me, I've gotten "the talk" lol. I suspect loading up and then cashing out would draw some scrutiny, not sure what they could do about it though.
  8. I doubt they will. It would lock up the system entirely. I suspect there may be a rule change about OBC conversions but halting the system as is would be foolish. It would kill two birds with one stone but the second bird is merely frowned upon. They actually want that play but also want the 3% vig on the chips. Plus having passengers dumping those OBC into machines is another way to reduce their values and snatch some back. I don't see how they could do both, allow play and also remove the ability to cash out.
  9. If you go the slot route then yes. If you like table games (I love craps) then you have to load up and cash out but they don't like that since you are essentially getting a free cash advance on your credit card. Theoretically, you're correct in that you could easily stick to slots and avoid the extra hassle but I'd assume they would be amenable if you had some consistency of play and weren't so overt about it. They track your play which is why it's nearly impossible to avoid the naughty talk if you load up on the slots (only a few min of play) and cash out for chips at the cage vs loading up a
  10. The casino is the only way and they frown on you avoiding the 3% fee to get casino chips by loading up at a slot and then going to the cage to cash out. You can do it once but they will lock your card up after that and you'll have to go to the cage for a "naughty talk" lol but they will unlock it after that.
  11. No. I have have bought multiple bottles at dinner and my cheers count was not affected.
  12. Welcome to the club! Congratulations! Encourage friends/family to get vaccinated as well. The more of us vaccinated, the better!
  13. Having just spent a week in San Diego, It isn't just folks from certain areas who don't want to wear masks, no one does. People are sick of it. I strolled down the ocean front walk several times as I was staying steps away from it and had an expansive view of it from the condo, maybe 5% tops on any given day wearing a mask. Same with sidewalks or general strolling outdoors. This is a crowded area and yet I felt perfectly safe because it's outdoors and everyone was pretty much keeping it moving (common sense). That said, It wasn't required to have a mask while walking outside or eating/drinking
  14. Just found this while packing for my vacation. Found this in the buffet area on Panorama Jan 18th 2020 sailing. I was also on a birthday cruise. Should be packing to go sailing. Can't wait to get back on Panorama.
  15. Thanks for the tips. We were there last in 1999 and stayed in Mission Bay but didn't really leave the resort much as they had everything from waterslides to jetskis and onsite beer and food..lol. Coronado will be our next SD visit for sure. Jet Skiing under the Coronado Bridge and all over the bay is still one of my fondest memories of SD and my kids loved the pool at the Sheraton. Will definitely avoid downtown and don't have many plans beyond a bay cruise (need to get on the water dangit) and possibly the zoo. I have read about the attacks in the PB area (PB monthly police blotter) and it is
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