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  1. Pretty sure that was with AstraZenica. I've read no mention of this with J&J trials. It would be fantastic if this J&J vaccine works out as it's a single dose and they can pump out a billion doses a year. Even more if other manufacturers are allowed to make it as well, for a cut. I hope they roll it out like the flu vaccine I got yesterday. Drive through, quick, included with insurance plans, and set up for mass administration/application. I'm really hoping the masks and social distancing is not necessary by April. I'm really hoping for regular cruise conditions, especially for my kids; the kids club won't be the same otherwise. Fingers crossed on the J&J subsidiary inoculation working and being rolled out rapidly!
  2. I was just checking out cruise prices here on Cruise Critic and realized that our April 2021 Panorama cruise had a diamond next to it. Clicked on it and realized that we actually booked an Easter cruise! Bonus! Kind of Ironic considering our first cruise on Panorama was unknowingly booked (booked for birthdays, not football) during NFL playoffs (pretty much a holiday weekend in our house) and of course the 49ers were in contention. It was a super fun cruise. I'm a little extra excited about this cruise now! It will be our first official holiday cruise. I wonder if there will be a special menu at dinner? Extra pumped now! 🥳
  3. Awesome! At least you have something to look forward to in 2022! What happened with the original deposit? Free drinks in a Casino you say?! I've never gotten a "free" drink in a casino....lol. That'b a magic casino where I'd never lose 🙂. I've gotten plenty of complimentary drinks for my loses though 🙂 😂.
  4. Some cruising will resume in 2020, towards the end. It will be different than everyone is used to with masks, social distancing, and a general "limited experience". Things will look more normal by Feb-March 2021 though. One, because many of the purposed "action plans and policies" won't be conducive to the cruising lifestyle. People like to eat in groups, smoke, drink at bars, talk, gather, participate in group activities, watch shows, gamble (I love craps), kids will want to play in the kids clubs and be social, get off the ship, do independent excursions etc etc etc. Policies that reduce/curtail these options will lead to folks putting off future cruises simply because they don't enjoy the product the same. Unsustainable business model. Two, death rates are dropping all over and we may get to a point of acceptable risk with symptom reduction management and thus, reduction of number of deaths and reductions of serious ICU outcomes. Third, a vaccine will eventually be made that will further reduce transmission rates and deaths/serious ICU admissions. There has to be a point where acceptable risk is compared with absolute elimination. We've chosen the hard way, piecemeal policies with opening and closing and a confusing plethora of different rules everywhere. Versus a comprehensive 14-day complete nation-wide shutdown to wipe it out or reduce it to micro levels that are manageable. A lot of people expect a all or nothing mitigation effort by the cruise lines. Thant's unreasonable. No other industry is held to such high unrealistic expectations. Plenty of products kill people everyday (cars, guns, alcohol, prescription drugs, cigarettes etc) and most don't believe in shutting those industries down as a whole until they can make their products 100% safe. Cruising, by its inherent nature, will always pose some risks. The question is, what level is acceptable and what level are we willing to accept to have a normal experience and a normal product we've come to expect as passengers? It's much the same in our everyday lives. Our landscape has been altered and is off kilt at the moment but levity will return soon enough, through mitigation efforts and effective treatments to reduce symptoms and improve outcomes. The incentives are too great: sheer exhaustion of non-normalcy, financial motivations, economic/market considerations, and scientific/medical breakthrough. Just like I always bet on America, I'd bet on this too! Cruising, and America in general, will be back to our "good old selves" in no time! We have stubborn determination and short memories! 🙂 Go on, book that cruise!
  5. 199 days until we sail on Panorama for the second time! Supper pumped! Also 586 days until we sail on Radiance. Planning on booking one in between those also!
  6. Yes! I was on Panorama at the end of January and my wife and I came home very sick. All the symptoms of caronavirus but it wasn't known at the time. My wife had a cough for 6 weeks that would not go away and doctors were stumped. I had terrible shortness of breath for 4 days and could not get out of bed for two days. My littlest had mild symptoms for two days and my two older ones had zero symptoms. Really makes us wonder if we did in fact get it at that time on the cruise. We're booked for Panorama again for April 2021 and also booked for Radiance for April 2022. We are pumped and my kids picked cruising over San Diego, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and local stay-cation. We were lucky to sail on her before everything got shut down and will be happy to sail on her in April! We are also looking forward to Radiance as well. I have faith a vaccine will be ready in Jan at the latest and things will be looking up into the new year! #teamcarnival!
  7. Read your post about Hollywood way back, if you haven't booked anything I can recommend The Ramada Plaza in WEHO. I've stayed there any times and it's always a place I look to first when visiting the area. Great rates, fantastic location, and lots to do near by. Looking forward to your review of Panorama. I really enjoyed my Panorama cruise.
  8. On Panorama the nightclub set up works. Basically everyone dances in the center (large wooden circle dance floor) and the DJ is up on the stage. It actually makes it more intimate if you will. You can see everything and there are lots of comfy seats surrounding the dance floor with plenty of space for people to chill who need a rest or just want to watch or drink. They use a portable bar and there is a drink menu. It's also very close to the Hero's bar and even the Casino bar if there is some kind of drink you want that they don't have. Unfortunately, they don't sell buckets of beer there or anywhere near (Guy's Pig & Anchor is the closest). Every bar should sell buckets, especially the nightclub since almost every nightclub offers buckets of beer on land. Seafood shack is the seafood place. Prices are a bit high but they have a pretty nice menu with some good options. I actually meant to get a bunch of oysters (I love oysters) on the half shell but every time I was back there I had already eaten...lol. Havana bar is an odd duck. The space is compact due to the set-up (long rectangle) so there is limited seating. The entrance is like a long hallway with seating but you generally can't see the musicians or dancing until you get 60% in then it's the band (on an awkward island), a mini dance area, a small seating area, then the bar. They have live music most nights and there are a few people who dance. The configuration could be much better. It would facilitate better usage of the space and open it up. They need to put the band where the bar is, the main seating area should combine with the smaller area as a larger dance floor, get rid of the island stage and make it the bar, get rid of the "T" design of the first 50% of the space (upon entering) and move that seating all the way to the wall to open the space up. They also need to revamp the drink menu, it's a bit weak (limited offerings) and should have more Latin themed drinks that you'd see at a Latin club. The space is set up for multiple uses but doesn't do any particularly well. Ocean Plaza gets much more use because the set-up is open, spacious, and a proper venue for dancing and live music. If they switched the Havana bands with the Ocean Plaza it would probably increase the foot traffic and passenger attendance at both locations. Hope that helps! Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Crab Cakes Stuffed Mushrooms Beef Carpacio Lobster Tails Filet Mingnon Flat Iron Steak Prime Rib Seared Tuna Fried Calamari Fried Oysters Mussels Portabella Mushrooms Veal Parmesan Red Beet Carpacio Cesar Salad Ox Tongue Salmon Cake All of the cold salads Hot soups Guys Burgers Burritos/Tacos at Blue Iguana Sandwiches and wraps (all good)
  10. I'm jelly, I never got that. I only have a "welcome home offer". That's a great deal! I would be all over that.
  11. Not sure if they were 24 hours, they shut the tables down on us around 3:30 am each day and also closed the bar so I usually returned to my stateroom after that. They actually close it before arriving in Cabo and any other ports. No casino action while in port, machines are all locked out. Opens on sail away at each port at 12 miles out to sea (pretty quickly).
  12. The Hub app will keep a running tab for each person and it updates almost instantaneous with each transaction. Much better than the TV.
  13. On my 7 day I had all gratuities prepaid, Cheers package prepaid, $50 cruise cash and still ended up with over $500 in charges from incidentals like drink taxes while in US port, Dr. Seuss breakfast, gambling, a little shopping, an excursion, and additional tips for drink runners when I ran out of small bills and didn't feel like going to guest services for change. It really just depends on what you will do while cruising. If you will use a lot then get gift cards to load up, if not much then simply use a credit card.
  14. Steakhouse has the best wine. Everywhere else seems to be hit/miss, even if they have a menu. Serenity bar had the most options on the last cruise. It seems wine is not catered to like beer/hard/mixed drinks. I really hope Carnival will change this and have more consistency. The randomness of availability is frustrating.
  15. If you get chips charged to your room (essentially credit card) at the table there is a 3% fee ($100 in chips is billed at $103 to sign and sail). You can stick your sign and sail into a slot machine and load up money (also charged to that same card with no fee), pull card out, and then get chips. This avoids the 3% fee. Seems they don't like this and/or cashing out balances with little/no play since it essentially gives you fee free cash charged to your card. Not sure it's the same if you have a gift card and/or cruise cash or something. I imagine it's not policed as closely. You can use cash at tables and/or cash out your bank for chips at the cage to use at tables. Either is fine.
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