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  1. IMO, you should pay the cruise line tips. Many folks don't understand that the people who serve them behind the scenes rely on these tips as income. Your waiter, room steward, bartender etc has a large number of support staff that you never meet who make your vacation fantastic. Those glasses, plates, buffet choices, towels, ice machines, deck chairs, etc don't clean/serve themselves. It's a team effort, reward the whole team, not just the person you see on the front line. They have a large contingency behind them supporting them. These folks are unseen but contribute greatly to your enjoyment. When you tip only the front line folks you are essentially stiffing everyone else on the back end and those folks often work the hardest and have thankless jobs. Thank them by tipping through the cruise line gratuities. If you feel someone has gone above and beyond, you can write down their name or take a photo of their name tag and mention them by name in your exit questionnaire or even tip them out additionally. Don't believe the hype about the cruise line jacking them for their funds, folks who remove their auto grats are the ones truly affecting their take home pay. Our tips essentially subsidize their income. The price is still right and we get a great deal when all is said and done. Support these folks and do the right thing.
  2. Sorry you were triggered but I had no Intention to offend. I was simply stating my opinion. I have a ridiculous amount of credit and I bought some cruise cash as well since I got a discount on it. I apologize if I offended you as I had zero intention of doing that. I'm also not sure what "there you go again" means as I have never commented on this particular subject. I think you may be reading more into it than it is. 😕
  3. It's essentially credit with carnival. You can do everything with it. It acts a a debit account for expenditures. When the cruise is over you can go to the casino and cash it out. Most people would be served better by a credit card but for those who want to "pre-budget" or have poor credit, it acts as a substitute for an open account.
  4. Thanks for the replies regarding the juices for the sea day brunch, very helpful.
  5. Interesting. I had zero issues redeeming mine online through the fun shops. I even used multiple cards to pay for all the cheers and bubbles packages and it worked just fine. Did you book direct through carnival or a travel agent? I booked direct. Maybe that is the issue?
  6. Are those fresh pressed juices listed on the sea day brunch menu covered under the cheers package?
  7. I laughed so hard at this my side hurt and I almost spit food on my my screen! I'm sure everyone was wondering where the heck you were. Having too much fun is great excuse in my book! Have a great trip and if you can get some food menu photos that would be great. Oh and congratulations for making it to the "15 club". 😂
  8. This was super helpful! Thank you very much for taking the time. Much appreciated!
  9. You can also run your purchase through ebates (now Rakutan but ebates.com still works) for 1% cash back as well. For the chase folks, that's 16% or 11% for everyone else. I just bought a bunch from them last week. This would also be great for a new credit card that has a min spend offer to further maximize savings. You just need to figure out the breakdown to get maximum application. I needed about $1600 for gratuities, drink packages, and a few other things. I bought 1K and got $100 in raise cash, bought another $500 for $400 + $100 in raise cash and got $40 in raise cash, then bought $100 for $60 + $40 raise cash and have $6 raise cash left over. Plus got $16 from ebates. Worked out great.
  10. Easy solution to that. Have reusable/washable aluminum, recyclable plastic, or even paper cups (many vendors will provide them free for marketing exposure if they can plaster their logo on the side) to pour the water/drinks into when on deck or swimming areas. Every other place (even large places like Vegas) deal with the same issues. It's not a unique issue to cruise ships. They can even use a larger version of the cups in the lido buffet, completely rewashable and reusable. Paper cups can easily be ground and incinerated on board. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  11. Not really, Tetra Pak style packaging has been out for a long time now and while the recycling options are limited (it must be broken down into components), a company the size of Carnival could find a solution that would facilitate that and a company to fill them. Then there is the good old standby that is the most sustainable and nearly 100% recyclable without loss or degradation, that is glass. Glass has been around forever and glass always been the best solution. The downside is the weight but just like plastic bottles, glass tech has improved and bottles use much less materiel than in decades past. Bottles are about half their weight vs just a decade ago. If it were "all about the environment", glass would be used despite the higher weight and shipping costs. It's also great for ships particularly because it has a much lower impact when ground up and dumped at sea. This is still perfectly legal in many locations around the world, including the Caribbean. A lot of places simply don't have the capacity, many not even the inclination, to build recycling/disposal facilities. At least the refuse is being ground up now but using as much glass as possible would be the best environmental decision for both recycling and disposal. If it is recycled, great! If it is dumped, still not too bad! Win-win.
  12. You won't need the marriage certificate. Every spouse has their maiden name on the BC. They won't care and won't even look at the marriage license (we took ours JIC but it was not needed). They will look at the drivers license or state ID for the current legal last name. Just need a drivers license/ID (not expired & for anyone 16 or older, not required for those under 16) and a original or certified copy of birth certificate (required for all at any age) and you are GTG. I'd bring the passports as well. Hope that helps!
  13. They could have easily switched to plant based biodegradable straws instead. They also make plates, cups, bowels etc out of this materiel as well. This would have been a better option than the virtue signaling. Who wants to carry around a reusable straw that they have to clean? It's ridiculous. Paper and sugar straws are as well.
  14. Thanks for posting this video. We are booked the Jan 18th as well. Super excited! The ship looks beautiful and will be a big step up for us west coasters. I refuse to fly across the country to cruise so this gives us more options. I'm hoping Carnival does some cruise itineraries even further south than the Mexican Rivera and down to the South Americas. I hate flying and cruising is a great way to travel.
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