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  1. I don't know. I watched UFC over the weekend and it was held live in Dallas, TX and there were no masks to be seen in the audience. Toyota arena was packed too.
  2. So what your saying is that you identify as vaccinated and wish to be treated so? 😁
  3. It would certainly be easier and cheaper to just open things back up and pick up where you left off. I'm sure the lines don't want the hassles/costs of testing, dealing with vaccines, and all the other hoops /reporting/ planning that go into "great ideas" formed around a boardroom table but that are much different in practical application(s). If they wait long enough, it could possibly end up this way organically.
  4. I think so too. Terrible move for someone who's already up against the ropes. This will be the final straw for many. If any place has earned the right to have restrictions removed, it's California. We've stepped up big time and still get to look like clowns to the rest of the nation. Makes you wonder if it's really political at this point? It's super frustrating to see and another black eye for the image of California.
  5. It's been reported that he will adopt them on June 15. Basically, nothing changes until king Newsome allows it. Masks for all Californians, even us fully vaccinated folks. I just wish these politicians could not make California look wacky to the rest of the nation. We have some of the highest vaccination rates, lowest covid numbers, and high compliance with protocols and yet The People of this great state can't be trusted for another month. Even NY is adopting the CDC guidelines. Frustrating.
  6. Seen a bit earlier that he intends to keep it in place until June 15. Ridiculous. This is the exact type of tyrant stuff that led to his recall. He was doing good fending off negative attention but once again will be looking inconsistent with the rest of the country. I think people have had enough and will just not comply in much of the state.
  7. Sounds like a great idea! Congratulations to them, hope they have a great/memorable wedding!
  8. Looking forward to sailing on her Next April!
  9. I'll be a an appreciative cruiser and a thankful cruiser.
  10. Sunglasses with blue polarized lenses and a gift card to cover the cheers package.
  11. I'm just going with the flow. The store removed the mask signs so I went without. I also visited a gas station (inside) and they had a large "masks required" so I wore one in there. I'll continue to follow the CDC guidelines but will also respect the stores private property rights.
  12. Went to my local grocery store. They also removed the face mask signs. There was only about three of us without masks but it was nice. I think some will cling to them like a security blanket and it will take a few months for normalcy to return.
  13. Monday. No way Newsom will risk the positive momentum he has no in his efforts to fend off the recall. Keeping the restrictions would be political suicide and give ammo for pro-recall folks,
  14. You're simply mistaken. Drinking doesn't equal cruising but for many, cruising does, in fact, equal drinking. The majority of imbibers onboard probably drink much more than they do on land. It's a vacation, you don't have to drive or get up early in the morning, and there is a lot of down time to relax. The OP also asked specifically about finding a fun line, not advice on where to vacation or anyone's permission to have fun.
  15. Based on the response to this and the one below, sounds like you already know the answer but are trying to talk yourself out of it lol.
  16. Who cares? It'll bite the folks that chose not to protect themselves. Choices have consequences. Some chose protection, some choose to risk it. Might be a wake up call to those who are hesitant or even against the vaccine. Either way, these restrictions were temporary in order to not overload the healthcare system and gain some breathing room to develop a vaccine. Mission accomplished! Time to shift back to personal responsibility.
  17. Even Coke isn't Coke. Mexican Coke is real Coke. I wish they'd bring back real soda that is made with sugar.
  18. Plenty of old farts cruise Carnival that know how to have a good time and get down on it. Age is nothing but a number, it's the spirit that counts. Plenty of vivacious old heads representing on Carnival. It's the curmudgeons "you kids get off my lawn" types everyone wishes would stay on the sleepy lines...lol.
  19. This is actually good advice. If you just want peace and quiet in a longer to chill, head out of Ocean Plaza on the port side and head forward. You can find plenty of loungers for quiet and seclusion near the fun shops area. You can cut through Cherry on top to get to the Piano bar, Alchemy, or the steakhouse (if you like better wines) to get drinks as well. Probably one of the quietest places on the ship. If yo're looking for pool time (actually being in the water) as the main focus, then Havana is probably best.
  20. Worth it compared compared to what? Havana is usually just above inside and near cove balcony prices. Depends what you are comparing it to. I also think Havana bar isn't as good as the rest as far as selection, especially the Cuban drinks since they are made with Pepsi. The limited selection keeps me away except for some nights they do live music but I only stay for a bit and hit up the Plaza bar for better wines (more seating also) or Tides bar for better atmosphere (any bar really has better atmosphere).
  21. Nope. Though I can tell you that Emma on Panorama seemed to have a 50/50 split. Passengers either loved her or wanted to strangle her after the umpteenth "heellloooo looovvvllliieeess" lol.
  22. Until the next tweet and crash by Mr. Electric. You have to have intestinal fortitude to gamble on a pure social hope ponzi product, that can be swayed at a moments notice, based on nothing more than speculation/conjecture. It reminds me of a big six wheel bet. True gambling is too scary for me and isn't calculated odds (which I prefer).
  23. The flu shot hey-day is over. I don't think we'll see participation rates like we did with covid going on. Most people I know don't get the flu shot but during covid I don't know anyone who didn't get the flu shots. Everyone was scared of the "dual infection" warnings that were blasted over the airwaves. I think things will return to normal with most people skipping the flu vaccine except for the elderly and immunocompermised.
  24. A lot of people like to cherry pick Sweden but they did have 13 times the death rate of their neighbors at one time (up there with the worst countries of much larger size), switched high schools to distance learning, they had one of the lowest testing rates, and many people did social distance and wear masks though it wasn't mandated. They also have a relatively small population. Not quite comparable to the USA.
  25. If the price was right, I'd certainly cram one in before my Apr 2022 cruise, especially if it sails from SF. SF always seems more expensive than other ports, they need to lower the port fees for the lines and get more cruises from there. It's a large market and a lot more convenient than driving to SoCal to cruise.
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