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  1. Ding! Ding! Ding! Internet winner of the day! The real question is, do they have the chutzpah to think they can control the outcome of such a wayward virus on their ships with mere hope? A daunting task to be sure. Transitioning from the present calculated risk position to flat out gambling and hoping for the best, might not be the best course for longevity and continuity.
  2. Hopefully the cruise industry can survive the long route. If they simply "return to normal" the outcome is pretty predictable. The transportation aspects of this ruling are also troubling. There is a reason masks are still required for public transportation. This may not end up how many imagine. We may all end up in the same boat of restrictions and cruising may be far from normal. More fear, uncertainty and doubt isn't a good position for the cruise lines or those holding cruise stocks.
  3. Like magic, covid will just disappear eh? The ruling solves everything? It's like a miracle!
  4. Meh, some infotainment networks are working in overdrive to pump fear, doom & gloom and panic. The world is not ending and everything will work out but you wouldn't know that if all you watch is infotainment channels that are basically 24-hour echo-chambers of fear and perpetually push negativity to pump ratings. Outrage sells, even manufactured outrage. Based on bookings and demand, it appears the economy is poised for a huge rebound. Cruising included. Pent up demand is through the roof! Picking individual aspects that are temporarily upside-down, one could paint a picture of doom but th
  5. YUP https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html Shouldn't be required one through the terminal and on the ship though. "outdoor areas of a conveyance"
  6. They will more than likely defer, like they are doing with the whole Cal Osha fiasco. The governor said he would use an executive order if needed, in order to align the mask requirements for workers with CDC guidelines. I don't see him going out of his way to ensure masks are worn on cruise ships as It goes against the realignment efforts with the CDC. Plus I'm sure there will be pressure to end the emergency deceleration as they have moved up the recall vote by a few months. I'm sure that will be fodder if it's still in place. People are already attacking him on it since all the other orders
  7. Even Royal is bringing a ship back to the west coast, they haven't cruised out of CA in a long while. Navigator of the Seas will be coming in summer 2022. February is a great time to cruise the Mexican Riviera. Anytime during January through the end of April, sometimes even into may is optimal IMO. It's a great itinerary and the weather is perfect in Mexico during that time.
  8. Visit June/July/Aug, water temps are plenty warm in Cabo.
  9. Thanks for reiterating my point. Nonetheless, the slippery slope aspect remains valid. The second employers were allowed to interlope into our personal lives/legal choices/freedoms we lost something that will be difficult to get back. It might not effect some yet, but it will someday. It's inevitable and only a matter of time. They will take as much as is allowed and the more that is taken, the easier it gets to take more.
  10. Sildenafil is more specific anyway. Most folks use generics.
  11. The slippery slope started long ago with smoking bans. Businesses were allowed to control workers even off duty (folks were warned it would snowball but didn't believe it). Nurses in TX just had their cases tossed recently as well. They sued due to vaccine requirements for employment. They were told they could work elsewhere and had a choice. Employers can now force you to get a vaccine as a condition of employment. I just don't see these anti vaccine laws holding up in court based on all other evidence and previous rulings and established precedent. The laws/rulings seems consistent: choices
  12. Anyone who drives their kids/grand kids in a car is taking a much higher chance of danger/injury. Statistically, it's not even close, yet people still drive and press on. Those that sensationalize a less than zero fractional percentage of side effects (that 99% get over) are doing a disservice. The potential side effects of covid are much higher. The vaccine odds are a much better gamble, probability/protection wise. Not even close.
  13. It would certainly help reduce diners consumption capacity and move them along quickly. A couple glasses of water and dinner is served! The dance floor would be too crowded though and that's not good for social distancing. They may run out of booze also, that would be a real problem. 🥳
  14. You can add funds to your casino bank and OBC should cover it.
  15. Wait, I though Carnival was the party ship? Royal trying to step up their party game? 😁
  16. The full app doesn't work until you are on board and connected to the ships intranet. Dinning selection can be made anytime after booking, the earlier the better.
  17. Handling it myself these days. I like the control. I have done a TA once and it was a frustrating experience trying to change/adjust things since the lines won't even talk to you. I found the whole process rather stupid and ridiculous to be perfectly honest. Calling someone to call someone and telling someone something to tell someone else. Redundant. I would consider using a TA if there was some kind of really good deal. Costco Travel and Expedia Cruises have good deals sometimes, especially for last min stuff, though booking early seems to yield good results so I have been doing that and pro
  18. I only do anytime dining and they definitely do it then. It could depend on when you sit down to eat but I've seen it at every dinner (except one). I believe they do it a few times throughout the night.
  19. I think you enjoy being negative/argumentative. Hence "relatively well". Sheesh.
  20. It's pretty quick and you don't have to participate if you're disinclined. It's not that big of a deal. It's just something to help pump up the energy. I got some great video of my mom boogieing down with Sebastian and other dining staff on Panorama..lol. It's not a long drawn out affair. Much much quicker than the Disneyland character meals as those are meant for the little ones and they love it.
  21. Think Disneyland and eating at the character meeting restaurants. Napkin parade pretty much.
  22. Fair point but for comparative sake it fits relatively well. Older population, many with heath challenges, close quarter living and sharing the same space for extended times. I'll concur that sticking to 7 day cruises will wash some of the data out; nonetheless, it's still comparative.
  23. You could easily scale up to account for population count in the statistical analysis.
  24. You're absolutely correct. That would be an acceptable equivalence for comparative sake. They represent the same set of challenges.
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