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  1. It also provides double insurance. Should the unvaccinated cruises go bad (highly likely) and be shut down again, they would have the vaccinated cruises to fall back on and hold up as a success. This may allow them to convert the unvaccinated cruises to vaccinated cruises and keep revenue flowing and avoid a complete/partial shutdown should issues arise on unvaccinated cruises. I really does make you wonder what the lines know or what is happening behind the scenes because some of this simply makes no sense and hardly seems worth the trouble in the grand scheme. Liability and conti
  2. I'm sure they'd like to avoid option one for obvious reasons (using a stick & crapping where you eat). Number two is doable and doable now. Makes the most sense IMO and uses the carrot of competition to compel cooperation and would also demonstrate that it works and isn't that complicated. Win-win-win.
  3. Starting already! Great news! Looks like they are moving these tests along quickly. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/kids-shots-tests-covid-vaccine-78140911
  4. Great way to boost revenue by selling more FTTF. Nice profit chasing move!
  5. Fair questions to be sure. Hopefully some procedural information will be coming down the pipe soon.
  6. These should be worked out ahead of time by the cruise lines and each countries respective CDC equivalent or body. Could some have a more restrictive policy that the US CDC? Sure. I don't think it will be a big problem though. The science will generally be the same and that should guide policy, not irrational fear. I trust it will work out just fine. They are pros at this, this is their business.
  7. If it's only kids that are unvaccinated (or a few crew members) there should be no need to terminate a cruise. If a kid/crew (heck even a vaccinated passanger) falls ill enough to need medical attention and tests positive for covid then they stay on the ship for the duration of the cruise and monitored by health staff. No port visits for them, cruise continues as usual for everyone else. These "outbreaks" you kept referring to will most likely end up being nothing but a few cases. No need to be so dramatic, overreact and fear monger. The "threshold" hasn't even been announced.
  8. Pretending there won't be any covid cases is preposterous. There WILL be some cases, even on majority 95% vaccinated cruises. You have people living in close quarters for a week, visiting poorer countries and mingling/dining/drinking/touring with locals, plus lowered immune system from traveling in general and lots of crew members you interact with. Follow the science and guidelines. No need to overreact and toss people from the ship. That's an even worse PR nightmare. It makes zero sense and isn't even within the realm of what CDC recommends for vaccinated folks. Besides, the vast majority of
  9. We may end up with the most sailings! Time to build/expand California cruise ports!
  10. It was a bit condescending. Just sayin. You could have started with the expounding...lol. 😁
  11. Exactly! This from the same guy who said he would "get loud" if he weren't allowed to board the ship before paying FTTF passengers. I wasn't allowed to have an opinion on the Havana area either and was told "to get over it" as well. I guess our opinions (though I do agree with him in this particular instance) are "wrong"..lol. I feel your frustration as a parent with both fully vaccinated and also ineligible kids. Hope your family sails soon!
  12. There needs to be a new poll. I answered no on this one. I would cruise with unvaccinated. "Would I go on a cruise with unvaccinated cruisers and be subjected to masks, social distancing, restricted port activities, restricted on board experiences, restricted dining etc etc?" I'd answer no as well. Would you exclude unvaccinated if it meant you can have a cruise without restrictions? Answer, HELL YES! I want to cruise normally, whatever it takes.
  13. I'm going to go to a couple of grocery stores I frequent and complain that I don't get to cut in line. It's not fair, I spend thousands and thousands there annually and have to wait in line like everybody else, some of whom may only spend a couple grand a year, or even worse, mere hundreds at those stores. I spends double digit thousands, I'm special. In fact, I'm going to not be loyal to McDonalds anymore either. They had the nerve to take away my "free extra cheese" and actually want to start charging me for it. I'm going to start going to Five Guys now and spend much more for my
  14. Meh, I always find these kinda funny. The announcements are irritating, I agree with that but seeing a bunch of people scurry over for their "free" snack or a "free" drink is kinda funny. Crying about not getting some "free" strawberries, a "free" cheap $4 bottle of wine, or some "free" cheap trinket is also very entertaining. Expectations and attitudes over "free" stuff isn't how I'd want to spend my cruise anyway. You have access to all those things already, all over the ship.
  15. That would be my choice. Those conditions are unacceptable to me.
  16. I'd toss one on my lanyard but wouldn't wear one on my wrist all day. I have eczema and it would give me a rash in no time and ugly tan line. Can't even tolerate a wedding ring or wrist watch.
  17. In your head: Carnival has top notch Mossad type ninja agents just waiting to pounce on any rule breakers and troublemakers and they use sophisticated technology in their efforts to combat any offensive behavior. The reality: small security guards, that are often times outnumbered, who generally avoid conflict, even when pushing and shoving starts (but will observe/report on behalf of the line), and cameras that are there to protect the cruise line, not you.
  18. Don't worry, it's never going to happen anyway. Logistically it's expensive, redundant, unnecessary, and, to be perfectly honest, hair brained. Speculation by arm chair executives is entertaining but not very well thought out.
  19. This nonsense about color coordinated bands will never happen. It would take about 5 min for drama to start because people would end up doing whatever they want anyway. Plus, who wants to wear a bracelet all day? The lanyard necklace all day is bad enough, don't need no more jewelry.
  20. Oh stop it. Carnival delivers the best bang for your buck, that's why you sail with them. It's not because you get to get on the ship first. Give me a break.
  21. We've wanted to do this as well but the age restrictions have prevented it. One day though.
  22. Glad to hear this, great way to reduce passengers on board and free up some space.
  23. Very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a great trip!
  24. I'm not attacking churches. Churches are us (individual believers), not buildings and not pastors. Save your self-righteous indignation. Good grief.
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