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  1. Can't say that I've noticed but, he'll be fine. Should look sharp!
  2. I always get a cabana and bring a bottle of Rum...
  3. Another vote for the Italian place over the Steakhouse on the Magic. $15 for that tomahawk pork chop is fantastic.
  4. Yeah, those oysters looked great...🤮 Were in the Magic Steakhouse last month. Steak was great, not a big fan of the new menu. HATE the layout on the Magic, the Glory is much better laid out.
  5. Pigeon peas are free after 4pm
  6. I put it together! They removed the pens so you crazy straw people wouldn't take them apart to use AS STRAWS!
  7. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1134/~/laundry-service
  8. As a former smoker I am sensitive to it. We just got off the Magic and it's absurd that they expect children to traverse the interior of the ship though a smokey casino. They had one non-smoking BJ table.
  9. No way you're Platinum with 5 cruises unless they were all trans-oceanic or something There's a place in the VIFP section of their site that has instructions https://www.carnival.com/bookedguest/cruisereview/reviewcruises Missing a cruise? Took a cruise and it’s not here? It may take up to 14 business days after you sail for it to appear. If your sailing is still missing, claim your cruise below.
  10. Love the Flaming Tomato Soup at the brunch. FYI Steakhouse upcharge is $38 now...
  11. Typically the Wife and I are getting drinks together, one of us will kick in a dollar. Works for us.
  12. Bitter and Blanc if they have it for dessert in the MDR
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