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  1. Had Christmas-New Years on Magic cancelled. Booked Spring Mardi Gras with $600 OBC. Now that's cancelled. OBC won't stack right? So I should just take my deposit back?
  2. I've stayed in some Grand suites on the Fantasy class that had the bed on the interior/bathroom wall and the couch on the balcony wall but, I think they're scrapping all of them! Just booked an Ocean Suite on Mardi Gras for the spring. Couch by the balcony
  3. Dec 26th cruise, was supposed to be in GC on the 28th or 29th...oh well.
  4. At least on some ships... https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/princess-cruises-cancels-voyages-2021-coronavirus?ocid=uxbndlbing
  5. Princess not sailing until January. My Christmas-New Years cruise is looking very iffy
  6. Sad, when the Fascination was in Jax we took a TON of trips on her. I loved the owners suite on that class of ship and the perks that came with it. On one of her last sailings from Jax before she was sent to San Juan we got the call, SO glad we did that!
  7. How'd you get that? My Birthday was Saturday!? Happy Birthday fellow Leo!
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