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  1. I wouldn't sail on a unvaccinated cruise. The protocols ensure that positives show up. No way, even with the two/three days before, just before, and halfway through will there not be cases with large unvaccinated numbers. Fully vaccinated cruises should be able to forgo these tests. I imagine any other ports of call are now thinking "heck no" I don't want that ship to dock with a bunch of unvaccinated folks that are potentially infected. This is every cruisers worst case scenario. Much less likely to happen on fully vaccinated cruises unless someone falls ill enough to report to medical and ge
  2. Looks like they booted them from the ship and kept sailing. I guess they'd have to for unvaccinated cruises. Hopefully for vaccinated cruises they can forgo testing and keep right on sailing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/06/09/msc-cruise-covid-passenger-italy/
  3. I'm sure the vaccinated folks with young kids would love for you to tell them where they can get their kids vaccinated. Please do tell.
  4. Adult only sailings on Disney? That's like a oxymoron. Disney is for kids. What an absurd idea.
  5. Throwing kids and families under the bus isn't anymore admirable.
  6. These same people you are ragging on and their kids have had their whole world uprooted to save the old folks. Now the old folks are ready to party and some of these same folks that sacrificed for them are being left behind or once again put last. Their frustration is understandable, the arrogance and lack of empathy from some of some of the old folks is not so understandable. There is plenty of selfish to go around.
  7. I'm pretty sure the 80%+ of cruisers that are vaccinated, understand the unique challenges/conditions of close quarter cruise ship travel, port concerns from countries that are visited, and viability and continuity of cruising in general, will really appreciate those unvaccinated folks choosing not to cruise. They're doing the industry a HUGE favor right now by staying away until things can return to pre covid conditions.
  8. Great news. Sounds like TX governor had some sense and put a out in there. Gets to look good in front of the cameras and get the attention but not hamper cruising business on the back end. Best of both worlds and a smart move. Won't have to worry about saving face, unlike his buddy from the south east. Well played.
  9. October is a solid bet. Should be cruising for sure by then. I'd feel comfortable booking and setting things in play. Enjoy your trip!
  10. There is no right to privacy beyond your home, papers and effects. As soon as you step outside of your home is where your privacy ends. Heck, even in your home now. All internet traffic is tracked/traceable (unless you take measures to prevent this), cell phones are tracked, all calls run through super computers, all credit/debit spending, cameras are allowed anywhere in public (beyond dressing rooms/bathrooms (where privacy is expected), people have cameras/doorbells everywhere. A vaccine ID in no way violates the constitution. Don't like it, don't cruise or start your own cruise line busine
  11. Maybe a few times but word will get out and others won't waste their time. It naturally works itself out and is quite brilliant IMO.
  12. Even more reason to disregard those cruisers who choose to not get vaccinated and show their vaccine ID. It's only a fraction of a percentage based on your calculations. They are statistically insignificant and can vie for a spot in the 5% club with the 12 and unders, who I'm sure will be prioritized above them and won't have to pay for their covid tests; they'll probably be subsidized by unvaccinated adults when they pay for theirs at the terminal.
  13. Or make it such pain in the arse for unvaccinated that the problem naturally works itself out.
  14. Yeah, two or three covid tests to pay for and potentially staying on the ship at ports definitely wouldn't be fun lol. They could tack on an administrative fee as well for the manpower and hassle.
  15. It's not a medical record, it's a vaccine ID. No one is forced to take a vaccine, this law intends to remove the consequences of that personal choice. Choices have consequences, hastily enacting a law to shield people from consequences of their choices is basically making them out to be victims (of their own making). There is no constitutional right to cruise. They are not persecuted and there is no constitutional crisis. It's a crisis of personal responsibility/accountability. It's like the old saying about the freedom to swing your fist ends at someone else's face. This law basi
  16. That's interesting and probably a good idea that the test is done "at the terminal" to combat any covid test forgeries (upload, change date, print easy-peasy). This should, in theory, prevent any large unvaccinated case loads. It'll be interesting to see how this works out over several sailings and what happens as passenger counts begin to return to normal.
  17. You can watch others eat their steak dinners? 😂 (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  18. Probably a good thing. She needs a bit of love and TLC to be perfectly honest. She's looking a bit of a mess and neglected. A refurbishment could make this the defacto pre-cruise destination hotel and hot-spot.
  19. Cheap maybe but the Caribbean is the top mention on the "ports you like least thread".
  20. People that want to make money. Who has a bigger economy/populace? No state comes close.
  21. California already has a HUGE natural gas infrastructure (the most in fact) that could easily accommodate ships. Our port operations are HUGE. It's already here.
  22. It also provides double insurance. Should the unvaccinated cruises go bad (highly likely) and be shut down again, they would have the vaccinated cruises to fall back on and hold up as a success. This may allow them to convert the unvaccinated cruises to vaccinated cruises and keep revenue flowing and avoid a complete/partial shutdown should issues arise on unvaccinated cruises. I really does make you wonder what the lines know or what is happening behind the scenes because some of this simply makes no sense and hardly seems worth the trouble in the grand scheme. Liability and conti
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