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  1. She was pretty clear on vaccines, vaccine proof process, and working with the CDC to accommodate families with kids under 12. She didn't really beat around the bush, it was clear and concise in my interpretation. They usually dance/squirm and talk in circles when they want to ambiguous. She was on point.
  2. She certainly hinted that there would be an accommodation of some sort. As I said before, folks at the CDC, Carnival executives, heck, many officers of the fleets, all have families and children. Despite the vocal anti-family minority, families are still the fabric of society. They also spend more money than singles/couples. No way they will be ignored/forgotten/past over.
  3. I wouldn't believe hearsay. I've seen zero about mandatory passports. It's FUD at this point.
  4. Nonsense. There will be plenty of kids. Plus she hinted at working with the CDC to accommodate those with children under 12 to sail as families. Maybe that's what the 5% is for. Who knows? You anti-kid folks shouldn't break out the party hats just yet.
  5. Great news for cruisers, terrible news for Desantis. He'll have to get an injunction, fold like a cheap suit, or delay the resumption of cruising. Just glad Carnival has made a decision and I completely agree with her assessment about guests experience being the priority. Vaccinated cruises help to deliver a product we expect.
  6. Yes, makes you really appreciate how hard cruise line employees work to ensure you have a great vacation and to take care of you during your trip under stressful conditions.
  7. Vaccinations make sense when your clientele is older and venerable. Cruise lines already have to deal with enough emergencies and passings while underway (pretty sure I seen one on my last Panorama cruise in Mazatlan, though they did their best to keep it covered/private). Eliminating a major venerability/exposure potential makes a lot of sense. They don't need bad press, sick passengers, and even worse, dead passengers. Covid targets their bread and butter. Vaccines protect their bread and butter. Simple.
  8. It's not really the proper process. Credit card disputes are for when a merchant won't work/communicate with you. Using them in the manner you are suggesting isn't appropriate IMO. You may actually slow down the process by trying to artificially rush it in this backdoor fashion. Just wait for your refund. Many lines are processing them much more quickly. If you are in some kind of financial distress, notifying the merchant (cruise line) over the phone may yield better results than filing a dispute.
  9. It's a matter of the user (who actually provides the real value in the form of data) vs the benefit of the technology that the end user experiences. Figuring out how to create value for the end users to continue to allow data collection is the difficulty. The pandemic was great for dialect and voice data applications, as well as spending patterns and such (commerce) but people moving about creates greater data points to be sure. Communication has been saturated for quite some time and algorithms well established. There is also a natural progression of tech convenience that even the
  10. Google glass was pretty awesome and people were literally getting robbed for their glasses because they were so limited and had high value. Think of them like a cockpit visor. Imagine flipping down your sun visor and having navigation, voice commands, reviews etc. It was ahead of it's time but lots of valuable lessons were learned from the tech. The tech will be used more in the military industrial complex in it's current form but don't discount it in the future. Say in your hotel mirror or bathroom mirror to watch TV or access the internet. The integration efforts were absolutely successful b
  11. In the USA, most actually. We've integrated technology into our everyday lives at a stunningly fast pace. I have zero doubts about the tech competencies of my fellow countrymen/countrywomen. As the tech gets smarter (AI) it will be able to monitor for anomalies and improve efficiencies. Even the most non-tech folks will be able to navigate in the tech arena if they can read or hear. The magic of tech is that it can help someone who can't read find a book called "learning to read" with simple voice search technology. There is tremendous power in tech. It's like walking on the moon
  12. You can still buy a quill and ink, horse and buggy, a sewing machine, build a large wooden plane, vegetable/fruit seeds, a black and white TV, VCR, cassette tape player etc etc. There is always an "alternative". Pointing that out is no retort. Charles4515 made a good point.
  13. You'd be surprised how easily technology could be implemented. They have a native intranet and it doesn't take much effort to revamp availabilities and tech upgrades.
  14. Sorry. If you typed this, you do. You're just confused with technological labels and concepts.
  15. So ubiquitous that people have drawers full of them and they can be purchased for $60 or less. Many prepaid services will give you one free. if you typed/posted this, you already have one anyway. Don't forget your wall charger and backpack!
  16. They already are. That is exactly what a smart phone is, a small computer that fits in your pocket with a built in dialer function and integrated sim. It does the exact same thing. There is free wifi everywhere. You could probably even get by with no data plan. These same folks don't use pay phones for a reason but complain about a "smart phone" as going too far. It's laughable if they have a computer, tablet, chromebook, or laptop as they already have a smart phone. It's just very large.
  17. They cost no more than a basic handset. There are a plethora of places to acquire one very cheaply (ebay, groupon, craigslist, amazon warehouse deals etc etc etc) and many free if you switch carriers. You can also buy pre-paid sims on ebay very cheaply as well and use voip to make calls as well. The government will even give you a phone if you're so poor you can't afford one (universal lifeline). You have to pay for gas, taxes, all kinds of fees, insurance, food, passports etc etc etc when traveling. Pretending that picking up a cheap smartphone (even used) for basic function (when traveling)
  18. Who cares? Let them stay home. Considering that smartphones are basically free and don't require a data plan to use wifi, anyone who claims they are some kind of additional expense is simply being obtuse. They can stay home with a hammer and chisel and write letters on stone tablets lol. Those folks should be ignored. They are simply being resistant to change for the sake of being resistant. There is zero valid logic unless one is simply technologically challenged to a high degree.
  19. Or, younger and less afraid vs older and frailer? Could be a number of variants to explain the causation. The confirmation bias you applied doesn't confirm your hypothesis.
  20. They are the reason we have this forum, computers, keyboards, email, and basically all tech. The vast majority has been brought to you by college drop outs. 🤯
  21. What is the new price now?
  22. Well said! I call this reappreciation and whenever I'm feeling sorry for myself, having a pity party, or simply not being my best, take myself by the ear and remember these things. Reappreciating your blessings and acknowledging them always snaps me right back. Turning on the news also brings thankfulness and reappreciation on quickly.
  23. They changed from San Pellegrino on some ships (could be all?). They also didn't have the large format versions on Panorama in the MDR on my last cruise. They use a different brand in smaller plastic bottles. I was sad to see this change.
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