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  1. good to see some rain coming into the fire affected towns and regions . was one hell of a light and wind show last night . was interesting watching Sydney live cams
  2. thank goodness the aussie gov is putting them in another 14 day quarantine I would make it at least 21 to be on the safe side . well done Australian gov . the containment of this virus must come first , no matter what.
  3. they said there is about 200 aussie's on board has the aus gov been in contact with you about bringing you's home . or thinking of transporting you's to Christmas island for the duration of the quarantine period
  4. wish they could do a kiss cruise here in Australia next time kiss is here impossible to get a ticket in the states .
  5. even if cruising goes bad for a yr or until they work out this virus . these cruise companies have made billion's . you can replace a ship you can replace cruise destination's . you cant replace your life so take every precaution . I hate when people say stop over reacting .. this over reacting is what has stop the spread of it so far. if they didn't stop flights and checked people before boarding this virus would be even more rampant. prevention is better than cure .
  6. and to think some of these ship's dump that crap out in the sea and its legal to do it once they are in international waters.. hate to see what that is doing to our oceans health. hope pacific doesn't just dump all that out in the seas ..
  7. fire , smoke , hail, and rain all in summer. how great is Australia , that's why I love it so much and will fight tooth and nail, to save its beauty. we all should be saving its beauty in all forms. I think you all know what I mean.
  8. same as they are doing now with coronavirus they don't think they have the disease , but once on board its to late it spreads like wildfire. also people rather take stupid risks than loose a couple thousand . money can be earned and replaced so can a cruise . your health is more important than any cruise ship.
  9. that's true but nobody stays at home they go on the cruise. if somebody comes in coughing , runny nose etc at workplace, I send them home tell them don't comeback until your cleared .
  10. here in aus we are coming to the end of summer , and soon to be in the flu season . don't know about other countries flu time or season they are in, are the cruise lines going to say sorry we cannot let you on board because you have the flu . flu and corona virus are almost alike in nature and symptoms . are the cruise lines now going to say sorry your not permitted on the ship even if you have a flu, as they cant tell if its the flu or coronavirus.. I think this virus now has put a curse of cruising . spewing a little not much but a little as im trying to hopefully get tickets to the kiss cruise for the misses as a present.
  11. 175 infected is bad . I hope they all pull thru . take them all of the ship and sink it .. nobody is going to want to board that ship anymore. or at least change the name of it as they will probably do . that will fool plenty.. but honestly why would anybody want to go cruising on any ship knowing that this is one person away from a disaster on any ship. better of spending your money in your own country till its either contained around the world etc. 6 deg of separation as they say.
  12. there are some pics of them throwing cats and dogs out of high rises thinking they transmit the virus its a myth spread by locals in china... but here is food for thought.. in Canada they were researching the coronavirus . Chinese targeted that microbiology lab and had a couple Chinese spies in there that stole some of the virus and ended up at the Chinese microbiology lab a military base 20ks from the Wuhan markets. them markets as bad as they are have been going for 30+ yrs as they are. I think the Chinese were researching the coronavirus and something went wrong . so not to alarm the world by telling them its started in there bio weapons laboratory , they came up with lets blame it on the markets.. you can never trust the Chinese gov to tell you the truth .. the Canadians did a enquiry as how china got hold of there virus from there labs. after the enquiry the Canadians found they had Chinese spies a husband and wife scientist working there and were forcibly removed for stealing the virus . with that many infected on that ship its probably going to be a ghost ship now as I think people will be a bit scared to board that ship now..
  13. Sydney is getting hammered today with rain and winds, big tides as well .. over 350mm in some parts .. first fires, then smoke , now the floods .. how good is Australia ..
  14. I would think its way more than that , maybe ten times that . the Chinese communist party officials have a pretty poor record on telling the truth. I heard on the news the original doctor which was a young fella had died . also heard the Chinese officials also punished him when he broke the news of this coronavirus to the world..
  15. while I might not se eye to eye on certain threads , life is more important . stay safe and have those gutter's ready to be filled up with water ..
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