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  1. dont hold ya breath , if its anything like the gov's port botany report it will be all redacted or just a merry go round report
  2. lol you people still going lol does it matter where it came from . maybe the gov and cruise ship companies wants it forgotten but the people dont forget . the police report will come out after the election nobody will be charged or held accountable . port authority has to hold some blame as well .
  3. now ould you still want a terminal that close to massive gas storage tanks and caverns
  4. yeah there is another stupid idea.. no parking anywhere . bad transport , and too dangerous for a ferry there .. the old wharf got washed away in a storm . i can imagine people getting on a ferry to yarra bay lol its going to be one hell of a ride for them , that wharf will need so much maintaining if it ever happens . why do ya think they never ever put one back in .. i think the last ferry to go there was 1967 . this is just more dumb politicians that have no clue how dangerous that place is and take away the focus on there bad records and rorts but in saying all that id rath
  5. what about that container ship that got caught out in the rough weather dropped all those container's overboard . imagine if a cruise ship was in yarra bay on the weekend it would of ended up on the beach stuck. or if a explosion happened at the port less than 100 mtrs from the proposed cruise dock.. here is couple pics one of all the facemasks from a container that was towed into hawkesbury that broke apart and 8 days ago a small boat had eng probs at mollineaux point .. its about the dumbest idea to put a cruise ship in yarra bay or any where near those gas storage containe
  6. have a read of this https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/one-of-the-first-ships-to-resume-cruising-is-having-a-covid-outbreak/ar-BB17qDWL
  7. as i mentioned its a floating diseased garbage can . but gee that one is a garbage tip .. thats one ugly looking ship . i can imagine you all being packed in like sardine's . "its a wonder alright" i "wonder" why the heck would anybody like to spend a vacation aboard one of these garbage cans .. we have a awesome planet that has many awesome places in it, why would you waste time and money packed in like sardine's overcrowded pools, dinner area , decks etc , and catch somebody else's disease .. time and life is short go and see the beauty of the world in all its glory not waste it aboar
  8. i offered them 5 bucks to each of them in brown paper bag or a aldi one .. but they wanted 6 bucks each and free lunch
  9. only 4 . you need another 4 .. so you have time to post on here but no time to do your own research into cruise company behaviour .. ok no probs lol
  10. i better watch my step now we have a arts and crafts graduate on here now , sorry psychology degree same degree anyway lmfao .
  11. sorry was on the boat and enjoying it to much to come on here , until this weather hit on weekend so thought id come home for a bit .. got to stock up on food again as well . do your own research . looks like this thread has turned into lots of nothing at all didnt miss much at all. second wave has hit vic it will probably spread around the country , looks like you all might have to go thru your happy snaps of cruising for few more yrs lol. i guess you all seen the news of the terrible explosion in beirut , and considering this so called stupid
  12. yes it does also a full kitchen , cook you some real aussie fish not that imported stuff on the cruise ships from asian countries they call fish . its also time the southern bluefin tuna arrive and you might have a chance to lock onto a 1-200 kg tuna . also do home made real meat pies and beer . the boat is up the hawkesbury river atm at empire marina i will be sailing down to sydney this weekend
  13. have you blokes ever considered with the amount of people in nsw who hate the current liberal gov they will be voted out so no cruise terminal will ever happen in botany . you all can dream and thats ok . but the fact is any mention of a cruise terminal will be met with anger from most in nsw and the country. just mentioning the corona virus and they way cruise ships behaved here is enough . the gov here is controlled by the people . we stopped them from bogus marine parks and if they even mention cruise ships we will rise up again just before the virus we had a estimated 30,000 to attend th
  14. have any of you even stopped to even consider the damage dredging that whole bay will do to all the fish, seals, dolphins, sea grass, etc etc the area has just come back to life after 10-15 yrs , and thats in yarra bay and mollineaux point , last time they dredged it destroyed the bay, then there is the gas caverns there , also oil pipeline in yarra bay. if it was such a good idea , then why has the port authority redacted all the negatives on the first type survey they did . that seabed toxin has cancer causing chemicals that should not be disturbed , them ships and there thrusters
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