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  1. What is the 3rd picture, looks a little like a souffle?
  2. Do you know if they had gluten free pizza? How full was Yacht Club?
  3. We found an excursion put on by The Native Choice in Costa Maya that includes a visit to the ruins at Chacchoben and then lunch in the nearby Mayan village. They also get good reviews on another travel site. Don't know how kid friendly it would be.
  4. We have the home monitored test and I am going to set up appointments at Walgreens for the IDNow test as well in case we get a false positive.
  5. What test are you doing? I just saw a report that Ellum rapid tests are being recalled due to false positives. Do you know who uses those?
  6. I had the same problem. I had to get my TA to call them and get them to email the documents. My profile still says room not assigned, even though I have boarding passes and luggage tags.
  7. I've been following I haven't seen any planners
  8. For those who have cruised, would someone be so kind as to post a daily planner from the Divina? Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone know if they are doing the massages on Ocean Cay?
  10. You won't get your original room in YC. You won't be happy with "Deck 8 YC" if that even exists. What are you hoping to gain? Class action suit?
  11. If that is for one person, then it seems a good deal, but not an error.
  12. So this is about you taking advantage of a pricing error on the MSC website?
  13. Outside of Yacht Club we can get any drink up to $12, is that correct? Does that go for speciality coffees as well?
  14. An off topic question. Was MSC making YC guests stick to the embarkation time they are given? For Oct 17 we have 1:00, but we hope to be able to get on sooner?
  15. It is an interesting phenomenon that is happening. Some people expect the cruise lines to monitor and control everyone's actions 24 hrs a day. This can lead to an extreme (look at videos coming out of Australia). Not everyone is going to follow the rules. Protect yourself. Wear your mask, don't go into crowded conditions, ask to be moved to a different table if you don't feel comfortable. Just because you step onto a cruise ship the real world does not disappear.
  16. Which sailing were you on?
  17. How are you finding the food so far. There have been complaints here on the boards.
  18. From another thread, The Divina status was because they had new crew members come aboard and in quarantine. Don't know about the Mreaviglia.
  19. Great. Now I have something new to worry about.
  20. we only have 2 kits. Is there enough in one bottle to cover both tests if needed?
  21. I think what the original poster was asking before these threads get into a tip/no tip shouting match (and they always do), IF you want to tip extra what do you give? I have the same question and from my research on the boards even an extra $25 is greatly appreciated. Either a thank you card or envelope from CS discreetly given out. I don't need advise whether I should do it or not, It is up to me.
  22. The OP said they got off the ship Sept 11. Was this the cruise people got sick on? Maybe MSC has already cracked down on the Virtuosa.
  23. Thanks for posting this, we have the 195-100 as well. Weird, my tests have a higher lot number than yours, but a 2 day sooner expiration.
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