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  1. Three months from expiration. Case 01269955-COL-03030 BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Home Test Product Expiry Update - Customer Letter EN - US.pdf
  2. Which hasn't changed yet the change to two days doesn't happen until tomorrow so that isn't the reason.
  3. Also for your adult child he is set up the same as any other child dependent adult. Under managed accounts. Sorry I kept wanting to say he even if it's a she, my oldest is disabled as well so I goo with he out of default, but he hates traveling so hasn't cruised with us.
  4. It's three separate "calls" adults have to have their own login and kids have to be selected separately when it's their turn.
  5. LOL, I think that's why they aren't using 48 or 72 hour it would probably give the port agents heart palpitations calculating time zones.
  6. We did this with the Littles, they arrived in Florida last night at 11PM, and all three were tested after midnight which was the soonest I could get them tested there was no wait for a proctor but then again there wasn't a wait when DH and I did ours at 9 PM either.
  7. DH got his third shot last week they wanted it done before his radiation starts the day after we get back from vacation. I didn't want the confusion on Sunday and they created a new card for him so I just kept the old card for this cruise. Glad to hear that the port staff has figured it out but wasn't going to depend on that when I could easily avoid it.
  8. Again these are customer service reps call multiple times you will get different answers. Doesn't really matter what the reps say when experience proves different.
  9. Glad to hear it went well have fun on your cruise, we do ours on Thursday and the Littles on Friday. It will be nice to have them done!
  10. The NAAT is a rapid test as well, just not as rapid as the antigen and as of thev13th kids are no longer able to use the antigen test for their pre cruise test.
  11. The grandkids are cruising with us this coming weekend we just squeaked though and have enough home proctored test to do our whole gang. The kids are healthy and I am not going to tell them we can't travel as a family just because there are a few hoops to jump through. A good lesson to learn all good things come from hard work ie hoop jumping.
  12. Yes they can use the NAAT test. Yes it's a rapid test but it facility is overwhelmed will it be rapid enough.
  13. it's the best suggestion I have , even though it's faster than the regular pcr will it be processed fast enough?
  14. No it's very clear it follows the cdc requirements exactly. I am sure that they aren't happy about most of of the changes but it is what it is. They are the the only cruise line that was catering to families so to have those changes make it harder for be families has to frustrating for them. The CDC is the organization that is trying to stop the unvaccinated (kids) from traveling.
  15. He's been make these statements on all the treads. There is two tests that children have to take.
  16. Only for the boarding day test not for the pre cruise test.
  17. By the way and I am sure someone on this board will correct me if I am incorrect, the three day cancelation deadline has to do with providing a required manifest to CBP. And don't blame any of the cruise lines on the three and then two day testing period it's all CDC requirements that they have to follow.
  18. Again I believe this is why Royal is going to start selling the proctored test kits themselves to alievate this issue.
  19. Because since they added the testing requirements at the beginning of August kids had to test pre cruise and at embarkation
  20. I am sure they are already thinking about that but it's also why the are going to be selling the proctored test kits as of the 8th.... I am more worried about the kids having to have a pcr test and the results not being available in time.
  21. They are ramping up production I really doubt they are going to run out.
  22. YES It is, both daughters used it last month for our Adventure cruise
  23. Here's the text of one of the articles discussing it. Cruise Passengers Guests on cruises that originate in and return to The Bahamas must still apply for a Bahamas Travel Health Visa and follow the new testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. All travellers entering The Bahamas on cruises that originate in the U.S. will be subjected to the testing requirements mandated by the cruise line and approved by the Government of The Bahamas.
  24. We have had that conversation on one of the other threads, that vlog is a first time cruiser and they probably thought they couldn't get off but that wasn't the case.
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