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  1. Thanks. Yes it was a typo, should be 2022.Usually wouldn't rush to apply as I know there could be price drops, but the cruises were pretty cheap so pretty sure there will be no price drops. Total for the Nov 2021 cruise was less then $1800 US for 3 of us in an OVB and we L&S'd an Allure April 2021 cruise to Symphony in 2022 for less then $2000 CAN for 2 of us in a OVB.
  2. Question,we have a FCC from our canceled Nov 1st Allure TA which we used to pay off our balance on our Nov 2021 cruise and have a balance left. If we use it to pay off our cruise in Apr 2023,we will still have some FCC left,can we use it on our Sept 2021 cruise?
  3. Interesting that it says the sailing time frame is "summer 2022" .
  4. 1.Harmony Nov 14/21 2.Harmony Nov 14/21 3.Harmony Nov 14/21 as it's been since Nov 2019 since our last cruise as our Allure Nov TA was cancelled 😞
  5. We stayed in that cabin. and it's mostly unobstructed.Obstruction is when looking towards the aft.
  6. Yeah don't think ours will go down.Was a good price for the two of us at under 2 grand Canadian including taxes for an ocean view balcony cabin on Allure.
  7. Thank you all for your replies :) Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  8. As I know others have done it......I booked an April 2021 cruise a week ago with the possible intention of lifting and switching it to April 2022. How long should I wait to do it? I mean does Royal take notice that the cruise was just recently booked and maybe deny the request?
  9. I was lucky. Cancelled one of my Jan 2021 cruise 2 weeks ago and got my deposit back yesterday. I am still waiting for my FCC for my deposit on another Jan 2021 cruise I cancelled at the same time.
  10. I have 3 cruises booked.One for Nov 2020,which is the Allure TA which Royal will probably cancel and also 1 for Jan 2021 on Symphony. I wa splanning on canceling the Jan one and putting all the FCC from the Nov and Jan cruise on a cruise I have booked in Nov 2021. Thing is I will have some FCC left.Do I need to book another cruise and sail by Dec 31/2021 to use the rest of the FCC I have left over? Or book one for Dec 2021 then cancel and use is by Dec 2022?
  11. It was for our cruise last Nov.I looked at the deck plans and see what you mean but then looked at the plans for Aril 2021-April 2022 and it's listed there as obstructed.Maybe it's a misprint,wouldn't hurt to check.We liked the location as it was really close to the forward elevators and stairs.
  12. Here is a short video.Not looking straight down but gives some idea. 20191114_082645.mp4
  13. This was our view from cabin 6560.Clear view straight out and forward.Bit block by the davit looking to the right.
  14. Pricing is a bit wonky when I try a mock booking in Canadian funds the price per person actually goes up per person when booking 3 to a room.I did it in US funds and price goes down per person as it usually does.Was looking at the sailing on the 14th of Nov.
  15. We booked Allure for the TA because we have never done one and loved the thought of doing one plus going to Europe for the first time.Allure was our first cruise and the one that got us hooked.Allure is a beautiful ship.So mark done another for one that booked NOT because of the amplifications!
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