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  1. Some pics and videos people submitted to The Weather Network: https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/hurricane-dorian-damage-photos-video-atlantic-canada
  2. We lost power at 2pm Saturday and luckly got it back on Sunday afternoon.We were lucky and received no damage.Some others on our street had trees down though.
  3. Everone seems to be ok.Lots of trees down and coastal damage.Still almost 200,000 Nova Scotia Power customers without power.
  4. Yuck! Glad it's coming now though as we are heading down to Maine and New Hampshire over the long weekend.
  5. We are going to get wind and a lot of rain from Erin here in Nova Scotia today.YAY!.lol Stay safe in Florida!
  6. Here is the view from 6160 which is the same as 6560 on the opposite side.
  7. it's not available on my Nov 9th Anthem cruise.Glad I already purchased it.
  8. We did the same thing on our December cruise on Harmony.Our seats wern't as good as yours but very cheap for lower bowl tickets.I think we had the same section though as it looks like the same corner.I see you were smart wearing pants.I wonder if Tim was cold wearing shorts as I know I was and know next time to wear pants.lol
  9. Congrats on Owen and his team winning the tourney.My son's hockey team has a tourney in a couple weeks.Hopefully we have the same result. Have a safe trip to Miami and enjoy your vacation away from the snow.Look forward to reading about your adventures once again.
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