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  1. Might/probably/surely will find the answer on the Princess board..
  2. 1 (800) 256-6649. Mail Corporate Guest Relations 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 Phone General: (305) 539-6000 Customer Service: (800) 398-9819 Corporate Guest Relations: (800) 256-6649 How to get through to an operator: Dial (800) 398-9819. Don’t press any key when prompted. Wait for operator. Dial (800) 256-6649. Press 2 and wait for operator. Dial (866) 562-7625. Press 0. Social Media Twitter (Main Account): @royalcaribbean Email Guest feedback: crownandanchor@rccl.com Adam Goldstein Presi
  3. We have used Bob's Limo Rome several times. New van, great drivers that speak English. Airport to cruise ship luggage drop off about $75 for two in a shared van..They also have transports that make a few stops for sightseeing along the way.
  4. One thing you will find missing on Oasis Class is a view of the water. Less water views from inside the ship than any ship I have ever been on. Four Oasis Class sailings and always deck 12 forward hump. Happy cruising
  5. You are searching for a flight on Sunday, go to Monday and the prices on TAP drops to around $700 pp on choice air..
  6. We did not do it, at the cruise terminal it took less than a minute of added time.
  7. Actually the cdc number is 7+ for a ship with 6500 passengers, crew numbers are not added to passengers.
  8. Turning red does not mean automatically returning to port. Red Ship Criteria For a ship to be considered at Red status, the ship has: sustained transmission of COVID-19 or CLI, or potential for COVID-19 cases to overwhelm on board medical center resources. In addition, CDC will work closely with the cruise line and consider multiple factors before assigning a “Red” status to the ship. These factors may include, but are not limited to the following: Percent of passengers and crew on board who are fully vaccinated. Variants of concern ar
  9. 0.10 % of passengers that have active covid will move a ship to red. Yellow Ship Criteria Ship is at or above CDC’s investigation threshold: Restricted Voyages: Cases reported in 0.10% or more of passengers (e.g., if 6500* passengers on board, CDC’s investigation threshold is met if there are 7 or more cases among passengers occurring during the previous 7 days), or This percentage includes passenger cases occurring within 5 days of disembarkation that CDC was notified of by state or local health departments. One or more case
  10. They lose control of the cubicle rat in India that answers the phone.
  11. FYI regarding in-laws. Several boardwalk cabins at the rear of the ship are adjacent, within a few yards, to the giant purple slide. Free breakfast for all at JR every morning. happy cruising
  12. We have done both and as others have said the differences are too small to matter. Save a thousand is the way to go. If prices were the same I would still go with Oasis as it has Portside BBQ. Another big plus for Oasis, if you need a great nap, is that Oasis has CATS.
  13. What seems to be the wait time to receive a email from Royal. We cancelled two, 5 weeks ago and Royal cancelled our Quantum last week. Just an odd question, Royal canceled the April 2022 Quantum Honolulu to Vancouver saying Quantum will be staying in Asia, Quantum still showing reservations for May 9 2022 in Alaska.
  14. Old age Sucks, just to repeat for you one cruiser, old age sucks..
  15. This is a deck 7 obstruction, starts a 1.20 This is Quantum and Ovation is the same..
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