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  1. I am right with your husband. I will never cruise again if masks are required. We have a TA booked for Oct. and if they don't cancel we probably will if the mask and social distancing rules still apply. Luckily we are booked under CWC and can bail at the last minute.
  2. We had CC 1536 on Indy. If we opened, or they opened, the balcony slider it sounded like a jet engine starting up and then turned into a whistle. Maintence showed up and used a roll of duct tape to seal the entire door jamb top, sides and bottom on both sides. Never again will we book a connecting cabin. Other than that a great cruise Southampton to FLL. happy cruising
  3. We have the April 23rd 2022 TA booked and are looking forward to it. Expect very minimal work being done as she heads to Rome. You're sailing will be unaffected as a happy crew looks forward to a somewhat relaxing 14 nights with a ship filled with undemanding D+ and Pinnacles. I was hoping for the Allure TA cruise on the 22nd but wife won out. happy cruising
  4. We have done a few transatlantic cruises from Barcelona, Rome and Southampton. I think that would qualify as a end of season cruise. Very few crew are ending their contracts. For the most part it seems as if the crew are as happy as clams. 12 - 14 days of happy cruisers and no luggage loading or unloading for 2 weeks.
  5. Nothing wrong with kids at all. 14 nights on a Oasis Class with 12 kids instead of 1500 is a treat to enjoy.
  6. We have done 4 Oasis Class, have a TA booked for Oct. on Harmony. We love sea days and Oasis Class is by far my favorite. happy cruising
  7. We have done 4 TA'S on Oasis Class. Last TA on Symphony there were less than a dozen under 16. I would guess they sail with 1200 fewer kids. Makes for a great TA. We are just about to book the Odyssey TA for April 2022, it sails the day after Allure heads back to Barcelona. I love Oasis Class, wife wants to try Odyessey. I think Odyssey is a tad to small but it will win out... Happy wife happy life..
  8. We have done 6 transatlantics and, Knock on Wood, all have have been great weather, pools are full and it gets pretty hot at times. We are right there with you and Mbleackl. We are looking at Odyssey with it being a new ship or Allure which is our favorite class of ship. We have done Oasis Class on most TA'S and love the fact that it sails with 1200 fewer kids on board. Wife loves the look of Odyssey, I think it might seem too small compared to Allure which I love.
  9. We have done 1 Eastbound TA and 5 westbound mostly on Oasis class ships, usually Europe to Florida. We have had a balcony every time and always on the sunny side of the ship. Depending on which direction you go the sun never makes to the other side. Absolutely love them. Pools are always crowded and it has always been warm to very hot on sea days after the first or second day. Almost impossible to upgrade at the pier. We always use a TA to pick up the perks, A few times Royal Caribbean runs a special and we book with them, but turn the booking over to a TA in the next few days, again to pick
  10. Diamonds will get the free drinks on their sea pass card. Diamond lounges will become D+ lounges.
  11. We are looking into the Allure Eastbound, it still qualifies for the double points and FCC timeline. Odd as of yesterday all Suites are fully booked. I think a lot of people have a lot of FCC'S to use up. Sorry we missed you on the Allure 2020 TA. happy cruising
  12. We have a 21 day B2B booked for Oct/Nov this year. We will be canceling both under the CWC program. Wearing a mask, no Diamond lounge, buffets cut back, show theaters closed or limited seating.. No thanks, if things never go back to normal we are done with cruising.
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