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  1. They pretty much stoped making any pre reservations on Oasis Class. Make your reservations as soon as you board. If there is a line at the promenade kiosk go up to Wonderland and make your reservations. When we were on Symphony there were long lines at all the Specialty dining spots except for Wonderland, people seem to forget about it.
  2. The sale price is based on the onboard price, not on any price you have previously seen in the cruise planner. With Royals fuzzy math the onboard price may not even be for the ship you are sailing.
  3. We will be boarding the Allure 2020 TA 2 points short of D+. Bummer..
  4. If you remove a small portion for that day what happens to the breakfast and lunch staff that served you. The tips are for what the waiters have done all day not just at night.
  5. Our last TA on Symphony there were 12 kids under the age of 16. Had about the same amount most westbound TA"S. Ship is a joy to be on when 1500 kids are not onboard. Unfortunately there are also about 2500 Diamond and above as well as a load of pinnacles. D Lounge, Dazzles, Jazz on 4 and the Attic are used each night for the DL happy hour overflow. They all open back up at 8 or 8:30. happy cruising
  6. Very likely not. The cards are sold the last few days to increase sales. Usually about $70. 00 to $80.00 for the 10 drink card.
  7. When we were on Symphony there were no discounts. Have you checked into Chops+1. You can do both for under $40.00 pp per meal. A five night package would drop you down to $25.00 pp per meal. Doing Chops or Wonderland at $25.00 makes them worthwhile.
  8. I think it usually ends up being diet sprite. On our Symphony TA they had diet tonic, or at least said it was. She had several each night in the DL, if it wasn't she could not tell or feel it. She is pre diabetic and tries to be careful. happy cruising
  9. You can use it for just about anything. Plus it would probably be a refundable credit that would be returned to cc you are using for your account.
  10. Don't rule out a taxi. For 9 it would be no more than $15.00 pp round trip. Plus a taxi gets you very close, some shuttle buses have a drop off nearly a half mile from town. happy cruising.
  11. Only flavored or spiced rum has carbs. I keep Sailor Jerry's 92 proof rum at home, 0 carbs and the only thing I add is ice.. Good thing I don't count calories.
  12. My wife is on very low carb and she has a lot of Gin and Diet tonic water or diet sprite. Night time in the bar or specialty restaurants it is a Cucumber Martini. Her favorite drink was a Margarita, now never again.
  13. Royal Caribbean Ovation of the seas does 2 a year, April and September and it has solo cabins. 10 nights Vancouver to Honolulu, 2nd leg 18 nights Honolulu to Sydney, does the reverse trip in April.
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