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  1. Officially just Amped. Royals Amped program targets dining, nightlife, pool decks and attractions. Oasis class, Caribbean and kids equals ultimate abyss, Imo. happy cruising
  2. If you live here in North America you can change to any other cabin anywhere on the ship as long as you stay in the same category as soon as you receive a cabin number.
  3. You won't be missing much. After the refurb next month there will be a GIANT Purple slide blocking the view of the Aqua theater. Also be aware that after they have assigned you a cabin number you can switch to any other cabin anywhere on the ship in the same category, a nice perk for us in the US. Oasis class ships have almost no view of the ocean anywhere inside the ship, and that includes neighborhood balconys. If you want to see the ocean go with a XB gty. happy cruising.
  4. Seems like every night in the ON Air Studio in the promenade.
  5. Our last cruise on Symphony we had the BOGO, a five night package, and one thrown in by our TA. Night 3 was our first package night, we also want to meet our table mates and not miss first formal night in MDR. Even though we picked our time in the cruise planner when ordering the BOGO nothing was pre reserved. We were told Oasis class no longer pre reserves anything because of all the changes that are made. As soon as we boarded we went straight to Wonderland and made all our reservations for the cruise. Not even a question about starting the package later in the cruise. Only restaurant not included was Izumi Grill. Please report back with your experience, a lot of people say no changes are allowed. We have had a BOGO and a package every cruise in the last 6 years and have never used the packages on the first two nights.
  6. On Oasis Class the ship is the destination, itinerary is second thought. Did a TA on Independence and then on Symphony, Symphony felt far less crowded and had much, much more to do.
  7. Wash and fold should be called super steam and crush, do not send any thing you care about to the wash and fold bag. They do offer dry cleaning service for about the same price as at home and things come back looking like new. .
  8. Book a airport hotel for your first night late arrival. Then on day two you can sort out all your arrangements after a good nights sleep. .
  9. If you want to switch to traditional do it now, it would be almost impossible to switch 19 people from MTD to MDR once onboard.
  10. Ocean view GTY is Xb. Neighborhood, Central Park or boardwalk, is Xn.. Make sure which GTY you are getting.
  11. Found the exact opposite on our 15 night Independence transatlantic. We were on the second level balcony and looked down into MTD. We had late seating, MDR was full, looking down the MTD area it was absolutely unoccupied the last week.
  12. Our last cruise was on the Symphony 12 night, ship was full. We had the BOGO, the 3 night package, the 5 night package. Used our first package night at Wonderland on night 3. As far as dining being slow, just the opposite, we met many in the Diamond Lounge who waited until the second day of the cruise to book dining and found almost no availability and were issued OBC if they wanted to cancel because of available times. As I said before we have had a BOGO and a package on every cruise in the last 6 years, never used it on night 1 or 2. The exception was our last cruise on INDY, only had the BOGO and used it half way through the cruise. Once onboard my wife takes care of all reservations, I wait for her at Schooners or the Trellis bar. She must have a winning smile. happy cruising
  13. We always get the BOGO and a 3 or 5 night package. We have never used the packages on day 1 or 2. Easy to change nights after you board. Packages do disappear and reappear in your cruise planner.
  14. Do both. Book direct and pick up the lower price. Then transfer to to a TA to pick up perks. Easy way to pocket a few hundred. Have never seen a TA with a higher price.
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