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  1. Offered unless it is sold out. Check cruise planner often to see if it shows up. UDP is awesome on Oasis class. More choices than any other class. Might be worth the effort to call C&A to get it, the reps are pretty helpful.
  2. XN is for Oasis Class neighborhood balcony. May be Boardwalk or Central Park.
  3. There are those two cabins that have the zip line landing pad just above the balcony .
  4. Uber about $50 for a car full. Tri rail runs under $10 weekdays and $5 weekends PP. Uber to a hotel near the Miami cruise port. No need for any mishaps getting to Miami on cruise day..
  5. Very little obstruction looking forward, great view aft or straight out. This is symphony and a few cabins aft of yours. One is looking forward the other aft. The hump does not stick out nearly as far as people think.
  6. Thanks, I was hoping a TA would have run into this already..
  7. We booked a cruise months ago with a required $900 deposit and $2200 balance. Can we use a FCC for the $2200 and also for $600 of the down payment that was above and beyond the $300 of taxes and fees. Hoping they give a refund of partial cruise fare that was paid and accept a FCC for the full cruise fare. Thanks
  8. Did you notice his clipboard, he was asking people for their cabin numbers.....
  9. Our Ovation cruise 2022 just dropped to $50 pp
  10. I would stick with the 3 night package. CP, Chops and Giovanni’s would be my choice. If you are D+ you could do the BOGO several times.. happy cruising
  11. Halloween on Symphony. Our last cruise. Looks like no social distancing. They turned the ice rink into a giant haunted house. The kids club staff took smaller kids trick or treating someware around 5:30
  12. According to Richard Fain Windjammer will resume dinner operations at 50% capacity.
  13. Do you know the passenger capacity for your sailing. Richard Fein stated on his last interview that Windjammer dinners would come back at 50% capacity.
  14. Does this still apply when changing from Royal to Celebrity and then change again Celebrity to Royal. What the op is doing is not considered a B2B
  15. We have called and received three price drops on a January 22 cruise. Not much work at all. Wife called each time and it was done in less than a total of 5 minutes including hold time as agent was calling Royal. She will call for a $12 reprice. Four day cruise on Navigator and over $275.00 on repricing.
  16. Just checked our invoice. We booked the Harmony TA on may 3rd 2020. Cabin 12204 which is a large balcony on the forward hump was $2712.00 total. Right now that cabin is $5080.00. Your price of $3500 would be for the absolute cheapest balcony cabin on the the ship, a Central Park balcony. My cabin has increased by $2400.. prices are high.
  17. I was pretty full from DL appetizers and cocktails. Still able to finish my Wonderland dinner.
  18. About a hour and a half. The restaurant was pretty empty with a 8:30 reservation. Wife is allergic to sea food so the substituted several dishes for her. Nice experience but not sure if we would do it again..
  19. Did they do a second test to rule out a false positive. Could you board this following weekend if you wanted..
  20. My wife was on the phone with Royal this morning. We have been issued 8 FCC but two are missing. The missing two are from our cancelation of April 2020 Ovation TP from Sydney. They had been applied to Allure 20 transatlantic, they were then applied to L&S Harmony 2021 transatlantic which we cancelled last month. 5 minutes on the phone, less than 1 minute on hold for a rep, and they were found and we were given the FCC numbers, agent said apply by April 2022 and sail by September 30 2022. We also backed up our Navigator Jan 22 cruise by two weeks with no change fees or repricing. Everything is booked with a large box store but had no problem dealing with Royal direct for FCC problem.
  21. Chops, Jamie's and Wonderland for us. Easy to get your preferred reservation time if you do it as soon as you board. I noticed on our upcoming Navigator cruise Chops is open for reservations until 10:45. There are always lines for reservations, skip the promenade kiosk and head to Wonderland to make all your reservations. We have found Wonderland to have the shortest lines. It is very hard to eat more than the credit amount. To make boarding day less stressful I park my self at Trellis bar and wait for my wife to return will all reservations in place.
  22. Last week Anthem was over 50% and Windjammer was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  23. Read a report from someone on Anthem las week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served in the Windjammer all week.
  24. I read a report from last weeks Anthem sailing. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was served in Windjammer. Pool chair hogs were out in full force. Pool was limited to 12 and hot tubs to 6, they used the one out and one in rule. Pool/lifeguard attendant tried to limit use to 20 minutes. Anthem sailed with 2500+.
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