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  1. Kinda just like the airlines, you cant take Air Canada from San Diego to Kansas City. Not Allowed. Makes sense to me.
  2. So I don't know if it was ever answered, do the have a substitute for Baileys on the Classic (whether good or not)? We were on Rccl LOS this past Jan and for the Diamond Lounge happy hour, they did use a Baileys substitute.
  3. Sounds like Aqua-Class on Celebrity. Little brother must be successful with them.
  4. Any one have the links to the suggestions that cruisers have made for the different drinks you can get with the drink package? I don't mean the brand but the actual different drinks we can try with the package. I remember seeing the threads when I really didn't need them.
  5. Don't forget to ensure the fare is refundable deposit or non-refundable deposit depending on what you originally booked. Non-refundable deposit fares are cheaper.
  6. And that's per day, so that's $495.60 per person for a 7 night cruise
  7. Thanks for that. Still doesn't State whether or not virgin drinks are included in either package. Hmmmm
  8. I know, sorry another drink package question. Does the classic non alcoholic drink package include virgin frozen drinks? Whats the main difference between the classic and premium?
  9. Most likely you are booked at a group rate. The promo says its applicable to groups but at prevailing rates.
  10. The Radiance out of San Diego was doing 10/11 night itineraries. And it was only pt time. I think Celebrity had the Mercury at the same time doing the same 10/11 night runs
  11. Whats your sail date and ship? I'll look n see what the group rates are.
  12. I guess what I don't understand is you said you are a seasoned cruiser, you've cruised with RCCL many times and you said more than once in more than one post is that you understand non-refundable and refundable deposits. So if you knew about the 2 types of deposits and the risk of losing $2000, why didn't you verify with the agent what type of fare you booked? When you book with Carnival, do you not ask if its an early saver fare? I feel bad for you but with all the information avenues we have these days, you dropped the ball. If you want to book yourself you better understand the all rules otherwise that's what T/A are for. Plus you get perks 🙂
  13. I'm sure its just an Oasis thing, there is no way that the ship is sold out of balcony cabins this early. I just checked Cruising power and not one category of balconies are open. Our group shows 9 balcony cabin available but when you go into book, it says none available. I'd give it a few days til the whole re-categorization is done, then I bet there will a lot cabins available to move to.
  14. Just because they show that many cabins available doesn't mean there are that many. They may have sold 200 guarantee cabins that haven't been assigned yet. They'll leave the regular categories open as long as they can to try and get some more money then assign the guarantee cabins at the last minute then you'll see the quantities go down fast.
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