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  1. I I Tried, It comes up with "There are no sailings available" My cruise is June 21st, on the Quantum
  2. Final payments are due everyday depending on what cruise you are on. If you look at the RCCL calendar they have a departure just about everyday so final payments are just about everyday
  3. Hmmm, for Elite I don't see any difference. I guess Elite Plus and Zenith you guys must have had some really good perks taken away to all bent like you guys are. MC?? Did they hand out gold in there? Its just a room with free drinks? And we're ending a RELATIONSHIP because of that? More power to you guys!! I cruise because of the experience and I stay with RCCL and Celebrity because I like the experience they have given me over the last 20 years, any loyalty perks I get I am grateful for. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth?......maybe not appropriate, I don't know.
  4. Mine is also Jan 3rd, I'm taking the 125% obc to hopefully move to my Alaska in June 21 cruise but my DD and SIL will need to get the refund, I think they want to try and do Disney World the same week or just do something over spring break time. But in the same boat with flights and hotels etc.
  5. I know no one knows when Royal will cancel anymore cruises but do we have any insight on when early Jan Cruises will be canceled? It seemed like we always knew that they cancelled the cruises to coincide with the CDC no sail order, with no CDC order anymore, we're at the of mercy RCCL. Maybe within 2 weeks?
  6. Same with my Jan 3rd cruise on Allure. I can still purchase from the planner tho 🤣
  7. Just checked my Jan 3rd Allure cruise, can't check in but can purchase from the planner 🤔
  8. I didn't say these were all my guesses, just a couple. After short cruises prove themselves my guess is a lot of drive to ports will have ships. Galveston, Tampa, New Orleans, Bayonne, Seattle. Mexico may be the only other ports open, thats why I'm guessing Cozumel and Costa Maya
  9. Again just pure speculation, but lets get some ideas of what ships, where, when and how long.... A couple guesses -Obviously Navi and Mariner are 1st with 3 and 4 day Coco Cay on the 3 day and maybe Labadee on the 4 day? ASAP when ever that is -Symphony, Oasis, Harmony and Allure doing alternating Saturday and Sunday to Coco cay, Labadee and either Cozumel or Costa Maya(FL, CC, At sea, Labadee, at sea, Cozumel or Costa Maya, at sea, FL) Can they get from Labadee to MX with just 1 sea day? 1st part of FEB -My big guess-Quantum 3/4 day to Mex (3
  10. So let me get this straight, so the soonest any cruise can depart for the "test" cruises is Dec 30th ?(if they applied for the Covid Cert Yesterday) So I am booked on Allure on Jan 3rd, 2021 are we all pretty much in agreement that this cruise will not sail?
  11. There you go, Its Texas, thats what they do.... As the coronavirus pandemic rages across the country, Major League Baseball has decided to let more fans watch the playoffs live. The league will make 11,500 tickets available for each game of the National League Championship Series and the World Series, it announced Wednesday. Both series will be held at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Tex., home of the Texas Rangers. MLB said it has received “all the appropriate approvals” in order to allow fans in the stadium, which wil
  12. Mexican Riviera cruises could be really big this summer if no Alaska again.....
  13. Thats what I noticed on our Jan 3rd Allure cruise. Went from $1080 to almost $1600pp overnight for an OV balcony
  14. I was thinking about this a few days ago, I know they are saying Royal and the west coast but I am thinking more of Celebrity. They still have the Eclipse and the Millennium sitting of the coast of San Diego and with the 2021 Australia season out I wonder if they will put either one of those ships in SD or LA doing MR until Alaska starts up in May?
  15. I was thinking that too. I booked under a group rate with my C/A # oceanview Balcony $1644 total with all taxes. Love those group rates. Now I can L&S to a 2022 if it doesn't sail. We're hoping it sails tho.....
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