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  1. If you're going to rent a car and will be there for a couple days, definitely take a trip to the Kitsap Peninsula. Poulsbo, Silverdale, Port Townsend and most of all Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains. A totally different vibe and speed than Seattle
  2. Why not 2 ships in LA? Navi 3/4 Day and Ovation 7 Day M/R. If the other cruise lines can do it, why not RCCL. Only for a few months. Try it out. Better than ship sitting dead in the water....
  3. I'll be on her for New Years, can't wait to meet you!!
  4. The other thing with the quantum ships is deck 7 and deck 8 all the way forward are also considered obstructed view even tho there is no obstruction. They are built like large port holes inside the super structure
  5. I am not here to bash any cruise line but I certainly can vouch for rust on at least 1 Carnival Ship. We were on the Celebrity Reflection in Jan 2020 (pre pandemic) and were docked across from the Carnival Magic. I was pretty shocked at the condition of the appearance of the Magic. While both ships not new, 8+ years old, the Magic just looked awful. Sitting next to the Reflection it looked like there was no care taken of the ship. I get Steel and salt water don't mix, but appearance does count. Again to each his own, all lines have different priorities but dang.....
  6. Nice to see they put a good refirbed ship there instead of an old has been. this ship should do really well for the 3 and 4 day itineraries. Kinda bummed the 4 day doesn't stop in San Diego like they used too. That was great for the economy and tons too do downtown.
  7. A lot of All-Inclusive resorts in Mexico and the DR are now offering free covid testing for your return and if you test positive they will let you stay for 14 days at the resort, free of charge. They just got back going an now this will halt a lot of people from traveling
  8. My guess is this was not a Lift and Shift, just a basic switched booking. Again my guess, price wasn't protected, # of days were different. Anyone can do this before final payment. The only thing that may have been changed was if it was an NRD then they may have waived that. You can correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstood....
  9. Celebrity has already cancelled most of its May and early June cruises. I'm sure Royal is not far behind...
  10. Why are you opting for an FCC at 100% instead of just a refund? Just curious
  11. No, all cruises that go to Catalina stop in Ensenada as a port stop. Some of the RT Hawaii cruises used to use Ensenada as a Technical Stop but are no longer able to do that.
  12. Here is the verbiage from CWC Q. #37: Will Travel Partner commissions be protected for guests who choose to cancel their existing reservation? A: Yes, travel partner base commission will be protected on the cancelled booking and travel partners will have the opportunity to earn commission on the future reservation where the Cruise with Confidence Future Cruise Credit is applied. Please note that commission will be paid on cancelled reservations only if: (i) it is paid in full; (ii) it is subject to 100% cancellation charges; and (iii) the guest has opted to cancel and
  13. I've been paid commission from cancelled cruises. Plus we'll get the commission for the future cruise they booked. Win/Win for us, lose/lose for the cruise lines. Well maybe not lose/lose, they are getting another cruise booked. My guess is the rebook rate for cruises that are booked through a travel agent are way higher than booking direct or through an online agency.
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