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  1. The Healthy Sail Report lays out the protocols for managing illness on board.
  2. We have our first shot scheduled for January 15. We are healthy but have a 91 year father (who will also be getting the shot) so anything that keeps him healthier is good to us.
  3. I agree with you. We have been on several 'last-and-final' cruises and it was always a memorable event. We relived many old memories with fellow passengers and crew; like saying goodbye to an old friend. That would have been special for us on the Majesty.
  4. That is correct. Due to CDC requirement, cruises that touch the USA must be 7 days or less. This is a temporary consideration and MAY be changed once the future outcome of determined. It means that Royal can not sell these cruises at this time but they are not cancelled because they may be available in the future.
  5. Thanks....sad to see her go! We were hoping that some company was taking over the ships from the UK.
  6. Not arguing but confused....it does not say bought for scrap...it says "with five ships heading to new owners or to scrap". So future is unknown. As someone who sails part of the year from the UK, we greatly enjoyed several cruises on the Marco Polo with Cruise & Maritime. We hate to see this ship go to scrap. Nostalgia - but we made many good friends on her.
  7. Thought the Marco Polo was bought...... https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ship-operations/seajets-owner-scoops-two-more-cruise-ships
  8. I also think you are correct. I believe that in order to show the CDC that they are meeting guidelines, Royal has stopped SELLING cruises over 8 days. They have NOT cancelled these cruises. They just stopped offering them to additional guests. This is similiar to what Princess and other cruise lines have done. For example, this is what Princess sent out: " An example, from Princess Cruises: "Select cruises 8 days and longer put on hold, not cancelled On Wednesday, we communicated the statement below as it pertains to our current
  9. No, they are not cancelled. They are only cancelled until Dec. 31, 2020.
  10. Been following the thread and would not want anyone to think that their cruise is cancelled. I want to clarify from what I have learned from what other cruise lines are doing and that I expect RCCL will follow. The CDC guidelines states no cruises longer than 7 days. This is temporary and can be modified (the CDC report indicates some items are 'permanent' - i.e. ventilation system updates - while other requirements are temporary and may be modified by the CDC in the future). What other cruise lines have done is to suspend selling cruises over 7 days. They are not, however, canc
  11. Everyone just take a deep breath! Almost every industrialized country has a health care system. How that system is managed in that country is what is correct for the situation in that country (or we hope it is).
  12. Not exactly "zero evidence", since a Nobel Prize was awarded back in 1903 for proving that UV light can, in fact, kill germs, ref: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1903 [Internet]. Stockholm: Nobel Prize; c2020 [cited 2020 May 15]. Available from: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/1903/summary., Although, there may not be specific evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been spread through AC ductwork, there is ample evidence that airborne bacteria and viruses can be spread through AC systems, particularly when they have not been maintained properly, which was the
  13. I must chime in and disagree with the statement regarding deaths. Deaths are not decreasing. In the past 7 days the US death rate has been: Oct. 31 823 Oct. 30 1009 Oct. 29 1055 Oct. 28 1060 Oct. 27 901 Oct. 26 483 Oct. 25 380 The average 7 day average has remained fairly constant (815 - 797). COVID still has a significant hold on the US population. Every one of these deaths was someone's loved one. Source: CDC
  14. I can't address the Chicago to LA route but I can tell you that two weeks ago we took the Auto Train from Lorton (D.C.) to Sanford (Orlando). The train was half full by Amtrak design. Meals were delivered rather than having people move about. Masks were required. We had a small sleeper cabin. It had a door so when we were in the cabin masks were not required. All Amtrak employees wore masks. The rooms were sanitized before boarding the train (we resanitized - good old Lysol and wipes). We felt very safe. (But we just got out of self-imposed quarantine on Thursday....)
  15. I never said I trusted the WHO. My point is that the CDC does not oversee health issues beyond the USA and its territories.
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