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  1. Thanks. Wonder why they haven’t updated the other site?
  2. I saw a news story saying the PM had indicated that vaccines would soon be accepted in lieu of an RT-PCR test. I don’t see where that change has been made. The https://travel.gov.bs/ site still shows a requirement for the test and makes no mention of vaccine acceptance. Can you point me to info that shows a vaccine suffices now?
  3. The real question here, at least for these boards, is how does this announcement relate to the CDC’s stance on cruising from US ports. With almost 100 million of us fully vaccinated, they FINALLY say VACCINATED people can go maskless OUTSIDE and gather OUTSIDE in small groups. Stats show that be breakthrough infections for fully vaccinated people are extremely rare. The CDC and White House apparently want to keep this crisis going as long as possible. I would not book a cruise from a US port for a while.
  4. Didn’t they say last week that the conditional sail order would stay in force until Oct 31? Also, last week the CDC director said there were multiple federal agencies that would need to be involved in deciding a return to cruising, right?
  5. Return of the buffet, Yay!!!!!! Don’t have to go as far either. Everybody order room service and we graze in the hallways.
  6. And are we sure the 3-6 drinks were PER DAY? It didn’t say that. Also, do you think you could use them on CoCO Cay?
  7. I'm not sure we have millions infected at one time anymore in the US. We are averaging about 60,000 new positives per day and CDC (I shall try to refrain from calling them names this time) says a person is no longer able to transmit the virus after 10 days, so rough math US has about 600,000 infectious people at a time.
  8. A rough average cost to charter a single aisle jet is about 20K per hour (although RCL could probably get better rates with a contract). That would put make the total average cost about 50K per flight from most hubs DFW-ORD and eastern US to NAS. At 150 pax per flight that's $333 per person each way. Competitive with airline rates if especially if you figure costs for luggage etc. I'd pay that for the convenience to go straight to the ship and back.
  9. At this point CDC appears to stand for Coalition to Destroy Cruising, or Continuing Despotic Control. C'mon man, let's take into account that EVERYONE over 18 will be vaccinated and those under 18 will be tested. At some point we should be free to live our lives again. The fears of a cruise ship pulling into a US port and dumping off infected people are not based in reality anymore. Even if they did, there's thousands of infected people already there......
  10. Yes. I've read lotsa concern about the port in Nassau and others not having a building to accommodate check-in/luggage, etc. Much of that need could be alleviated if most passengers were pre-checked in prior to boarding a charter flight in the US (or other global hubs). Most passengers would walk right on from the busses and luggage could be loaded from under the bus directly onto the carts for transfer to the ship.
  11. I think offshore ports could be an acceptable answer if the cruise lines chartered non-stop flights from several major hubs (FLL, MCO, ATL, DFW, JFK, ORD, etc.) on the day of embarkation and back to US hubs on day of debarkation. This could be made even more efficient if they made arrangements with the host country of the port of departure to meet the chartered planes at the gate and clear customs there. Cruise lines may be able to arrange avoiding host county customs completely by transferring directly from the tarmac to buses that whisk passengers directly to the ship. Maybe you could che
  12. I think the new administration told the last set of folks (union workers, BTW), whose jobs they eliminated that they could learn how to make solar panels. So IDK if they care much about helping the cruise lines.
  13. Do you mean non-ship sponsored excursions? Last I saw (at least I think I saw) was that the ship would offer private excursions (meaning only you and your companions), booked through them. I did not see an option for independent walk off the ship in a port. I'd like for you to show me where this is allowed.
  14. Ok I will take a shot. BTW I'm holding a cabin on Adventure in June right now, trying to decide whether to really do it or not. 1. Currently they do require a test to enter Bahamas, not sure that will still be the case in June. Hoping more governments come to their senses and recognize vaccination cards instead of testing. Royal wants a vaccination record for 18+, and a test for under 18. 2. Currently, yes US requires a test to re-enter (unless you hop the fence from Mexico, but that's a whole separate subject). I'm hoping our Coalition to Destroy Cruising (CDC) w
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