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  1. Independence out of Galveston is doing a test cruise August 1st and ......crickets. People do need a bit of time to plan.
  2. Hope Morgan will do a Live from the Edge! And very glad that our 10/31 Liberty sailing is from Galveston. So far, Texas is able to require all over 12 to be vaxxed. I need my cruise!!!! Thanks to all of you onboard for taking us along. Tell Cozumel I plan on being there in a little over 3 months!
  3. Ok, I have to laugh. I'm an agent and that is EXACTLY what I say when people ask me about going to the shows. Thank you for an excellent review! This is the next best thing to being there!
  4. I am so glad Royal did not settle this to make it go away. The judge absolutely made the right call.
  5. Personal experience - Mr Wolf had covid in September. Tested negative in October after 5 weeks. Had surgical procedure in December. Tested positive as hospital protocol and surgery cancelled. Surgeon said he did NOT have covid again and was not contagious but this can happen with people who had covid. Now we are vaxxed AND have antibodies. Sorry - she knew the rules and she behaved like an a**. Glad she was tossed and hope she is banned.
  6. Well, we were supposed to get one on our 10/31 cruise. Guessing the stock will be depleted by then. Oh well......
  7. This is so amazing. And snarky reviews rule!
  8. Friday traffic will be horrendous. Booking 2:30 is a wise choice. No worries on fog that time of year. have a great time. Arg- Galvez being sold? They better not mess with that beauty!
  9. Hi kang, depending on your budget there are a lot of good options on the Seawall. Our ONLY choice is Hotel Galvez but it can be pricey. We still love it though. Historic, unique, not a cookie cutter chain. They do a shuttle to and from the port. Our fave breakfast place, Millers, is next door so we can walk there. All the fun bars/restaurants are a straight shot down the Seawall and the Strand is a short 10 minute drive away. Yep, depending on the time of year 12:30 is pushing it since you would need to get there in plenty of time for baggage and checkin. 2 pm is probably a safer b
  10. Hopefully they will update itineraries soon. With Cayman closed to ships through 2021, the Cozumel/Falmouth/Cayman itinerary won't be happening.
  11. Bird, you are my hero. This has been so amazing to see. I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! 😉 Even seeing a hallway was a beautiful sight.
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