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  1. This sounds a lot like a concierge some friends told us about. Our friend - probably in his 50s at the time a few years ago walked in the SL and the concierge screamed at him "Sir you are not allowed in here." She kept on him so he pulled out his gold card and said "Will this work?" She walked away, no apology. Fast forward to the NEXT night and it was the officers party with the suites. Once again, he walks in the venue and she stops him "Sir, only those with gold cards are invited here. You need to leave." He looks at her, shakes his head and says "Are you kidding me? You did the same thing to me last night. How many times do I need to show you my *******gold card?" Again.....nothing from her apologizing for screaming at him not once but twice. I would certainly document the encounter and send to Royal and leave it at that. If enough people complain about an employee's behavior, then they will have no choice but to address it. I can't believe a concierge would act this way. We've met some absolutely GREAT concierge. The only "bad" ones have been those that sit at their desk and don't interact with anyone. Thankfully, those have been few and far between for us <knock wood>. Yes, probably she shouldn't have gone inside but it was obviously mishandled from the get go. As far as elder respect, some of the rudest, nastiest behavior onboard has been from seniors. So on the flip side, we shouldn't assume that all elders treat the crew well. I've seen some horrible behavior towards crew from people old enough to know better.
  2. Thanks all. Yes, it's closed loop Galveston Caribbean. And not my TA's issue at all. She's great and after 29 cruises, it's not her responsibility to remind me about a passport! She doesn't know when my passport expires. Just never occurred to me since I knew we had 3 months to get it done after we got back.
  3. UGH. As an experienced cruiser I'm mad at myself. We cruise in 2 weeks. Our passports don't expire until June 22nd. My TA letter says our passports need to be valid for at least 6 months post cruise while Royal says it is strongly recommended. Since TA is closed today and I don't want to call Royal where Mr Wolf can overhear and launch into a panic attack, thought I would ask here in case I can get a quick "you'll be okay" or "you're screwed." I don't know why it has to be valid 6 months later. We get back March 31st and are 90 days from expiration at this time. Thoughts?
  4. Glad the hotel stepped up! Nice to see customer service still exists. I've had good results as well when a certain airline let me down on two occasions. I detailed the issue without anger, asked for a reasonable solution and they came through. It can happen! ps- periscope is still screwed up. I can't locate any of you on the user name search. weird.
  5. Whoa boy. Looks like the Symphony is in for a wild ride. This should help me with my countdown to Liberty on the 24th. Wishing and hoping CLR and the Villain will pop over too. I can't get my periscope to work - it refuses to find you. Have a great time and behave yourselves. Well...some of you will.
  6. Thanks for taking us along. We love the GS and have stopped buying the drink package since we can drink in the SL and also are able to have free drinks in the casino as well as the D+ happy hour. Yes, the self assist on Liberty is terrible. I really wish they would limit it to a certain number that sign up for it. Because a vast majority of cruisers seem to drive to port, it's utter chaos. I'm sorry Anis didn't make it more clear to you to do the suite self assist. Future reference for Roatan, check out West Bay. One of the most beautiful beaches I've seen. Clear blue water, no rocks or shells, soft white sand. We generally go to Bananarama and book direct with them. There are other beach clubs on the same stretch of beach.
  7. My participation has definitely dropped since the "upgrade." CC is no longer as user friendly and when it becomes a chore instead of an easy to find and navigate site, then something ain't right. I hope the Powers That Be figure out a way to get the site back on track. It's no coincidence that it's gotten quiet around here after the "upgrade."
  8. i believe wolfganghowell was asking about names - not the lounges themselves. Yes, thanks, that's what I was asking since the Liberty concierge was out of date. thanks for the update.
  9. Sit closer to the piano and the windows. There's probably some drift along the walkway tables and bar but it's never been that overwhelming to us.
  10. Love the Enchantment itinerary - just not excited about the ship itself. Too small, too old, not enough for us onboard. I admit to being spoiled by Voyager and Freedom class. But glad that Galveston is getting more options.
  11. Ssshhh - let's just let the non Galveston lovers be. Don't try to convince them. That way, we can still book our hotels and get our rooms. It's a major ordeal to find a GS on Galveston cruises. And all the port complaints - do some geography research. Only so many ports can be reached within a 7 day RT window. There's a reason Galveston cruises have a reputation among passengers AND crew for being the friendliest sailings around - the majority are drive-in cruisers, mainly Tx, the Southwest and mid America. Let's not ruin a good thing. 😉
  12. Way too pricey. West Bay is lovely though. Mayan Princess is ok and right there in the middle of it. I'm assuming that includes your transfers. Next door is Bananarama Resort and you can book directly with them for a LOT less money. Have fun - Roatan is beautiful.
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