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  1. Well, if they need some simulated passengers, they could get people who have antibodies and have gotten over covid. I'll volunteer! 😉 Better hurry though - I hear I may lose them in 90-120 days. 😞 And believe me, I don't EVER want to go through covid hell again.
  2. Quote:There is no need to take a test for at least 90 days after infection because all tests will come back positive. This is a completely false statement. Mr Wolf and I both had covid. Mine was a mild case, his was NOT. He tested negative 5 weeks after initial positive test. I tested negative 3 weeks later - and probably would have tested negative earlier but there was no reason for me to test until he was symptom free. The cruise lines seem to have as many safety procedures implemented as possible. The problem is going to be passengers. There is a large % of the
  3. The last one was the first week in August. Because my final payment for 11/8 was due a few days later! I expect the next one to be end of August. No way they will be able to sail in November. I wish otherwise but we're still too messed up.
  4. Twangster, I shudder to think of all the luggage you must have had to bring. Are they transported with you from ship to ship? Your stateroom attendants deserve extra tips since they must be unpacking and packing for you constantly. Fantastic voyage! I hope you visit Paradise Point at St Thomas - I need a Bushwhacker bad!
  5. More well wishes to Laura. That extra nice room will come in handy. Take care.
  6. You can always ask but don't be surprised if they can't do it. Otherwise, everyone would be asking. They're not that great anyway.
  7. I got a survey from Royal several months ago regarding this. They are planning a beach resort for cruise passengers only. Lots of questions about AI or ala carte - upscale vs mass audience, extras like cabanas, pool, swim up bar, kids/no kids etc etc. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  8. John - can't believe we are going to miss you onboard by a few weeks. Would have loved to meet you in person. Galvez and Tremont do have a shuttle - you can sign up for your preferred time when you check in. We always stay at Galvez but Tremont is lovely too. It has a great rooftop bar - be sure to check it out. Galvez is wonderful - such a grand glimpse into the past. Beautiful pool area.
  9. If you want great seafood and a local institution, Gaido's is the way to go! We always do breakfast at Millers- huge portions and delicious! You can walk from the Galvez. If you want to grab some drinks on the Seawall, try Rum Shack at The Spot. And the best beach dive bar is The Poop Deck.
  10. Oh boy - permission to come aboard. Safe travels and give Bella a good tummy rub before you leave. With Allure coming to Galveston next year, I'll be interested in your thoughts.
  11. Have a great cruise on Liberty and report back. I think MJ is the suite concierge and he's a great guy so if you have any issues, I bet he will take care of you.
  12. Keith8210, when did they make that offer and did they give you a reason? Are you still able to get GS perks? For a free cruise I would totally do it but I know Mr Wolf will never give up his GS perks - he loves the breakfast and the disembarkation too much!
  13. Yeah, the "new and improved" Casino Royale does not live up to its name. We're Prime and instead of enjoying the level, we can only book ONE cruise at a time with the discounted rate and of course we only maintain the level if we cruise within a year. So much for advance planning. On our last cruise, we got our casino certificates the 6th night of the 7 day cruise. I made sure to find the host the last night as we were leaving to get updated certificates. Our offer changed by about $300. Used to be a great program - now...not so much. Sorry for your situation OP, that really does stink
  14. Is Francis a Suite or Diamond concierge? I know MJ is on now but won't be aboard for our 3/29 sailing. Bummer, we liked him. Still miss Jorge who was on Liberty a few years.
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