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  1. I was able to get the shareholder benefit on a balcony cabin that I booked in mid June. I was not able to get it on a Jr Suite I. Booked several months prior to June. JC
  2. I knew it (soft serve machine) was in the neighborhood, somewhere. On the Ovation it was way forward on the pool deck and not nearly so convenient for me to the flowrider. jc
  3. It was free on the Symphony TA, could get ice cream cones there, and breakfast burritos which were popular in the line for the flowrider. Someone brought me one, and I thought it was not very good. JC
  4. I will happily try the first cheaper cruiseline that has a flowrider. jc PS, does cheaper mean less quality food, entertainment, etc.? Saving a few bucks without equal product seems a bit of a miss. I have cruised on 7 different ocean lines, stayed in 100s of different motels done river cruises, he$$ I even did a European bus vacation once when I was young and dumb. I have gone camping, and I have gone camping with a 3* chef and camping doesn’t suck in anyway then.
  5. I saw Hall and Oates at Chapel Thrill in Chapel Hill NC in 1983, along with the girl band that did our lips are sealed, and Donny Iris. I remember people dumping their coolers from the upper deck of Kenan Stadium when they ran out of beer but not ice on the people about 5 rows behind us. Making me check where the upper deck is in relation to the lower deck ever since. There was another band at that concert but it escapes me now. This was a few months before we went to the Clash concert at the old Carmichael Arena... officially the loudest concert I ever attended, and I attended a lot. jc
  6. Please post the times and amounts of key sessions on things like Flowrider, etc. It is much appreciated. jc
  7. The Key gives you some very limited time on the activities, and lunch on embarkation to Chops (or other) instead of WJ. It includes internet. It offers a place to drop your carry-on bags that get delivered to your cabin while you eat lunch, and breakfast in the MDR on the day you leave the cruise, and not a lot more. I would guess it is not a value, but that is just my opinion. jc
  8. I have spent a couple of weeks in Bonaire doing nothing but diving in the past but my last trip was 20 years ago. That said, Bonaire is a sleepy island. Unless things have radically changed. The entire west side of the island 360 days a year has flat water, and most of the dive snorkel sites are a short walk from the road that circles the island. They are marked by number by rocks beside the road. The snorkeling is good at most of these, that said one of the best spots is the old town pier. In other words if you have your own gear and you rent a car or golf cart there is really no reason to book a snorkeling tour. JMHO and YMMV. Things to see on the island are the wild burros often by the airport and the green parrots and of course the flamingos that might number in the 10s of thousands south of the town near the salt flats. There are slave huts south as well that can be a sobering visit. jc
  9. I must admit, I sign up but don’t attend much because they are almost always scheduled during flowrider times. That said, we were on the Radiance last September sailing from Seward, Alaska, and I went (no flowrider) and they gave away at least a couple of bottles. This was the same sailing where the Diamond Concierge on the first night went thru a long diatribe about how there are no overflow lounges on any ships it was corporate policy, and my next cruise 2 months later on the Symphony TA there were two overflow lounges. I believe on the Transpacific we did this year my wife went and they gave away wine there to. I was flowriding. My only point is anytime you hear corporate policy at these events, it is probably just the policy of the hotel staff on this ship at this time. Just sayin..... jc
  10. I would not expect to see any US sports on the tv in your cabin. We streamed on my Ipad the first couple of rounds of the Hockey playoffs when my St Louis Blues kept eeking their way to the next round. Usually saw them in replay because of the time difference. It is possible you could get them in a sports bar on the ship but again the time difference makes it quite hard to watch them live. JC
  11. I know that when I had the Key on the Ovation Transpacific in April the Key hours on Activities were available several times during the cruise for all of the activities. Since then it seems like most activities on a 7 day cruise occur only one time during the entire cruise, and on longer cruises they max out at 2 hours during the cruise. It would be nice if people could share their experiences about the activity hours the key is good for on their sailings. thanks in advance for your help. jc
  12. My perception based on 1 river cruise in 2014 and one in 2015. Is that river cruising is more popular than ever because if I booked either of those cruises now the price would be 50% higher. I am an economist. So, if there are more river cruise ships now, and the price is higher, then that implies that the demand is significantly greater than it was 4 years ago. Supply and demand rarely lies.🤣 jc
  13. Other than the fact that it was 10 doors down from my cabin in the morning and I couldn’t use the CL for coffee I didn’t care I couldn’t use the CL. That said it was 8 decks down and the opposite end of the ship to the DL and it was an unnecessary pain to not be able to just wander down the hall a short way and get coffee. They always had someone checking cards to the DL or Music Hall for evening drinks, they could have let us use the CL in the morning day and then the DL only in the evening, since they were checking cards every time. jc
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