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  1. For the first time in 90,000 posts, I agree with cb at sea!!!! Yay! I am calling it a win... and if she responds it is the end of the universe! 😆
  2. Never is not true. I have watched people open the closed doors, one time I followed them. I actually remember a time when the doors weren’t closed.
  3. You are so right! I sent it as well and added, the horror was the Princess ship at sea when this started, they were denied exit from the ship. If someone gets COVID19 on a ship now... what is the big deal... we are told millions and millions have it. No hospital will refuse a Covid 19 patient. The cruiselines should only sail to ports that agree to take Covid19 patients from the ships. Problem solved. Or we could just wait until he Double hockey sticks freeze over and the esteemed laudable Dr Fauci lets us go free. People are so .... sad, comes to mind!
  4. Who do you think runs science. Certainly not the scientists, but those that pay their salaries. Good lord...
  5. Even as someone who still understands tech, a new Ipad or Mac can be a very frustrating experience, I or my last Ipad late last year, and my mac about 18 months ago. Always good to raise the BP
  6. So, we were in Charlotte at the Centurion lounge on March 2, 2021. The hours were basically the same. I am not sure all of the services they offer were being offered as, I only eat and drink and go pee there. It was a better experience than when we were last flying at the same airport almost a year earlier, the week everything got shutdown. JC
  7. My wife’s favorite song by her favorite band. JC<——— hates disco (not as much now as I did then) has seen EW&F in concert 3 times.
  8. On American Airlines last month, no drinks or snacks, and you wear the mask full time. They will not accept gaiters or anything that doesn’t look like a mask. There is no social distancing on the flights, and they were packed. I think SW might be still flying with the middle seat empty??? The Centurion lounge in Charlotte was pretty much like the olden days just a bit less crowded, as about 1/2 the seats are blocked from being used. The line at TSA at our regional airport was non-existent. We flew back on the company jet, so I didn’t experience TSA from Key West. Although Key West airpo
  9. Pretty much. Social media is a disease and it is killing our kids. JC<———— doesn’t have kids.
  10. Dude, I haven’t seen you in months. I musta been reading the wrong threads.
  11. BTW, you are amongst my favorite posters, after the first post of yours I read
  12. Yes, they get a pass because they were democrats. I don’t smoke, and I quit something I was really good at because of smoking, and I am the most ardent defender of their rights. People, who are anti-libertarian, love to quote libertarians when it comes to smoking... saying their rights end where mine begin. This is just wrong. They drive in their convertibles next to a bus and suck in much worse stuff, but they say not a word because public transportation and all of its ills are for those people. JMHO
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