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  1. Thanks, this makes sense! I will definitely check with my TA/Seabourn. I'll post a f/u if I hear anything that might help others in similar situation.
  2. Thank you, I believe I became somewhat confused when I was dealing with Seabourn and our TA during all the uncertainty about the possibility of summer travel. My wife and I had each purchased a FCD back in Oct. 2017, which we applied to the June 2020 cruise. So with the cruise cancellation, our FCD x 2 should be reinstated, and it would be my option to request a refund of this $1000? When I was told that our 15% penalty (about $4500) would be put to our accounts I guess this meant FCC. Back in March I thought they were telling me it would be added to our FCD somehow. Since
  3. JPH814, if you would like to add it to the spreadsheet, I am in the US. And for those who have wondered how many refunds may be related to opening a credit card dispute, we did not initiate a dispute. I am puzzled by those who have had the FCD refunded as well. We used an FCD when we booked our June 27 cruise; when we canceled in late March, we were in the 15% penalty phase and a few days from getting to the 50% penalty. Seabourn didn't cancel the cruise completely until a few weeks later. We were told by both Seabourn and our TA that our FCD would go back to our Seabourn accounts, and
  4. Update to my entry in the spreadsheet: Received an email today from AmEx, Seabourn has credited $2681 back to my card. This is for the nonpenalty portion of our deposits. We made the booking using FCD, and we were in the partial penalty phase when we canceled (Seabourn hadn't canceled the cruise yet). They are supposed to be putting the approx $3000 "penalty" plus our original FCD back in our account as approx. $4000 FCD. I guess I should check on this with Seabourn at some point. So about 72 days for our refund to show up.
  5. Our cruise date was 6/27/20 Cancelled by us 3/25/20 before final payment due, and well before Seabourn cancelled the cruise The cruise had been booked with a FCD initiated on our last cruise; about 1/2 of what we had already paid is to go back to FCD and 1/2 refunded to Am Express Received two emails 4/16/20 confirming cancellation of paid shore excursions. Two of our excursions were not listed but I later called Seabourn excursion dept. and was told all of the excursions were awaiting refund All of the excursions were credited to Am Express today 5/14 with posting date of
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