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  1. Fear not, whatever else they may be wearing, I have never seen anyone on Saga ships wearing shorts for dinner.
  2. It may be that there are many people so keen to get away on holiday that they wont worry too much if the itinerary doesn’t work out as planned.
  3. As Nosapphire correctly predicted the new summer British cruises are now on the Saga website today. Looks like you can book and choose cabins online, avoiding the phone lines.
  4. It will be interesting to see how some of these itineraries work out as it may be that shiploads of people, even if vaccinated, will not necessarily be welcome in small communities while the possibility of transmission of Covid is still uncertain.
  5. As someone who is not keen on unnecessary dress codes being imposed on holiday, I am not usually in a position of defending formal dress wearers. However I would defend the choice of those who wish, for nostalgic or any other reasons, to wear such dress. Clearly for some this is an important part of their cruise experience as they would not normally have occasion to dress in this way otherwise. As long as sufficient people want to continue in this way that is fine with me. My problem with Saga is the lack of choice for everyone else whose wishes are currently of no importance. The only choice
  6. Unfortunately it’s really only the men who have to comply with the dress codes on Saga. On formal nights women’s wear, in reality, ranges from ball gowns to skirts and jumpers. No one worries or judges. Goodness knows why polo shirts for men were singled out as being offensive on other nights. This rule has only been imposed fairly recently. Interestingly they aren’t mentioned as being forbidden for women! As for formal dressing, we long for the days of the old Saga Spirit of Adventure where there was choice. Those who wished to dress up could. However the buffet restaurant was never formal. T
  7. P&O are making full vaccination mandatory for passengers now
  8. Having sailed on the Spirit of Discovery, I can recommend anyone who hasn’t sailed with Saga before to read Sharon’s blog as it really gives a good flavour of the new ships, with lots of detail about the cabin. The overwhelming feeling on the ship is of spaciousness everywhere, especially on the outside decks.
  9. You are so right Denarius. It’s only the men who are told what to wear! We women have more choices, whatever the dress code. For some it’s an opportunity to dig out their finery but no one needs to feel uncomfortable if they prefer something more low key. Not many of us have a wardrobe of ball gowns these days.
  10. At least it’s been a change of topic from Covid or H&M (not the shop)! The eventual consensus here seems to be that changes of poorly communicated policy backwards and forwards in recent years have caused some confusion where smart casual is concerned. Long trousers and collared shirt seems pretty much the norm elsewhere and leaves it up to individual choice. Just imagine if particular styles of blouse or top were banned for women!
  11. To be fair, when you received the cruise booklet for the new ships prior to sailing, polo shirts were singled out as the disallowed garments. Having cruised with Saga many times before with polo shirts being commonly worn, we were somewhat surprised to spot this in the small print. Being an obliging sort of person, my husband put a sweater over the top of his preferred type of shirt. Everyone was happy. This whole affair is very petty, singling out one commonly worn garment as unacceptable, but I’m glad if it’s come to light so no one gets unexpected news when combing through the pre cr
  12. We have clearly not been on the same cruises. Re polo shirts, cost of clothing and designer clothes are not the issues here. If you read the posts you will see that the issue started with someone only discovering that only this particular item of clothing is not allowed under smart casual by reading this forum. Nowhere else is it mentioned before booking.
  13. It will be interesting to see what happens and which staff are retained when cruising restarts. Trevor Walford, maitre d’ and some of the captains have lost their jobs so there may be changes if those people were making shipboard policies. Let’s hope things will be kept clear, simple and logical, giving everyone choice while respecting the choice of others.
  14. Yes, but interesting (as well as very sensible) that it is UK only cruising which is being considered.
  15. Apologies, something seems to have gone wrong with my posts!! I just wanted to comment that I have seen reports saying someone named Robert Courts, who is the minister for maritime affairs, is in discussion with other parts of the UK to restart cruising in the UK only, potentially from May 17th.
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