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  1. Thanks for that update (and let me echo others who have thanked you generally for your very helpful insights). The receiver-headphone thing seems (in my limited experience) for places that get very crowded, so Graceland makes sense, I suppose. As you say, better to throw them in than not to have them.
  2. Good to hear - one other thing I won't have to pack! Thanks so much for checking on that. Hope you're enjoying your trip.
  3. In your experience, are the excursions on ACL ever done with pocket receivers and headphones? Specifically for the Lewis and Clark/Snake-Columbia trips, but I suppose generally as well. Just asking because the earbuds they provide don't work in my ears, so I'd like to bring along my own headphones.
  4. On the Southampton end, is there any difference if you're a US citizen (versus UK or Canadian)? Still just a disambark and walk away?
  5. From the context, I'm assuming "Cambridge" means Massachusetts, USA (rather than UK), so I''m guessing when you ask about coffee, you mean regular old percolate-through-a-filter coffee ("a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot", as it were). As far as I can tell (can anyone help?), the in-room Illy machine uses capsules and makes only espresso or what they call "cafe lungo" - more or less cafe americano (i.e., diluted espresso). I've tried the lungo for my Nespresso machine, and it's ... okay, I guess? Still tastes like diluted espresso. (Don't get me wrong. I li
  6. Personally I like to stay below the radar when it comes to my privacy. Way too many scammers and people with power complexes that could use this and other information that is solely mine to disperse as I see fit. Live free or die, eh? :) President Biden has made a clear declaration that there will be no required proof of vaccination, but of course that doesn't preclude voluntary participation.
  7. (Forgive me if I'm double posting ... hit the wrong button) Thanks for your thoughts. It's strange, since I had a career in IT, but I just can't get my travel information search process together; so I'm doubly grateful for the suggestion to try TripAdvisor.
  8. My wife and I are booked on the October 21 voyage up the Columbia and Snake Rivers (the Lewis and Clark one) on the American Pride. This will be our first river cruise, and only our second cruise of any kind (the other was on a 250 cabin Aegean tour). I've read (or at least skimmed) through the posts in this Board along with a number of reviews of the Columbia/Snake cruises. I think I have a pretty fair handle on the actual excursions and also on what to expect from American Cruise Lines in general, but I'd appreciate any insights into: Do the ships normally dock in por
  9. I wonder if I can prevail on you to expand on the comment about the jet boat ride being "a bit on the bumpy side". My wife is experiencing a resurgence of some back trouble (she got it from many years of horseback riding and ... yes, whitewater rafting and kayaking). We'd really love to do this excursion, but obviously not if it's going to be very jouncy. Maybe on a scale from 1 - "barely noticed" to 10 - "almost intolerable"?
  10. Well, of course you call a Subway "a Subway". The question is what do you call a Royale with Cheese?
  11. For what it's worth: I just logged in and started a search. This message appeared at the top of the screen: "If you are expecting to see Future Cruise Credit (FCC) associated with your account and, once you've selected your desired stateroom, none has been applied, please call Cunard Customer Service at (800) 728-6273." I'm in the US. And I'm not planning any real voyages beyond the one I've got (re)booked, so I didn't look further. I earlier confirmed by phone that the FCC from a cancelled voyage had been applied to the rebooked one.
  12. I had other reason to call ACL just three days ago, and I can confirm "that's all included", according to the customer service rep. I didn't ask if gratuities are explicitly called out on your bill, but it was implied that they are not. It doesn't surprise me to hear there might be an appeal at the end.
  13. Again, thanks for these excellent ideas. As for men not needing the dressing table ... hey, remember Masquerade night! Of course for future masquerades, we'll probably all look like this:
  14. Thanks for these replies ... very helpful. A few more things I don't have to angst about!
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