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  1. Probably a better choice. Try the reindeer sausage or Jerky in isp or if you go for a walk on Creek Street in Ketchikan there is a little smoked salmon shop that usually has it
  2. It really is an exceptional tour, and with Celebrity you should be docked right next to the planes so very short walk My advice would be to take the 11am tour as the earlier one can sometimes be postponed due to morning cloud or fog
  3. @Aubriee01 you may book Taku lodge either through your cruise line or direct with Wings Airways. Wings has multiple departures all day long, probably want to avoid the first flights out as sometimes fog will force a cancellation. Look at their utube video, sums it up. The Glacier Landing we are booked on is the Pilots Choice flight through Temsco Helicopters. Saw someone's photos on the ship last year and just had to do it. Another interesting tour we took in Ketchikan was the Blackbird Hovercraft tour, thought I'd mention that
  4. We will be doing the glacier landing this year, looks great. From past experience I also suggest the Taku Lodge trip. Great views of the glaciers, good salmon BBQ, more than likely to see a bear, fun floatplane trip Don't forget to stop in at the Red Dog Saloon for a Duck Fart
  5. Frequent Alaska cruiser here. As mentioned if you are sailing on the inside of Vancouver Island you will see lots of towns. I find the stretch between Campbell River and Port Hardy one of ,u favorite sections One time while on an NCL ship we passed by Bella Bella, the only time I've ever seen it must have been around 7am, a calm and cloudless day. Enchanting
  6. Years ago we did 2 cruises on NCL Sun, 3 adults and 2 kids in an inside cabin. NEVER AGAIN!!! Please just don't do it.
  7. Ok so got me thinking about our August 18th departure. First of all look at the Canadian Hydrographic site. Region 6, scroll down to Campbell River for tides. There are a lot of apps that calculate these things and you will get a lot of different answers. The hyydrographi service has been doing this for more than a century, almways bang on In our case there is a high tide at 3:30pm, the following low is around 9pm, followed by the next high. The tidal difference is only 3ft between the tides, so really we are wide open to go through. Finally, published data is always given in standard time, so in August you will have to adjust an hour
  8. @JeffT237 lots of factors for sure we have passed northbound many times in daylight and it is truly spectacular scenery, a few times we have passed in darkness. You will probably awake at sea, but be back inside by early afternoon. I suggest you look online at the Canadian Tide and Current tables for your date of departure. As @wolfie11mentioned look the time for slack water, that will give you at least an hour. If its a minor tide change you may even have a larger window. I love to be on deck for that time, always see lots of good sea life, often Orcas
  9. Yes Alaska excursions are expensive. Also may want to check a bit deeper with the fishing trips as to what can be caught at the time of your trip. Always changing. If you want a life experience in Juneau consider the Taku Lodge 5 glacier flight and bbq. It will not disappoint, in my opinion money well spent Also think the White Pass train/bus combos an be good choice.
  10. Done many Alaskan Cruises saw them from the ship for the first time beginning of September 2023. Not a very spectacular show, but still nice to see just happened to be on deck around 10:30
  11. Reminds me of a college social over 35yrs ago. My best buddy was a non drinker, high balls were $1. So he would order rumon the side. Lets just say I did not feel well for class the next day. Taking my DbiL on cruise next August, he's been dry 37 years, guess I'm paying by the pop. All good
  12. Just want to add another comment: since we departed on HAL on our actual 30th, I decided to buy my DW some flowers for the room, maybe $60. The vow renewal was $250 plus 12 pp for guests. That included the girl from guest relations picking us up at the cabin, bouquet of flowers for DW, boutineer for me, private ceremony at at bar, all decorated with balloons and flowers, one other couple, tons of appetizers and champaign for everyone, captain spent half an hour with us before ceremony, photographer, photo album with certificate and 6 8x10 photos, escort back to our cabin, remainder of cake delivered to cabin, towel swans and rose petals on bed. Oh and dinner for two at the specialty restaurant. LOVE X but beat that
  13. We are frequent Alaska cruisers as it works out well for us, went twice this year and booked again for August next year. I highly suggest round trip out of Vancouver, less open water, great scenery, and so on. Check the Solstice Intinerary again, our sailing includes both Icy Strait and Skagway. We sailed HAL in April and yes things do seem to shut down a bit early compared to Celebrity. My eldest son(22) loves the variety of night life that Celebrity has to offer, both lines are great. The other thing to consider is how important is your visit to the glacier. As mentioned there are limited slots for each line. Weather is beyond our control, but even in a drenching downpour you will still have incredible views from the comfort of your ship. For me, I really don't care which one we visit Have a wonderful adventure with you daughter
  14. My suggestion is that he not surprise her and tell her ahead of time. She may want to be better prepared, such as a special outfit for photo ops and so on. My DW has horrified at the idea but after a few days warmed up to it. So glad I didn't spring it on her. We did our 30th last April but that was on a HAL cruise. All I can say is our experience was over the moon, but can't speak for X. Was nice as we had my inlaws and youngest son join us. I am sure X will do a great job, maybe we can do our 40th on X
  15. I like both destinations but hey, I'd choose Sitka, after all you are coming to see Alaska
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