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  1. Never sailed Princess but was researching a cruise and they seem to have an informal 18 to 20 program. Try lòok into it. It's tough for that age group as the Kids Clubs have ended and they can't go the bars. That being said on our last Celebrity cruise there were a lot in that age group and they did seem to find each other and have fun.
  2. On our last trip on S class there was a large multi generational group not far from us, at least a dozen people, so a few tables together, and they all seemed to mingle. Actually was a wonderful sight. Very old gentleman always in his white dinner jacket, surrounded by lots of smiling happy people, lots of chatter. He seemed so pleased. Sadly did not appear to be a wife there, just assume the old boy was taking all his kids and grandkids on a grand voyage.
  3. Thank you omeinv, and what a great resource file you attached, almost feel like it should be a permanent item on this page. Well i can see way too many yes boxes for me, there is no way I would get a doctor to sign off on it. I guess my snorkeling days are done, but do have many happy memories. Will send the wife and kids and stick to beach days for myself. Two things would really suck, first is having another event, the second would be spoiling an excursion for everyone else while they drag my lieing butt back to shore.
  4. I am looking for some feedback for myself as a post bypass and aorta rebuild (5 years ago) with regards to snorkeling. It has always been my dream to try a discover scuba class, but apparently most information says that is a no go. I see most excursions ask for a medical waiver and have the right to refuse. I am not a strong swimmer, and would not go in with strong currents, generally I am super content bobbing about in 4 to 10 feet of water, so even doing another one of those shallow sting ray adventures would be ideal. I have spoken to my doctor about it, and she seems to thi
  5. Txflood33, really enjoying this thread as I am reminded of ours and really one of our top cruises. Now remember all the fun times on sea days, including doing an afternoon wine tasting, at the stern of the ship, watching about a dozen dolphins follow us. My DW did a dance class and they did a flash mob one night, so proud of her. Lots of Brits on our sailing, we would hang with them and so many fun characters and stories. They egged me on to try mushy peas in the buffet, and I liked them. Keep this in mind though, chances are good that you will be out at sea and probably sail d
  6. We did that cruise in 2019 on the Eclipse, wonderful trip. I was concerned about the sea days too, but always plenty to do. Around day 3 it started to get warmer, so pleasant. We were lucky in that we got an overnight in Hilo as well as Lahaina. Great Ship, but aren't they all.
  7. We did a Galveston departure with a toddler many years ago. We flew in via Calgary and took a room just south of Houston, but for a few days as we toured a bit. No problem with the car rental, think it was National, but minimal drop off fee at Galveston, car seat included. I don't know if things have changed much but it was absolute insanity at the rental return for people getting off the boat. Not enough cars. As we pulled in everyone wanted our car, even telling the rentsl company don't clean it, we will take it as is, we need to catch our flight. With that in mind
  8. So here is a twist, same situation as costalpleasures, retired 14 months ago, just at Covid started to set in. I am really stuck in a rut, cant travel, vaccines so far away for us, cant cross the US border to get to my RV. So I got a call from my old boss, offered an auxiliary position, working alone, and not having to deal with any of the toxic people I used to supervise. Its supposed to be a summer gig, but honestly it could go indefinitely if I wanted it to. I am seriously thinking of doing the double dip, won't change anything to my pension. I would like to bolster investments, DW wan
  9. True enough LHT28. Hahaha CelticSpirit89, good old Timmy Hoes Coffee, not really a coffee drinker anymore, but damn their chicken stew in a bread bowl, yum. Glad you had a good visit in 08, Vancouver is a wonderful city to visit, and always love Whistler. Nothing beats skiing on a glacier in July, if they still do that, just don't wear shorts, bad mistake, ice rash. Honestly its a great city, one needs weeks if not a month to jump off and explore. I am blessed as I live just across the water maybe 15 minutes from the cruise terminal, hence numerous Alaska cruises for myself and even used
  10. We started way too late too in 2004. Thought I would hate it, boy was I wrong. Decided it was great before we even left port. Yeah good advice from shmoo. We have a late December carribean, already booked air (awesome price), a specialty dinner we want to do, and will soon book a post cruise excursion on way back to airport. I plan on an excurson at every port (7), the only issue is that the complete list is not available for booking right now. Suggest you keep on checking with your cruise line and grab them when they become available, I know there is always great debate about the price
  11. Until my kids are vaccinated too, there is no way I would consider even stepping on the boat. Not fair to them, or anyone else on board. Just waiting for under 18 approval, and then we all continue our wait for our turn.
  12. For Chic night or some specialty restaurants i wear a suit and French cuffs. Other nights wear the pants and rotate dress shirts and ties, some nights no ties, some nights the jacket. I have spent my whole career in construction and we generally don't go out for fancy meals, so i dress up for myself. Don't tell my DW but I look way better than her.
  13. Put aside the virus concerns,I would expect it would be a nightmare just trying to set up the infrastructure and logistics to provision ships in some of these places.
  14. My condolences to you and your family. Thank you for making this post. We lost someone in July and I cannot express how wonderful the shore side staff at Celebrity was. They treated us with true compassion.
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