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  1. There are various hotels in Richmond BC about 3 miles from the airport that fall in this category. They are decent and clean, not bad if you are just looking for a place to stay. Only warning is that there are a few sport complexes in this area and sometimes they can be overrun by numerous teams
  2. And that's what I said. Not sure what was worse, their late night pizza deliveries that would smell up the ward, or the only view out the window that had the big Fat Burger sign. At least we should have been allowed a beer and some wings
  3. I would love to be on board with a sea day for Superbowl, sounds like fun. On a side note I was once in the Cardiac Ward during Superbowl and the nurses would not allow anyone to watch.
  4. Thank you TeeRick. Just the 4 of vaccinated us this year, may deliver some plates to friends alone later. Mrs Lobsternight just getting bird prepped now. Got a 20lb turkey, garlic mashed, parsnips, all the other trimmings and pumpkin pie. Will open a decent bottle later, for now we are watchimg football. Hmmm sounds fairly American Eh?
  5. I'm sure Captain Kate is awesome but I want to have audience with Bug.
  6. Met a 95 yr old at work yesterday that I'm sure would give me a run for my money. I had a whole bunch of open heart surgery a few years back at 52, so I can no longer take a lot of excursions for the same reason, hard to hide the scars. It sucks, so the family gets to go, I don't. Hard pill to swallow but I'm still here and yay, life is good.
  7. Yeah I got into the wine a few weeks back and booked a Southern Pacific for our 30th in 2023, as they say, no regurts
  8. Found my IZ CDs a few days ago and am listening to them in my work truck, dreaming of my next cruise Eclipse HNL to YVR next May.
  9. Milhouse is quite right. Seeing as you really only have one full day perhaps downtown is your best bet. There are many tours available from there, a hop on hop off bus may be your best bet. Lots of hotels near the cruise dock. Definitely consider that and a walk along coal harbour to Stanley Park, bike rentals also available near park entrance. Consider Harbour Air and take a quick scenic flight on a float plane to see all of the city, or tour the North Shore across the harbour, Grouse Mountain and/or Capilano Suspension Bridge are decent destinations. You can stay at the Pan Pacific right at the cruise dock, but lots of nice hotels close by. As a resident of North Vancouver I would also highly encourage an alternate destination to cross the harbour and stay in the Shipyard District. Three hotels there, Lonsdale Quay which may be small and dated, sorry its been 29 years since last stay. The Pinnacle Hotel, never stayed but nice lobby/bar, Seaside Hotel, just a few years old, very nice, all around $160CDN. Night markets are fun, food trucks, beer gardens, artisans. Lots of restaurants within easy walk, too many coffee shops and sushi bars lol. But everything from McFood to fine dining and everything inbetween. I like Seaside Provisions happy hour, buck a shuck oysters and the Wagyu Beef. Like pubs? Lots of craft breweries and distilleries within an easy walk, best part is its all downhill on the way home. Speaking of walks the Spirit Trail runs through there, to the East it can get a little industrial, West takes you through waterfront Park, then through a working marina, oops another craft brewery, the Black Kettle, and so on. Recently we have Lime Grove bike rentals everywhere, but there is a bike shop right in the shipyards that offers higher end bikes. I won't go on but will try do a North Shore post very soon. Hailing from Edgemont Village, yes we are Village People.
  10. Especially true depending on how many ships are in port that day. Bad enough with 2, 3 is a gong show
  11. I would suggest giving a little bit more information. Have you been to Vancouver before? Are you wanting to do city tours or regional tours? Are you interested in being in the downtown core or would you like to stay away from the concrete jungle? Are you mobile, active, or just looking for a relaxing place to stroll around? Dining preferences?
  12. I was wondering the same. We booked a few weeks ago for the Eclipse in April 2023. What I found odd is that we selected anytime dining for this sailing and we received an email about a week ago offering to book dining times already. Never had this happen before, and honestly have not looked closely at the itinerary yet to make a decision like that. If there was a switch to E class I wouldn't mind trying it out, as our next 3 sailings are all on the Eclipse. Nice ship though, really loved our last trip Vancouver to Hawaii.
  13. And that is what I'm talking about, yum! I know the menu stays somewhat the same, and who know how it will change that far in the future. It did seem on past cruises perhaps the buffet selection was modified a bit if a fair amount of certain nationals were on board. Last cruise we took there were a lot of brits, noticed buffet had a few extra or different what I would call UK staples. Not mad, seemed like more curries and I even tried mushy peas, went back for seconds.
  14. We are booked on a South Pacific out of Sydney for April 2023. Obviously Celebrity modifies its MDR menu from time to time, and we are more than happy to eat in the MDR even though the menu does sort of repeat. Can anyone comment on the menus out of Sydney, are there any locally sourced must try items that we should be looking out for in the MDR? For that matter in the buffet, as I will sometimes take lunch there.
  15. I made lobster for my son last night in celebration of National Lobster Day, apparently its a thing. Well an excuse for lobster anyway, and mine did not turn out anything like they do at Murano. On our very first trip with Celebrity we took advantage of a first night deal on the Infinity in the SS United States restaurant. The lobster and service was so amazing. On our next cruise I am bringing our 2 sons, the eldest will be 21 so we totally plan on taking him to Murano where he can enjoy a fantastic lobster dinner and some decent wine.
  16. Oddly enough I was just pondering the same question for the same cruise. We have always traveled with medical coverage, even beyond what is offered through my extended health plan at work. Funny enough the one and only time I ever bought trip cancellation was for a deluxe trip over Y2K, woke up the departure morning with an actual real flu. 8 days later finally got out of bed. Got all our money back, maybe short of $400. Be interesting to see some more feedback, but definitely have medical. Hope to see you on board, we did the same cruise in reverse just before covid and it was the best
  17. Thank you for that, was sort of my opinion too. I suppose I should get a doctors note anyway I'm doing well and don't see an issue, but suppose it's a case of liability. Either that or wear a turtleneck as its hard to hide the scars once you are a member of the zipper club. We recently canceled our souther caribbean but have booked hawaii and am considering south pacific, and damn I want to snorkel
  18. See this is why they need the mushroom caps, if you don't like the snails just order the escargot minus the snails lol
  19. Definate yes from my whole family My boys and I have it every night in the MDR, my DW maybe half the time but always sneaks one off my dish. X could elevate it even more my topping each delicious morsel with a tiny Mushroom cap...yum. I'm not sure where I acquired the taste but perhaps as a wee lad I spent too much time in the garden savoring Pacific Northwest Banana Slugs much to my poor mothers dismay. My sons also did the same; I am reminded of my one son once trying to top off his bbq burger with about 20 caterpillars, that was a no. Call us weird but will try almost anything once. Maybe X will tempt us with Cuy one day (roasted guinea pig) on a South American cruise.
  20. My son had sailed both with us, and also with his grandmother numerous times. When he turned 18 all his information was there, no issues. So at 20 he's well on his way to Select.
  21. We are the same, love eating breakfast while watchimg the wake. Just booked our first SV for next August based on all the good reviews.
  22. Thank you and same to you. We also added on 4 nights in Waikiki as we had not been for over 20 years. The cruise is a nice introduction to the islands. Waikiki is weird but fun, I just love swimming there, though I can barely swim. If you have never been I highly suggest Pearl Harbor, very moving.
  23. We were on the Celebrity Eclipse in an obscured balcony, which was just above the tenders. Honestly we don't spend a lot of time in our cabin so that is all we need. The day we embarked was nasty, lots of rain. The first few days we went down the coast offshore so took a bit of a beam sea, so fair amount of motion. By day 3 it calmed down and warmed up so was great from there on. Lots to do on sea days. Dw joined a flash mob, did glass blowing, we were always busy, met so many nice people. Had my youngest son with us, had kids to play with. Stop in Hilo was great, privately booked with Safari Helicopters and saw the volcano and lava fields, its a must do. There was a music festival that night, was safe and fun. I also loved Kona,wish it was an overnight so we could have seen the manta Raya. Great time on Atlantis Sub, enjoyed shave ice and swim on beach. Lahaina is always awesome, rented a car and did our own thing. It is an awesome cruise, want to do it again. We have our 30th in 2023 so it will either be that or Antarctica
  24. We have a 12 day cruise just before Xmas. Dw and I are fully vaccinated and kids will be in a few weeks. I am really struggling with the decision to go. Just following all the issues that are popping up. As of right now I'd give us a 30% chance of going, but we have 6 more weeks for final payment
  25. Did ours last December and all 4 of ours were 3 weeks by mail
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