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  1. The cruise ships that I learned that were sailing during this pandemic last year (and being grossly IRRESPONSIBLE, in my opinion) were MSC Grandiosa and Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum of the Seas.
  2. POST NOTE: Okay so when I wrote this I actually thought that Carnival and others were sailing right now, just not their full fleet. I have now learned otherwise 🤐. I thought this because of videos of cruisers onboard ships (wearing masks, social distancing, not serving themselves, and using contact tracing, etc.) between December of last year and at the latest - last month. I believe now these were be local (or test) cruises abroad, like Singapore (which I know for a fact is doing "cruising nowhere" cruises), but not from US ports. So, my remark about Carnival is a bit
  3. What my Regent Consultant told me was that the penalties "will reset" after the new payment date. I do know that as of now, I am still beholden to the 100$ fee if I cancel "now", before the 120 day mark (March 4th). Especially since the email states: "Cancellation penalties will remain at their current level until the new final payment date." As for the rest, I just interpreted as such (this is why I genuinely hate the cancellation policies for cruising). I thought if I cancelled, say on May 1st, then I'll be subject to the 50% penalty fee for 90-61 day cancellations prior to saili
  4. Last month I heard that Regent suspended bookings, I believe, March through April. These sailings were refunded automatically with no action on the part of the guest. Well, my July cruise to Greece (which I booked last year) had a Final Payment due on March 4th, and I hadn't heard anything from Regent regarding that sailing. So Thursday (Feb 4, 2021) I called my Regent Consultant to let her know that I want to fully cancel my booking. Well, she alerted me to an email that Regent had just sent out an hour before I made that call. It read: --------------------
  5. Thank you. Finally some common sense.
  6. This type of attitude is why COVID keeps spreading. 😒 We need personal responsibility with cruising. Masks and social distancing works. 👍🏿
  7. It rained most days on this cruise. Infinity to W. Caribbean
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