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  1. Robjame: The deposit is $3,000 so that is at risk. But of course you are right, how can they get more?!
  2. Cancellation penalties all kick in before 60 day final due date. Did I just become subject to $250 pp penalty? Even though final is now due 60 days out? This from new invoice yesterday due to cabin change as new space has opened up.
  3. Even though final pay dates have been pushed forward, cancellation fees greater than that date apply?
  4. Hah! LHT28 you kind of high lighted the manner in which it could be interpreted! Persons, or room. 😀. But no problem, asked, answered. Thanks for the insight as to possibilities of a swap.
  5. My booking shows: “Your Voyage offers you 2 reservations per restaurant in Jacques, Polo Grill, Red Ginger and Toscana.” Is this per stateroom, or per passenger? As there are two of us, Is that four nights, or eight? I presume you can’t substitute if one prefers one restaurant more than another?
  6. Wow! In twelve hours this has turned into a hot thread. And one that I think on the whole has been quite informative and positive... and (goofysmom) generally friendly. As a "low milage" member on this board, I appreciate the insight shared herein. I stopped counting "big-boat" cruises after 50 about 15-years ago. Instead, I opted in favor of sailboats where I can captain our crew of 3 or 4 couples around the world. My last Oceania cruise was enjoyable, though over 12-years ago in the Med on the Nautica. Next is a 29-day S America voyage on the Marina - I hope. Y
  7. Ok GrammieK, brilliant indeed. let’s take it a step forward. Does that work for a booked reservation? Can you make a booking for a single, pay the single deposit and then convert to two passengers at time of final? Not a big deal for short duration cruises, but when deposits are more, it can be thousands. Ex: I have a booking with $3,000 deposit, just read where another poster had 12k down. Sure Interest rates are low, but on a 12-24 month in advance booking the saved deposit could earn hundreds of dollars with good investing.
  8. Interesting workaround. How does the pricing work under that scheme? Single is more. And is a waitlist price firm, or subject to pricing at time of confirmation?
  9. Received same for SA 29Jan2022 from Chile to BA and on to Rio. Good news 🤪Re delay in final pay. Bad News😩 Re probability of sail.
  10. Helpful hint: Next time when doing a copy/paste, trim your hyperlink. Delete after the ? Question mark. That is source and tracking data.
  11. Decent hedge! Lol. I’m buying. We’re on a 29day B2B, as one booking ID. One challenge on a B2B I guess🤪 Just saw the shareholder rebuke to FDR though: ”In a rare rebuke, 83% of shareholders did not approve the company’s executive compensation in a non-binding vote Thursday known as say-on-pay. As part of his $36.4 million payout, the company’s board awarded CEO Frank Del Rio a $2.8 million bonus despite the company’s record $4 billion loss for the year.”
  12. Please advise what is the Shareholders credit? Easy enough to purchase shares, what is the spiff?
  13. Ah ha! Thanks Flatbush and LHT28! So that’s why you say this is probably the best value of the OLife options? Doubles the spend on (overpriced) ShoreEx - whereas OBC, and drink packages are just prepaying your own spend. But then again, it might be be better to calculate the value of the OLife ShoreEx and the air credit, vs the Cruise Only fare? By George, I think he’s got it!
  14. Please advise were the O explanation is found that $100=195 max value.
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