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  1. I've done three Celebrity Christmas cruises on ships other than Edge. We will being doing Edge this year for Christmas. On all of the three prior Christmas week sailings, all of the wonderful decorations were up with garlands, trees, and floral arrangements. On Christmas Eve, the officers, staff and guests had a singalong around the main staircase on the M class ships, and on the S class ship, it was held in the main atrium area. On Christmas Day, there was a "Santa" parade, and the children were each given a small present by Santa and his elves. The main dinner on Christmas Day did include turkey, and dressing, and the regular menu items. There was a service on Christmas Eve. The decorations on all of the ships were beautiful. We will be on Edge for Christmas, and we were on just prior to Christmas last year. The ship was all in silver, white and crystals as opposed to the more traditional red and green decorations, and lots of gingerbread decorations on the M class and S class ships.. On all of the ships, the theatre held a holiday show. It was festive, but low key. For Hanukkah during one of the prior cruises when it fell during the same time period as Christmas, the electric menorah is lit each night, and there are activities for the children, and a Hanukkah service. They do extra dessert and cookie creations on the buffet, as the pastry chefs are very talented. We have always enjoyed Christmas cruises, and being with family. I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.
  2. Hi everyone, We sailed for 2 cruises a preview and the inaugural on the Edge penthouse. We then sailed again on Edge in a lesser suite category 5 months later. I personally would not sail in the PS again on Edge unless it was for a cold weather cruise, or extremely port intensive. The two bedrooms, two bathrooms are very nice and functional. The decor is a personal taste question, and most of the mechanical kinks of the room have been worked out , as I have other friends who have sailed in the suite recently. the indoor massive jetted tub would be fine for cold weather cruises. It has a high step up, and over into the tub. The balcony is narrower and shorter in length than the S class penthouses, and has a large overhang(great for rainy weather). It also had way too much furniture on such a small space, but again they have corrected some of that since we originally sailed. If you want a mostly sunny balcony, then you will need to go to the Retreat sundeck, or book cabins not on deck 12. We are going back on Equinox ( on only the shortened drydock revolution) and on Summit post revolution in the same category. I liked Edge as a ship much better on our last voyage, with less space, because we had a more usable( to us anyway) balcony.
  3. I believe that the issue is with the permits for the ship. When Celebrity started building Flora, the company( Ocean Adventures, S.A.) associated with the ships Athala (now Xploration) had 16 passenger permits, and Eclipse ( now Xperience) had 48 passenger permits. Xpedition had 100 passenger permits and was already sailing. When Flora came out, Celebrity used the 100 passenger permits from Expedition to transfer to Flora which is currently sailing. Celebrity applied through Ocean Adventures, S.A.) and was originally granted the right to use the other permits(64) to be transferred to Xpedition which would then sail with 64 passengers, and the two other ships would no longer sail under Celebrity. Marcelo Mata Guerrero, the Minister of the Environment of Ecuador reversed the permission on June 26 ,2019 and posted the notice on his twitter account. http://www.ambiente.gob.ec/ministerio-del-ambiente-revoca-el-permiso-de-operacion-al-barco-celebrity-xpedition-en-galapagos/ So Celebrity has offered passengers up through the July 13, 2019 sailing either to cancel and receive a refund, a transfer to the smaller ship, with a significant discount ,or some have switched to future Flora sailings. I believe that Celebrity will get it worked out hopefully in the near future. Most of the Galapagos ships are smaller passenger vessels, with the larger ones being 100 passengers. I have not read of any environmental damage caused by the Xpedition ship posted by the Minister. I do believe that they are trying to limit the tourism to the Galapagos to protect the environment and wildlife.
  4. Here is the notice https://mobile.twitter.com/Ambiente_Ec/status/1144410967176073218/photo/1 I hope this gets worked out shortly.
  5. I am so very sorry for your loss of your lovely wife, Carol. I had the pleasure of sailing with the two of you a few times, and the cruising world was a better place because of her joyful spirit and happiness with you. Thank you for sharing with us and bless you.
  6. We requested the deposit cancellation in early January when Virgin released the itineraries as 4 and five day cruises, as we don't like short cruises. I received the cancellation confirmation and was told 5-7 business days to process the refund. On February 6th, I called again, and they said they "lost" the refund request information. It was reprocessed on February 6th, and again told 5-7 business days for the refund, and once again received written confirmation of it. I called them today, and was told the paperwork was processed today, and the refund credit should be back on the credit card in another 5-7 business days. The Virgin employees told me that they are processing every request manually, as they had many cancellations. At this point it is not even about the funds. It is about the complete lack of appropriate follow through by the company. I have flown on Virgin before and like quite a few of Mr. Branson's products and ideas. It will have taken two months to get a simple deposit back. I hope they improve their business model for others in the rollout of the ship.
  7. Wonderful photos and narrative Norris. The Boys of Summer by Don Henley I believe. Perfect cruising around town music. Thanks for taking all of us vicariously on your and Carol’s adventures in Cuba.
  8. "And the only sound that's left after the ambulances go is Cinderella sweeping up on Desolation Row" by the incomparable Bob Dylan. Great pictures and wonderful writing style much appreciated.
  9. kk99


    I was on the 3 day preview and the seven night inaugural. No trivia on the first 3 days. Twice a day in different categories where you use your cellphone or IPad to use the ships WiFi for free, and pick by tapping the question answer, a,b, c, d on your device. You could play individually or as a team. I met some nice people, but the room was cold. It wasn’t that much fun. I also played the for fee trivia, timeplay one time. Originally it was advertised for $20 dollars, but everyone was charged $15 dollars. First prize was $100, 2nd was $50, and 3rd was $30. It was an individual event played on your device like timed pub trivia. The faster you answered, the more points you earned, incorrect points subtracted points from the total. It it was a combination of picking the 1-4 question answer options, and putting by swiping on your device, movies from oldest to most recent ( such as DeNiro movies). It was more fun than the other trivia’s, but not worth repeating for me. The activities staff and manager were all very pleasant, and I am sure once they tweak it, will be better on future cruises
  10. I am currently on Edge, also for the prior sailing. They offered a ten percent discount off the $59 port day pass. No prior notice, on Celebrity’s website. Perhaps they are trying to not overcrowd the spa facility. It would have been nice if they had given advance notice on their website.
  11. Hi everyone, i am on Edge currently and will be the December 9th sailing as well. I think the art and common spaces are quite beautiful. The Retreat Lounge is spacious, great gym, nice spa, and the thermal suite if you are in aqua class is very nice. Did a one day pass, and enjoyed it. We booked on opening day, and splurged. I have seen most of the cabin categories, and I think you have to decide to be open minded and see for yourself. So if the changes are great, some head scratchers, and some would be no gos. VTcruising had the right idea of taking the rocking chair out on the balcony with the small table with the padded top as a footstool. I sat in one in a friend’s cabin and it was very comfortable. One friend in a sky suite 3 behind the magic carpet liked it, another would not book it again. There were no pictures of the furniture for my balcony before the TA cruises. The balcony we have on deck 12 is completely shaded by the overhang, and the furniture is not to my personal preference(no loungers). I would book the suite again in cold weather locals, but not for the Caribbean. They are tweaking things as they go along, and there will be changes so it might solve some of the initial concerns. Eden is quiet during the day, and a lovely way to view the wake from different levels. They kept the Martini Bar at a lower volume level until around 10 pm. It may still be too loud for some. The Rooftop Garden area is lovely and we have eaten at the Grill and lEden as well. I did not like the Show in Eden, but that is again a personal preference. The show Hype with Marcus Terrell was.good, and good singers around the different ship venues. I think if people are wanting a completely open balcony, then they probably will not like an Infinite Veranda. I did move one of Edge Caribbean sailings to another Celebrity ship next fall, but I am keeping a transatlantic, just in a different cabin. There is a lot to like about Edge. After they sort some of the issues hopefully shortly, it will be a better experience.
  12. These are the flyer links which should be active tomorrow. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/Caribbean/Flyers/CEL_AUG_Offer_Campaign_Caribbean.pdf http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/18063515_Caribbean_EQ_SNRS.pdf
  13. There are two offers. One is called Seven Seas Sale booking between 8-1-2018 and 9-5-2018. Book an oceanview or higher stateroom, first two guests get to pick one perk (classic drinks, wifi, tips or 150 pp on board credit), 50% off cruise fares for additional passengers in the room(but not on aqua class as it only holds two), $200 off per stateroom for oceanview or veranda, $300 total off per stateroom for concierge or aqua class, and suites get $400 off per stateroom, all 4 perks with premium beverage package and 50% off cruise fares for extra guests in the cabin. Single occupancy bookings are eligible for the offer. It excludes Galapagos, transatlantics, transpacific, and repositioning cruises, and the cruise must be 4 nights or longer. The second offer is for Celebrity Equinox Summer 2019 Nonrefundable Savings for new bookings. No perks , nonrefundable deposit with 30% savings on ocean view and above, for select 7 night sailings between 6-1-2019 -9-6-2019 and open to book between 8-1-2018 and 9-5-2018. 50% savings on extra passengers in a cabin. The offer is not combinable with go big,better,best, exciting deals, senior, loyalty, resident rates, etc. The 30% discount is shown on the checkout page
  14. Hi Wonderman3, Yes, if you spent $1000 of your own funds, and then won and spent an additional $2000 then you have an actual loss of $3000. If you are sapphire tier that is worth $300 calculated on 10% of your actual loss. Since the $300 is less than your next cruise slot play or promo chip benefit guarantee for sapphire tier, you would get the $500 free play on your next cruise. You do not receive points that count towards tier status on the free play. But if you won on the free play and cashed out the winnings and then played the cash or ticket back through the machine, then that counts toward tier status points, and win/loss. So when the casino offers buying slots or chips with an added bonus amount, the bonus amount does not count on the tier points. Most people who play a number of hours will probably have a higher theoretical loss than actual loss on video poker or blackjack if they are skilled players. On slots there is more volatility as the house edge is higher, and no skill involve to reduce the house edge. Hopefully, people will report back how their experiences are after their sailings with the new changes.
  15. Hi everyone, For comparisons sake, here is the link to the Blue Chip benefits prior to 7-27-2018 https://www.celebritycruises.com/ca/things-to-do-onboard/casino/blue-chip-club and here is the current link to the Blue Chip benefits as of 7-28-2018 https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/blue-chip-club-tiers-benefits.pdf For those in Amethyst Free play went from $175 to a $100 guaranteed and the removal of the free specialty dinner For those in Sapphire tier Free play went from $1000 to $500 guaranteed Removal of the friends and family discount Removal of the free specialty dinner Removal of the $50 dollar laundry credit Removal of the $100 spa credit Removal of the welcome aboard amenity Added casino host event For those in Ruby tier Free play went from $5000 to $2500 guaranteed Removal of the friends and family discount Removal of the free specialty dinner Removal of the $100 dollar laundry credit Removal of the $250 spa credit Removal of the welcome aboard amenity Added casino host event For amethyst, sapphire and ruby tiers you have the ability to earn free play/promo chips above your guaranteed amount per the website. * Free play and promo chip benefits are based on gaming and tier: Ruby level guests, the greater of $2,500 or 15% of the previous sailing's gaming activity. Sapphire level guests, the greater of $500 or 10% of the previous sailing's gaming activity. Amethyst level guests, the greater of $100 or 5% of the previous sailing's gaming activity. Free play and promo chip benefits are capped at $10,000 in value per sailing. Annual cruise benefits are based on play. All benefits are for the account holder only and subject to availability. Additional restrictions may apply, and benefits are not transferrable. Management reserves the right to suspend, withhold, or cancel the loyalty program at any time. Reel and video slot machine points: $1 coin in equals one tier point. Video poker and video roulette points: $2 coin in equals one tier point. Table games: $8 table theoretical equals one tier point. For full details, call Blue Chip Club at 1-866-461-7170 So if you are a slots player, video poker or table player, it is the greater of your actual loss or your theoretical loss. I confirmed this with Blue Chip. Amethyst level slots example. To get to your prior benefit of $175, your actual loss would have to be $3500 on your previous sailing. $3500 x 5% = $175 Sapphire level slots example. To get to your prior benefit of $1000, your actual loss would have to be $ 10,000 on your previous sailing, $10,000 x 10% = $1000 Ruby level slots example. To get to your prior benefit of $5000, your actual loss would have to be $ 33,333 on your previous sailing, $33,333 x 15% =$5000 Now it easier to get to a higher number on theoretical loss as opposed to your actual loss depending on the hours played, the house edge per the game, and the average bet size. " Perfect" play on video poker should generate a high theoretical loss if you play several hours per day as opposed to your actual loss, as the house edge is smaller, and you have skill involved in the game. I was told by Blue Chip, that you can use your benefits on as many cruises as you want, and that includes the short cruises which is great. There will still be blue chip tournament sailings which may provide you with extras and more discounts, but again, it is all based on your play. Blue Chip will also make offers for other non tournament sailings on a free or discounted rate depending on your play. For those who have large theoretical losses or actual losses on a cruise, they will earn more free play, and could earn a significant amount more for their next booking. For the majority of casino players in the Blue Chip club they probably won't earn more than the minimum guarantee, but that is just a guess at this point. I did hear back from Blue Chip this morning that the casino host is able to provide discretionary comps above the room comp value that Blue Chip gave you for your cabin on a particular sailing. I look forward to hearing about actual players' take under the new system once they get back.
  16. Hi, You can set up any information for the medical supplements or diet requirements by emailing special_needs@celebrity.com You email them first with your requests or questions, and you get a standard email back, and then you will get a more detailed response email in a few days. You can also ask them to call you. Be sure and list your reservation number, date of sailing and ship, your email, and daytime contact number. Your travel agent can link the three dining reservations if booked through a travel agent if you are all dining in the main dining room. If some of the cabins were booked directly with Celebrity and some through a travel agent, you will need to call both places and have them link the reservations on both sides. I have found that celebrity's special needs department to be very helpful with corresponding by email. Also here is the form for special needs to be sent in if he has food allergies or other needs that need to helped with. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Celebrity-Guest-Special-Needs-Form.pdf Have fun on your upcoming cruise.
  17. Is it possible that this is a diagram of the S class CS suites after they have been remodeled in the next few years? I do not like the layout of the new Edge Celebrity Suite over the original plans. If this is what Edge CS suites will look like, I hope Celebrity or the travel agents notify the customers who have booked those suites of the drastic change to the layout, so the customer can decide if they want this suite or a different category of cabin for their sailing.
  18. I called into Celebrity today about some upcoming sailings. The Captain's Club representative stated that the program is being tried on Summit and Reflection.to see if it is working and tweaking it before rolling out to the other ships. For anyone who has gotten a reasonable upgrade, congratulations. I'll be interested to see how this works on an upcoming sailing with the bid process and the prices. Happy sails to everyone.
  19. We were back on Curacao earlier this month on Celebrity Equinox .I agree that Advance is the best value. Celestino, the owner met us right outside the pier exit, got us set up, rented a gps unit for 5 dollars from Advance, preprogrammed in the places we were going to visit, had a good map, had a full tank of gas, and a cell phone to call if we wanted to return early or had problems. Wonderful, prompt courteous service. The car, tires, mechanics and air conditioning. were all in great shape. Easy and prompt communications by email or phone. We just filled up to top off the tank shortly before dropoff, and Celestino met us at the designated place. The cost was $75 dollars for the day for a four person automatic drive car including insurance and taxes. If you did not know, they drive on the right just as in the U.S. We played golf and drove the entire island stopping at favorite places through the day. It was great not being on an exact schedule and seeing more of Curacao. One of the people in our vehicle left their cell phone behind in the car. No only did Celestino find it, he fed ex shipped it back to the owner. Just incredible. I have rented vehicles on all of the Caribbean islands before and in the ABC's . We can't wait to use their services again when in Curacao in September info@advancecarrentalcuracao.com 5999 566-2220 / 5999 512 4221 Website :http://www.advancecarrentalcuracao.com/
  20. madcitymaven, I was on the same cruise and in Luminae when that particular table was louder than surrounding tables. I do think it was just a one off, as most people are very considerate of the tables around them I did not think it was handled as well as it could have been by the Maitre'd, as there could have been a polite request that they lower their voices. I have seen several large groups in Luminae before, but the level of their voices were more moderate even during holiday trips with extended families in Luminae. A few of them were in Michael's Club one afternoon during the tea, and they were also enjoying their time there. Perhaps because it was a Caribbean cruise, people may have been in a more party like atmosphere all week. The Baltics is a wonderful trip, and if you enjoyed Luminae's food and the suite amenities, go ahead and book it. We have cruised the Baltics a few times, and it is always a great trip. I hope you enjoy your next Celebrity cruise.
  21. Equinox 4-7-2018 Captain: Kostas Nestoroudis Staff Captain: Ioannis Kasimatas Chief Engineer: Ioannis Tseronis Hotel Director: Niyazi Korkmaz Cruise Director: Dan France Guest Relations Manager: Julie Sherrington Food & Beverage: Zafer Colak Executive Chef: Kenny Ramos Captain’s Club: Raluca Matthews Michael’s Host: Adrianna Suite Manager: Anton Casino Manager: Annette Williams Casino Host: Bruce Wilson House Band: The Badness Quartet Guitarist: Sashi Duo: Devico Acoustic Guitar Shows: Elysium, Life
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