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  1. We were waitlisted first Select dining once an unfortunately it never cleared. We didn’t want to eat late so they did give us early dining. It wasn’t perfect, but better than late
  2. We booked two cabins as well and were told my Celebrity Future Cruises that if we cancelled the other would be as well. They must have the reservations joined somehow.
  3. We must be in the minority. We LOVE the MDR. Always fabulous food and excellent service. Not worth the extra cost just for Blu. For as much as it costs for Aqua, we could do a couple of specialty restaurants if we decide to......jmo...
  4. They do get the same perks and reduced deposit as you, BUT if for some reason you cancel their reservation will also be cancelled, so if you decide not to go and they still want to they will have to rebook.....just an fyi
  5. I take it you don’t like Luigi? He is one of our favorites! Can’t wait to sail with him again
  6. Captain Cantu went on vacation right after the TA at the end of October, so he should be back late January and on your sailing. Luigi was the CD then. Not sure of his vacation schedule, but we loved him!
  7. If you already have the perks they can easily be swapped out. We have done it a few times. For our upcoming cruise I originally got our daughter the WiFi, but she wanted the OBC so I called our TA and she swapped it out. We have also done the same for our son for a future cruise. Contact your TA and she/he can do it for you at no charge to you.
  8. Barefoot is our favorite restaurant on Aruba! We go there at least twice every trip. I’ve never noticed any fish smell whether inside or definitely a table on the beach. While I always eat fish there there are other items on the menu that aren’t seafood. I have some family members that had a chicken dish that is served in a half or a pineapple and they loved it! Enjoy! We will also be there in January
  9. We sailed on the TA in October. Everything was FANTASTIC!
  10. While we have never been in Concierge class we are booked in that class for our upcoming cruise. We booked it because it was cheaper than a regular veranda. Now we will get the extra CC points at a cheaper cost to us.....along with the few perks. Win win for us!
  11. Wish I would’ve realized that today was Aruba. I would’ve recommended a fabulous restaurant. We go to Aruba every year for our land vacay. There are MANY incredible restaurants.
  12. We were on the Infinity TA in October. It wasn’t until day 8 of our 14 day cruise that we first saw our cabin steward and that’s because we had an issue with water on our bathroom floor. After that I think we only saw him once the rest of the cruise. I have always had them introduce themselves the first day and we would still see them occasionally, but not this time. We saw other cabin stewards just not ours.
  13. We go to Aruba every year for our land vacay in January/Feb and still did this itinerary twice and loved it! Have a fabulous time!
  14. I saw a tweet with pictures from a passenger who said that 20 minutes before the eruption they were there, but their tour had fortunately left. Their tour boat was picking up injured people on the way back to the ship.
  15. When the sale started a few days before Black Friday I contacted my TA almost immediately and would’ve saved $1500 for our 2 cabins. Less than an hour after that the prices were up again and haven’t come down since. Unfortunately we missed out, but thanks for the heads up as I haven’t made final payment yet.
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