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  1. If you book a refundable deposit you are able to pick 2 perks at no extra charge.
  2. I have heard from others that another email came out in the last day or so......but I haven’t received anything
  3. For anyone hoping to sail in September or October with Aruba as one of their stops plan on that stop being cancelled. Waiting to see how things play out, but with Aruba beginning to open next month they are requiring a Covid test within 72 hours of going there as well as insurance that covers it. Unless cruise lines can give everyone on board a test before porting it will be unlikely Aruba will be a stop. I can see these restrictions on many of the Caribbean islands.
  4. She was due to get off on March 14 for vacation, and is still on. I’d imagine that she will be taking a LONG vacation once she gets off of the ship.
  5. This is not true at all. What money do they have? All that they would have is a deposit. In our case it’s $25/person. Also, prices ARE guaranteed. That’s why they offered this. We were supposed to sail in August. Before it was actually cancelled the prices had drastically come down. We repriced and upgraded and when lift and shift became available we moved it to next year. We are keeping all 4 perks and going to pay about $2000 less than the current prices for the same sailing next year. Great program!
  6. I know a crew member that I have been in continuous contact with that was on the Equinox. He is now on the Infinity sailing back to India. He said that things have been good, they are being treated very well and are using passenger cabins.
  7. We were also scheduled to sail August 14. Right before we were gong to make final payment lift and shift started. We had already repriced our cruise since it was so much cheaper. We moved it to next year for the same price as we had it plus all 4 perks. We considered making final payment then taking the FCC and putting it toward a cruise next year, but with the high prices for next year moving it was MUCH cheaper!....is this an option for you?
  8. That’s available to anyone that has cruised at least once. It’s not just for Elite and above
  9. Unfortunately you will likely be calling your cc company. Our cruise was one of the first Celebrity cancelled. We were due to sail March 14 and they cancelled the evening of March 13. We requested our refund immediately. After 6 weeks we finally received some of our refund and now 3+ more weeks later we still haven’t seen the rest. To top it off they are saying that we are due $200 less than what it should be! I have copies of all of my payments so we shall see!
  10. We are doing the same. We were supposed to sail August 14 for my son’s 21st birthday and college graduation. Now going July 30, 2021. Second cruise this year that was a celebration and cancelled 😩
  11. We have a cruise booked sailing from Vancouver in August. While I’m expecting it to be cancelled I’m still going to make final payment next week and then move it to next year. We only decided to make final payment because we have a wedding to pay for next year and can’t pay for both 😂
  12. We FINALLY received a refund today.....but not all of it 😡. Our cruise was scheduled for March 14 and cancelled the evening of March 13. I requested the refund on March 14. My credit card was finally credited today. Took 42 days, BUT I was shorted $1100+. Not sure why. We booked on board and paid a $400 refundable deposit (2 cabins) so it’s not the deposit. Also checked our receipt and wasn’t taxes and port fees either. The refund didn’t come in a lump sum. It was 7 lines with 7 different amounts. Can’t figure out for the life of me what it is. It’s $555+ for each cabin. I do have a call into my TA. Hopefully she can shed some light on this. If it was a few bucks I probably wouldn’t care, but $1100+ is way to much to forget about.
  13. No, we didn’t file a claim. They reimbursed us since our cruise was cancelled. Yes, we were already at the port. They cancelled it the evening of March 13. My husband was on the plane on his way to Florida, but my daughter, her fiancé, and I were already there.
  14. That’s great! Hopefully that means that our March 14 cruise that was cancelled the evening of March 13 and refund requested on March 14 will be received soon. Fingers crossed! We paid for 2 cabins so waiting for quite the refund!
  15. While we still haven’t received our refund for our March 14 cruise that was cancelled the evening before and refund requested almost immediately, we have finally received our refund from Allianz. We had 2 cabins and cancel for any reason insurance so it was nice to see the almost $800 credit show up on my cc today.
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