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  1. Passports are currently taking 12 weeks for expedited and 18 weeks for regular. Thankful for having a few years left on ours
  2. I’ve never seen Absolut, but they do have Gray Goose Pear
  3. Even if one asks for a martini to be made with a vodka from the classic package, ie, Smirnoff or Tito’s, at the martini bar, one still needs the premium package. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. You’re lucky! We have a “free” casino cruise in December and nothing is included
  5. Was the test at Walgreens the Abbott ID Now test? Also, did they say anything about being tested before arriving to Aruba? Not sure about Curaçao, but Aruba requires a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arriving on the island regardless if one is vaccinated or not. Curious as to how they are handling cruise passengers. Doesn’t seem right that some have to have the negative test while others don’t.
  6. Exactly! That’s why I said they will need PCR tests because antigen aren’t accepted for Aruba. Aruba does accept the Abbott ID Now test so maybe they can use that one?
  7. We did a TA in October 2019 and were able to book one for the 2 of us on Infinity. It was AMAZING! Even though the Infinity and Constellation haven’t been refurbished, we haven’t seen the FV available anymore
  8. Not only is Aruba requiring a negative PCR test within 72 hours before arriving, but Curaçao is as well. (Not sure of the other islands) Celebrity will have to have PCR Tests on board as well. There will be LOTS of testing on board! Also, Aruba is currently having an uptick of positive cases and has some strict rules. Yes, it’s still 2 months until the sailings begin, but a lot will have to change before Aruba will allow cruises again.
  9. Exactly! Greece isn’t open to the US.....hopefully that will change soon
  10. If you book a refundable deposit you are able to pick 2 perks at no extra charge.
  11. I have heard from others that another email came out in the last day or so......but I haven’t received anything
  12. For anyone hoping to sail in September or October with Aruba as one of their stops plan on that stop being cancelled. Waiting to see how things play out, but with Aruba beginning to open next month they are requiring a Covid test within 72 hours of going there as well as insurance that covers it. Unless cruise lines can give everyone on board a test before porting it will be unlikely Aruba will be a stop. I can see these restrictions on many of the Caribbean islands.
  13. She was due to get off on March 14 for vacation, and is still on. I’d imagine that she will be taking a LONG vacation once she gets off of the ship.
  14. This is not true at all. What money do they have? All that they would have is a deposit. In our case it’s $25/person. Also, prices ARE guaranteed. That’s why they offered this. We were supposed to sail in August. Before it was actually cancelled the prices had drastically come down. We repriced and upgraded and when lift and shift became available we moved it to next year. We are keeping all 4 perks and going to pay about $2000 less than the current prices for the same sailing next year. Great program!
  15. I know a crew member that I have been in continuous contact with that was on the Equinox. He is now on the Infinity sailing back to India. He said that things have been good, they are being treated very well and are using passenger cabins.
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