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  1. It’s the sea air & martinis that does it😀
  2. There's an offer started yesterday offering a discount off "almost all sailings" for Captains Club members. Enter your Captains Club number when booking on the website and click apply (I missed that you have to click apply initially and couldn't understand why I was not seeing any discount). Some have reported in another thread getting quite good discounts.
  3. I just saw our refunds arrived back on our amex card on Thurs 14th (2 days ago). Our sailing was on Infinity on April 11th and we received notification of the cancellation on March 24th. We immediately submitted the form for a refund and just waited-we didn't try to call them. We booked through one of the big on-line cruise agents. Refunds are being processed everyone-just be patient.
  4. Apologies mafig. I was really referring to the people on the Princess board. I also think that it's ridiculous.
  5. Do you really think that any of the cruise lines are in a position to pick and choose which customers they want on future sailings.
  6. They are unobstructed with much larger balconies. Post 15 in this thread shows this with all of the cabin numbers.
  7. We have previously attended GLBT get togethers on X which used to be listed in the daily planners. The problem is that they are often held at The martini bar at 7.00 or 7.30pm when the martini bar is really busy so it is difficult to know who is there for the get together and who isn’t. Princess handle this much better as it is usually held in the Wheelhouse Bar at 5.00pm which is a quiet venue and time.
  8. Thanks so much. Does anyone know how much it is to upgrade?
  9. Booking with Aurea and unlimited drinks package, is this the Premium package up to €10 max per drink or the Premium plus package. Its a bit confusing.
  10. That's great-thanks for the replies. Haven't booked yet but this was something we needed to consider.
  11. Is the Deluxe Beverage Package available to purchase on short sailings? We are looking at a 5 night Caribbean sailing on Independence. I seem to remember a cruise line had a policy that Beverage packages could not be purchased on sailings less that 7 nights but cannot remember which line had this policy. Thanks.
  12. I would also love X to send a ship to Cape Town-one of our favourite places to visit. MSC could be interesting as long they are planning longer, more expensive itineraries. Some years ago they had a very old ship sailing out of Durban where they offered 3 & 4 night very cheap cruises which attracted some very questionable passengers. I remember reading reports of drunken fights and even allegations of rape onboard these sailings.
  13. We booked a different cruise whilst onboard Reflection in April but after returning home we were having second thoughts about the ship we had booked (edge). I then received an email from a Celebrity cruise planner (I think that was her title) informing us that she was taking over our reservation as our previous planner had left Celebrity (I wasn’t aware we even had a cruise planner). So I called her to change our booking and we kept all of our perks and our OBC for booking onboard actually increased because we moved up from a balcony to suite. Simon.
  14. Hi Mickey22. That was the other thing which surprised us. We received our room assignment on Tuesday but our cruise is April 2020. When we booked our S1 Guarantee there were no S1 Sky Suites showing available (but there were 2 Celebrity Suites, 8 Royal Suites and 1 Penthouse) so it looked a good gamble for an upgrade. Someone must have then cancelled as 6145 started showing as available for a couple of days before it was assigned to us. No big upgrade but we're very happy with 6145. However, I'm sure when we last booked a guarantee (a few years ago) we had to wait until a month or so before sailing to get a room allocated.
  15. Thanks Olive1950. I hadn't realised that that the makeovers on these ships were not so great. Simon.
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