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  1. Hi all. We initially booked an inside Bella stateroom on the MSC website and paid In full. After a few hours we had 2nd thoughts and called to upgrade to a Balcony Bella and paid the difference. The following day (yesterday) when I logged in it showed that there was a further £600+ outstanding (taking the total cruise fare to over £2k). I called and was informed not to worry as we had been given a complimentary upgrade from Bella to Aurea and the outstanding balance would be removed from the booking. I also queried the premium drinks package as it had changed on the bo
  2. I've just gone for it and booked direct with MSC for the 24th May sailing. The e-mail booking confirmation had an attachment with the T&C's and it states: 4. Insurance 4.1 The Company recommends that every Passenger should have adequate insurance policy which covers them sufficiently for Holiday Package cancellation, medical assistance and expenses, loss and/or damage of the luggage, from the time the Holiday Package has been confirmed as Booked to the end of the Holiday Package. No mention of amounts of cover required.
  3. It sounds like you & I may have the same policy. Mine states medical cover of £10M when "outside of your home area" and only £10K for related costs "inside your home area" and "home area" is defined as: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man if your home is in any of these countries. So if you are onboard a ship sailing off the coast of these countries, then would that be classed as outside of your home area? Surely it must be as otherwise this would affect all cruises sailing to & from the UK. Otherwise even passengers on a wor
  4. Does anyone know what the policy is if you were to book one of these cruises and then either test positive when you take your test 72 hours prior to sailing or you are denied boarding at the port due to a positive test conducted there or high temperature reading etc? Would guests have to try to claim via travel insurance or do MSC have some kind of policy in place where guests denied boarding will get a future credit for the value of the cruise to be re-booked later? Apologies if this has been answered but I don't know where to look.
  5. So unless you book Aurea, you are denied anytime dining and will be forced onto fixed seating sharing tables? Surely not.
  6. We booked aug 24th-4 nights with prom package. Those dates worked best for us. We were wanting to book a mini suite with club class dining but it worked out at £600 more than a regular balcony so decided against it.
  7. We were wondering about this, but with numerous other cruise lines such as MSC and RCCL announcing that they intend offering sailings are they really going to be able to check?
  8. Absolutely. We know which sailing and which cabin we want. We were tempted to try P&O as we've never sailed with them-we've always stuck to the "American Lines" but just feel we wouldn't enjoy P&O as much as we enjoy Princess/Celebrity. I just hope the website doesn't go down like P&O as I have to leave home at 8.10 at the latest.
  9. My understanding is this: If you book a holiday or cruise whilst there is a FCO advisory against travelling, then you would not be able to make a claim on your travel insurance if you had to cancel and lost money before departure (due to sickness, bereavement etc). However, I am pretty sure that as long as the FCO advisory against cruise travel had been removed before you travel, then you would be covered by the medical cover should you need to claim during the trip. Someone tell me if I am wrong but that would make sense to me.
  10. To be honest, I was thinking the same as upwarduk. I've looked at my annual travel insurance policy and it appears that the "worldwide" medical cover is only valid for medical claims which occur outside of the policy holders "Home Area" which is defined as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man. In any case, I would imagine evacuating a sick or injured passenger from a cruise ship sailing in British waters would be carried out by the coastguard and the patient would be delivered to a waiting NHS ambulance and then taken to the nearest NHS hospital. I don't th
  11. Great. Thanks for posting this. Did I read somewhere that B2B sailings are not permitted?
  12. We only saw Perry Grant once on Constellation back in 2010. His music is old and we were younger than most of the others in the room (31 & 41 at the time) but still enjoyed the songs and humour. His comments to people leaving the room are just part of the act and people shouldn't take it personally or the wrong way. I've seen other performers (a comedian) who had exactly the same routine when someone walked into the room after the show had started or when they got up to go to the bathroom. Everyone in the room laughs and you just have to laugh along with them. I r
  13. It has been suggested that once cruises resume, ships may only be allowed to sail at 50% or 70% occupancy to allow for social distancing. Perhaps allowing 3 or 4 passengers in a stateroom may result in the ship having to sail with additional other staterooms empty to ensure the total pax onboard doesn't exceed the new guidelines. It would make sense that the higher cost for passenger 3 and 4 would discourage this and/or compensate the cruise line for revenue lost from sailing with additional unsold staterooms. Just a thought.
  14. I love how International Cafe is open 24 hours, but much prefer the location and setup of Cafe Al Bacio on Celebrity. I find the seating area on princess to be dark and un-inviting compared to the venue on Celebrity which is on a higher deck and has tables by the large windows which look out onto the promenade deck and sea. Perhaps that's why most people seem to prefer to wait at the counter to get drinks to go (served in paper cups) at International Cafe compared to the full waiter service on Celebrity where everything is served in crockery and tea pots etc.
  15. Absolutely agree with this. Dinner at Ocean Liners & SS United States were the best dining experiences we ever had at sea.
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