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  1. For folks that book Cheers, this works brilliantly. I tried very hard to find some wines I enjoyed on MG - tried well over a dozen. No luck for me, but my husband found several he liked. I didn't notice a wine tasting event, but I might have glanced right past it since we had cheers and ignored the rest of the beverage based events.
  2. Bon Voyage is overpriced pre-ordered bottles of liquor delivered to your stateroom at the beginning of the cruise - we made extensive use of this back before beverage packages were available to all. I hadn't realized it was even still available, looks like prices have gotten even worse over the years. Sad to see that they keep it available but do a lousy job of implementing it.
  3. On the Sunrise, we thought the barrimundi was decent - not as good as a person might hope, but better than I've had any number of other places. We've come to enjoy ordering several appetizers and splitting a single entree each night. The soups and rare finds are almost always big wins!
  4. Don't suppose anyone knows if they have special invite cards for solo travelers that only allows a single meal, or if you get the standard 'for two' cards and can bring a shipmate to dine with you?
  5. I'm curious as well - and also wonder if the same 50% option applies to the free Diamond dinner.
  6. I haven't been on the Magic, but I was VERY impressed with the Mardi Gras. It's hard to recommend based on just the price difference - what kind of percentage difference is it? If you're looking at suites or peak season weeks, difference between $2500 and $2964? I'd totally go Mardi Gras. If you're looking at rock bottom pricing, and it's $600 vs $1064? I'd probably book the Magic in your shoes.
  7. I absolutely hate clearing my cache/cookies on my phone, because so many of my work resources require me to be on-site to log in 'fresh' - so I've been limping along using incognito for CC. Today, I tried to get the login fields to pop up AND IT WORKED!! HOORAY! I don't know if whatever busted cache/cookie just expired, or what, but I'm so grateful and I hope it doesn't happen again!
  8. I've done the 24hr rapid test maybe 15 times - I usually get the results in less than two hours. The ONE time it took longer was before a cruise! They'd had some sort of network outage between them and Abbott, and it took about ten hours. You should be just fine, don't fret too much!
  9. Was on for the 2-9 Oct sailing - Cucina, Chibang, and Pig&Anchor. I highly recommend Cucina, we were impressed enough that we will happily pay $15 in the future.
  10. I don't worry too much about travel requirements until I'm six or so months out either - I book lots of speculative trips. So far, it has never been visas that cancelled any of these trips. I'm sure they weren't planning on hopping on the plane without googling any number of things, and I'm sure they're glad to have a pointer on one of the things they'll have to Google as the trip comes into focus.
  11. Fittingly, I recently posted in another thread about how it's nice to have a less Grinchy sounding reason to choose a seat away from children these days =p
  12. Thank you for that link! I had finally found a Belize press release that seemed legitimate, but this has even more information. The article indicates that there were 1441 crew, so 1.8% - but that's still higher than I'd have expected the CDC to still consider 'acceptable.' I've snarked a bit ever since I discovered the color coding - who puts yellow as a higher threat than orange?? And why not give us even a tiny bit of transparency with which to estimate our risk? But all in all, I've operated on the assumption that their thresholds would be quite conservative. It is apparent that their 'red flag' threshold is higher than mine. Mostly, I'm beyond frustrated with the lack of transparency. If Belize had not 'outed' them, I don't believe we'd know anything beyond, 'The CDC is keeping a close eye on things on this ship.' I do have high confidence that cruise lines consider limiting spread to be in their best interest, but it irks me that I don't have access to the data to look out for my best interests.
  13. I know! It's probably all for the best, I'd have had a difficult time explaining to my boss why I thought it was a good idea. I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on truly last-minute pricing, though, and might even stop by the port sometime soon just to see if there's really a standby desk. We keep a go-bag packed, why not try??
  14. I love it! Thanks for showing me! What a great idea. It was too hot to truly enjoy a nap outside on our last cruises, but I might start packing one just in case! I think we'd like to try a cove balcony next (I'm ghostly pale!) and I wonder if there'd be room and if there are similar attachment points.
  15. ❤️ of the six of us, I think we might have fifty years of bartending experience, and one still bartends. I have patrons I still remember fondly - so I'm sure you're right, our 'attitudes of gratitude' play into their recognition. That said, it's still pretty amazing that the staff can possibly remember so many people changing EACH WEEK! I'm pretty lousy with names - some of those patrons I was thrilled to see every time would have their drink waiting by the time they hit 'their' seat long before I could spit out the right name - so the fact that their clientele is an ever rotating cast of characters and they STILL manage to provide corner pub level service is incredible. You made my heart swell an extra couple sizes this morning, many thanks 😃
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