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  1. Hey Jim. I’ve been so enthralled by your stories of cruising and phots that I’ve gone right back to the first post! Lol 😊
  2. Hi Jim. I’m interested in knowing more about the flight aware app. I can’t seem to find it in Uk I’ve found flight aware tracker but I don’t think this is it 😊
  3. Wow photos are amazing Jim. That place looks amazing. Wish we’d stayed on for this leg now lol.
  4. Hi there Thanks gif this link. Could you tell me what NCCF means on the bottom of the deals prices. Tia
  5. I have to disagree. Although they tried to be a bit positive, the food just got worse and worse. These two love RC. But there was nothing good to be said. And I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone likes cold food.
  6. Definitely. These two guys always give very honest reviews no matter how many ‘clicks’ they get. They are NEVER harsh in their reviews. Just truthful. The food was appalling!! Congealed spaghetti, cold Sunday roast. Yuk. Tried their best to be a bit more positive but it would have been impossible.
  7. Could you please tell me how to do that. At the moment on another board I’m getting far too many emails lol
  8. Thanks for the info I remember doing a 1 pointer now lol. Cheers
  9. I can’t remember whether I did last months or not 😂. Someone remind me what it was and how many points please lol
  10. Hmmm tried this and had no problem getting into my account with cruises showing. However there was only excursions in Rome Sicily and Greece! None for Jordan, or Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Would this mean they are sold out?
  11. Yes thanks. I have the app but when I go into my saved cruises I get a pop up basically saying it’s too early lol. I thought it would be the same on the website. Thanks I’ll try it 😊
  12. If we are wanting to book ahead, Can you book these online with celebrity or do you have to phone ?
  13. Yeah We will be both giving our kindles a good workout lol 😊
  14. Hah yeah we have a pack of cards that have travelled the world with us and have never been used lol. I suppose on a cruise every bit of space saving counts 😂
  15. Oh wow Thankyou so much John. This advice is amazing. Thanks so much for taking the time to advise us on the ports. This is important info for us, as although we are experienced land travellers, we haven’t been to any of these ports before! Lol. Thanks again 😊
  16. Thankyou so much! Great advice. 😊
  17. Brilliant advice again. Thanks so much 😊
  18. Great advice! Thanks so much. I’m excited already lol 😊
  19. Thankyou for your great advice! It’s a while away I know but I’ve already started my ‘lists’ lol. 😊
  20. Fantastic advice Thankyou. I’ve already started my lists lol. 😊
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