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  1. Yes, i signed up for one of the $100usd ones this afternoon. Its a bit harder to spend a $300usd on a 4 day cruise.
  2. This is a question for non USA people. I am pre cruise and have been looking at the cost in Australian Dollars for the $300USD bar tab add on. In comparing with another passenger for a re-positioning cruise in April, one of us sees $445AUD and the other $430AUD. Does the conversion that gets applied differ depending on the cruise fare paid? Any other thoughts as to why it is different (these are taken same day, so it is not because of changes in conversion rates)? I also have an upcoming Australian cruise next month and for the bar tab, I see $485. I am not sure if Australian GST plays a role in this difference or whether because I paid a highly discounted cruise fare whether this impacts it.
  3. Agree that the DBE applies to end 2024 sailings. My challenge is that I am yet to qualify for DBE but do have three 2024 sailings.
  4. I just got into that cruise page. You need to select the other Sea Terraces (not the cheaper Lock it in rate). Once you apply the Access Key, it discounts a 2500 sea terrace for 2 to 1480. Note: it discounts the 'sailors' by 50%, but you still pay 100% of the taxes.
  5. The current sailing club terms for Sea Rovers eligibility covers sailings up to the end of 2023. Assuming that VV are going to extend the existing rules again, would you expect an announcement in the next few weeks? I have 3 sailings on 2024, and am hoping to have DBE on the 3rd one.
  6. VV sent RL passengers on the April 25th 2024 Dubai to Athens repositioning cruise the news that in order for us to enjoy the ships facilities, they would cut short our stay in Dubai by 24 hours. This means that we move from 5 days at sea in a row to 6 days. I am not happy about this.
  7. Here is what sailor services said to me. Note I asked about whether we could just use the champagne as credit for bar tab. I am hoping that this will be the case. Our cruise is next year. Pre-Voyage: Enhanced Dedicated Check-In Experience Special Wristband for Exclusive Access on Board During Your Voyage: (1) 3-Hour Thermal Spa day pass per Sailor Aphrodisiac Food Cabin Drops (every other day) Exclusive Sail Away Party Morning Juice Pick-up (every day between 8 am -11 am at The Juice Bar which is located between The Dock House and The Dock) (1) Shake for Champagne (only available on board, not at The Beach Club at Bimini
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