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  1. I really think nothing is changing for cruises that are fully booked. I have also heard of problems with Onpoint so we are booking a test in London.
  2. Yes, Sorry, it does appear to be UK sailings. The cruises seem to be to everywhere in EU except Greece.
  3. Princess web site and here on the Princess forum. It is common knowledge now.
  4. No matter how many times people are warned to not book with EZAir they continue to do it. I just can't figure it out. Always book your own flights directly with the airline to arrive AT LEAST the day before your cruise. So simple!
  5. Princess just made a announcement that proctered test is no longer required but you still need a negative test. Now you just need to attest that you have taken a test within 3 days and it was negative.
  6. Does the iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test i tests expire? – Wyze
  7. There appears to be a real problem in this country with reading comprehension.
  8. Be careful they could deny you boarding if the cruise goes to Bermuda and you don't test. What a PIA this whole thing is.
  9. Did you pay the cab in Euros? Are you sure it was Euros?
  10. We are still waiting. I am worried there will be no change. At least now they can't blame the CDC.
  11. May I have the link on MSN please. I can't find what you are talking about.
  12. Awwww fussy baby. Sorry for parents but don't need that. Already raised my kids.
  13. Agree. The only one I remember is John Heald because He was on our first cruise on the Magic way back in the 2nd cruise for that ship. We had him 3 other times on other cruises which showed his jokes were always the same. lol
  14. Good Lord. Read. It is in the last paragraph posted by Bafinegan 3 posts up from here. YES must be at least 14 days.
  15. The Booster will not make them test positive. I think I read today on the Carnival web site on Health Protocols that it has to be at least 14 day before you cruise. It is definitely on the Carnival web site.
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