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  1. Going on Allure in two weeks. any issue getting drinks in the MDR during those hours?
  2. How could you not enjoy being on the Allure for a week even if you never got off the ship. so much to do, eat, socialize etc. I'm going on the Allure in 4 weeks with itinerary change. why would anyone just throw away a cruise thinking it would impact a cruise line. Something very fishy with all the publicity surrounding the propulsion issues, that the travel agent was not aware of it.
  3. I'm 25 days out on Allure. Has not showed up on my cruise planner yet.
  4. I assume one app. One main course one desert, or could you have multiple apps? AN ADVENTURE OF EPICUREAN PROPORTIONS Prime Bone-In Ribeye — Chops GrilleSM ENJOY A COMPLIMENTARY SPECIALTY DINING EXPERIENCE FOR UP TO 2 GUESTS DURING YOUR CRUISE. Bring this voucher to redeem your specialty dining lunch or dinner. This voucher may not be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash or credited towards other purchases or substitutions. Presentation of this virtual voucher alone will not entitle the possessor to redeem this offer onboard. No cash value. Reservations for specialty dining must be made onboard in order to redeem this voucher. This voucher will not be accepted for specialty dining reservations that are made online prior to the cruise. Voucher is valid for one specialty dining experience for two, per stateroom. Voucher is valid for lunch for two, one per sailing, at Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table, Jamie’s Italian or Sabor Modern Mexican; or dinner for two, one per sailing, at Chops Grille, Giovanni’s Table, Hooked Seafood, Jamie’s Italian, 150 Central Park, Samba Grill or Wonderland. Venues vary by ship. Dining reservations must be made onboard and may be used on any day depending on venue availability. Revenue items shown on specialty dining menus are not included in this offer and are available at an additional cost. Special dining events that take place in specialty restaurants are excluded from the dining offer. Voucher cannot be used towards the purchase of specialty dining packages. Alcoholic beverages and sodas are not included, and are available at an additional cost. Specialty dining gratuities are included. This offer does not give guest (s) any priority for reservations or if there is a wait to be seated in the restaurant. Not all ships feature specialty restaurants. Please note Royal Caribbean Reservations is not aware of these promotions, direct all questions to your Travel Professional. We reserve the right to disallow any redemption or inappropriately duplicative submissions, or those that are inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the offer. Subject to availability. Certain restrictions may apply. ©2019 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Ships’ registry: The Bahamas. 19066262 • 1/22/2019
  5. When you receive a free specialty dining certificate, what menu items are included? Example Chops. All menu items?
  6. Can someone post a screenshot of where it shows in the cruise planner?
  7. I will be doing early dining. Sign says any bar or lounge. Are free drinks served in dining room during those hours.
  8. I spoke to casino pit boss last week, he said $5 minimum on BJ was a thing of the past. Now $10.
  9. We didn't do walkoff. We had another couple with us who were first time NCL Both getting on and off ship other couple just stayed with us. Getting off I just asked for extra luggage tags, all for platinum. No questions asked. Both went on and off together. In our car 9:30..
  10. Disappointed that on NCL Escape table minimum was $10. Most ships have$5-6 minimum. Low minimum attracts non-gamblers gamblers who will donate $50-$100 at a sitting, not really knowing how to place. Easy pickings for casino. Why have half dozen dealers sitting for hour on $25-$50 tables when at least a couple would be $5 minimum. Pit boss told me those were the old days. Just came off RCCL and HAL months ago and both had $5-6 tables.
  11. Just returned yesterday from NY Escape to Bermuda cruise. Platinum Drove from NH 4 hours. Arrived at pier 10:30AM parked at pier.. Was on ship and eating lunch at 11:15.. Disembarkation :We're supposed to call my yellow tag at 9:30. Called it at 8:30 In my car by 9:30. If I used a porter it would have been even shorter time as they went to front of line. Probability worth the couple of bucks to use them. Too bad more ships didn't go out of NY as it is easier than flying.
  12. From B3 family balcony 9274 To mid ship 9808 M2 mini suite $100 each.
  13. Jaime, You were spot on. Got my acceptance email at 1:29 PM today. Thx
  14. If you bid on an upgrade, are you notified either way, accepted or rejected? Two days out.
  15. Now that NCL has gone very casual in MDR what % of the men would you estimate wore shorts? Enjoying all your info and questions being answered.
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