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  1. So sorry to hear this info. I used Tom’s Guides for a Mediterranean cruise and a Canada trip. His info was invaluable. I do have most of the New England/ Canadian guides saved as PDF downloads incIuding the Charlottetown driving one. I can try to upload if anyone wants them. Perhaps other people may have some saved as well and we can collect as many as we can. I also have Dominica.
  2. I am booked on this cruise and have been checking all the shore excursions in Alexandria since they became available. I think the 12 hours in port is the reason. We are disappointed too, but looking at all the other positives on this itinerary.
  3. Wow. We have Club Orange too and got group A. It says Priority Boarding on the pass. Our time is 11, but we were planning/wanting to board around 12.
  4. Anyone know if it is $30 or $35 a bag this summer in Europe? Thanks.
  5. We have priority boarding and have been assigned Group A for our upcoming cruise leaving Amsterdam on May 20th. If we end up being out and about that morning, and want to board later, is there a priority boarding check in line, or will we end up in a long line ? We usually love to board right away, but Amsterdam is a lovely city to spend a beautiful morning in. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I figured and knew that, just wasn’t sure why the additional entrees kept showing up on the Club Orange menu in the app. Either way, I will absolutely enjoy my dinners. Always plenty to choose from. 😊
  7. So being obsessive, I have been looking at menus for the Rotterdam on the app based on our upcoming May 20th cruise. We have Club Orange so have been looking, and it seems in addition to the Club Orange item that steak, tuna and Mac and cheese are offered almost daily, but not in the MDR. Anybody else notice this, and does it mean additional nightly options in Club Orange, at least on the Rotterdam?
  8. Which cruise consolidators site do you prefer? Always looking for a good deal.
  9. I am taking this cruise too. We are planning to walk to the Apple orchards for cider in Ulvik. It’s about 45 minutes each way. If the weather is good, we may rent a kayak for an hour. There is a place in town. In Bergen we plan to take the funicular up to Mr. Floren and then walk around Bryggen and go to Grieg’s house. In Alesund, we will walk around town, go up to Mt. Askla and walk some at the top. We may try to go to the Sunemore Museum. The HOHO abuse would be good too. in Gerainger, we plan to do a RIB boat ride, and then take the waterfall walk up to the Fjord center. Also plan to have a drink or coffee in each stop. Very excited for the trip.
  10. Thank you so much. We were disappointed at the change at first, but now we think we will walk the cider trail. What do you think you will do?
  11. I love the lighter and more contemporary look of the Pinnacle class ships. There are things I love about HAL, specifically the Music Walk, but would also love some legit art classes, not adult coloring or origami. Even a Painting with a Twist class could be fun. I like cool cocktails and a good variety of food, as well as some varied entertainment. We like trivia, and went on our last cruise, but it was truly way too easy for anyone who regularly does trivia. Also, a good variety of fitness is appreciated. Whoever said that the pickleball affiliation is on point is exactly right. We sail HAL, but also Celebrity and Princess. I’m right in the demographic, I’m 64, but we have sailed HAL with our kids in the past too. Would love more lectures and naturalists and port guides too. So some of the “old shoe” but with a new contemporary look and twist would be welcome to me.
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