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  1. Even were the CDC to completely lift the No Sail order the cruise lines have said it would take them a minimum of 60 days to gear up. They actually have said more like 90. All of the infrastructure for visitors to the cruise ports in Alaska have been on pause since the end of the 2019 season. That include all the excursion personnel, shop owners, supplies and staffing. I have friends who run businesses in Skagway & Ketchikan and they have said with the uncertainty they and most other businesses they know have thrown in the towel regardless of what happens in 2021. If there are no chan
  2. After what just took place in the Suez I wouldn't expect much leeway on that happening.
  3. Read ch09 post #222 where I quote: "While the Navigator can fit in the new locks, it cannot travel under the Bridge of Americas on the Pacific side. As a result, it will have to make the long trip down to South America to get to the Pacific Ocean." If that's accurate then a full transit to California isn't possible. I was excited at the prospect of booking a repositioning cruise from Florida thru the canal and onward to Cali but alas...
  4. I'm curious if a full Panama Canal transit from Florida to California will be offered?
  5. This was just posted one hour ago ago on The Hill: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/cdc-rejects-cruise-company-request-to-sail-in-july/ar-BB1f3Kq3 To highlight: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shot down calls from the cruise industry to allow business to restart in July, saying it would stick to its original plan of letting cruises resume in November. CDC spokesperson Caitlin Shockey said the current order would remain in place until Nov. 1 and the agency is working on what the next phases should look like.
  6. chengkp75 in reading...I have nothing but respect for your thoughtful and measured responses to all these questions & statements that people post. Once the CDC lifts it's No Sail order and cruise lines are free to resume full & complete operations we'll see what's left of the Alaskan & Canada New England voyages for 2021. For the present this talk about the PVSA is all just background noise.
  7. Until the CDC puts their thumb down on the spurting blood from the cruise lines I don't believe any real progress can be made with the PVSA. I have so many friends who generate the majority of their income in the Alaskan cruise ports. No unemployment or stimulus checks will cauterize two years of bloodletting and I believe the CDC just looks at the industry as collateral damage.
  8. Thanks for your response. I've read all your comments and it does seem like quite a hill to climb in order to formalize a waiver. If you are correct that Congress have the ability to make the fine irrelevant that seems like an easy work-around. They may not care much for the cruise industry but there are thousands of U.S. jobs from all the ancillary support operations that they should care about. Of course if I thought of this option I'm sure there are more well heeled politicians and trade groups who have floated this idea.
  9. Who sets the dollar amount for a PVSA violation? Could they leave the PVSA alone and just access a $1.00 penalty to the cruise lines?
  10. Remember the CDC is still preventing cruise lines to operate from any U.S. port. Regardless of what Canada does or any proposed PVSA waiver the CDC holds all the cards.
  11. Whenever cruising to Alaska resumes only Diamonds Intl & Del Sol will still be standing.
  12. Their lawyers are driving this as they will probably take 2/3rds of whatever settlement is awarded.
  13. I believe he thinks if he can convince himself it wasn't his fault he can then live with himself.
  14. Wouldn't a crushing financial loss to the people and state of Alaska contribute to some form of security concerns? Those Alaskan cruise ports have suffered terrible losses in 2020 and are now in the dumpster for 2021 due to the Canadian ban. I'm sure some smart lawyers & politicians could make a case for a temporary targeted waiver .
  15. I wonder if Alaska's senators and house members might try to float some kind of waiver bill. Those three or four Alaskan towns were shut out of the 2020 season and now it looks like 2021 is toast. A crushing blow to all those businesses. A waiver would be in support of United States workers. Not being forced to call at Victoria or Vancouver would mean the cruise lines could add an extra port in Alaska instead. Money that would have went into Canada's bank accounts could be shifted to ones in Alaska and federal taxes. I would be curious to see what Alaskan politicians a
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