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  1. Remember when they would bring out the different cuts on a trolley and describe each one? I am sure they are not purchasing choice grade beef because as several have posted getting a flavorful and tender piece of meat is just the luck of the draw. You can send it back but then you have to wait while others may be enjoying their meal. It's all about maximizing profits.
  2. The pizza on Princess is consistently excellent. They must have a recipe that if followed provides a great product. I believe Royal & NCL are tied for the most retch inducing garbage that they probably purchase frozen from The Dollar Store!
  3. I assume you've already booked this suite but unless you really have money to burn anything other than a port side balcony is wasted. There is very little sea time and except for an hour or two most of that is at night. I've taken this cruise a few times and as you probably know the ship is merely a bus with meals to take you from island to island. I'd get one balcony and one ocean view room for the four of you if that's the count. Whoever gets the ocean view can hang out on the balcony for the daytime cruise along the Napali coast. Use the extra money for expensive excursions or nice dinners for those overnight ports.
  4. I have a ? for Sid...although anyone else who has an opinion please chime in. If I am correct Vibe is primarily an outdoor experience ie: private outdoor area with lounge chairs, cabanas, hot tubs, Vibe bar. Do you feel like Vibe works for a cold weather cruise? I thinking Alaska where it can get really cold and windy. I've been on a dozen Alaskan cruises and almost without fail you need to bundle up if you are going to spend any time outside. Whaddaya think?
  5. Out of curiosity what ever became of Will? He was only in one of Doug's post.
  6. Do you expect NCL will close all the bars around 7PM to insure passengers proceed to Customs & Immigrations? How about the buffet and restaurants? I'm sure they want to get everyone off and through the process quickly and not give passengers a reason to hang back as long as possible.
  7. Perhaps the Cruise Director doesn't want outsiders painting on his canvas.
  8. Some kids with spray paint snuck into the shipyard at night and graffitied that ship.
  9. I cruised with Cunard from Los Angeles through the Canal to Florida several years ago. The artificial formality was laughable. I was never allowed into the dining rooms without a sports coat & dress shirt neither of which I brought with me. So it was fifteen days & nights of the buffet. Believe me it was standard buffet food too. There were so many wheelchairs and walkers it was like getting behind a line of trucks on a one way highway. If I were win a free cruise with Cunard I'd give it away before I ever cruised with them again.
  10. The idea of marinating in my own dirty water has never been appealing. I took a bath as a child but as an adult never again.
  11. But compared to the nightmare that is Canada Place way easier to get in and out.
  12. Here is a little trick I've used many times as I can travel on short notice. Find out what is the final payment date for the cruise you'd like to book. Then call that day or the next as many cabins will open from people who bailed last minute or travel agents returning unsold rooms.
  13. Thank you for your answer but what I wanted to know is where to go for reservations in the specialty dining venues ie: Chops, Giovanni's, Samba etc. Did you happen to see where those reservations are made?
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