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  1. Are any of the free food venues opened for breakfast besides main dining room and buffet on Lido?
  2. I bought a set of 5 reusable with rubber tips and c.ea ing brush on carnival in Sept. For $5
  3. My Pride in Sept. was 55%. It was great but I realize that can't continue. We sail on Mardi Gras in Nov. I hope it is not at full capacity.
  4. I sail the middle of Nov. and my vaccination form showed up a couple weeks ago. I filled it out and it now has a line drawn thru it. The other form won't show up till closer to cruise or at least that is the way it was with our Sept. cruise. I would call Carnival.
  5. That's for people who want to use a lanyard. There was nothing when we sailed on 9/12 . Our cruise the only people not vaccinated were children under 12 and they were not allowed to disembark on any islands including private ate island
  6. You can check in for your time dining, we used it every night. We had no reason to contact guest service so cannot answer that.
  7. Nope....that's the best you can do. We usually wait till a few days before cruise to decide. Never got more than 10%.
  8. We just did a 7 day on the Pride. The menus for the week were on the hub app. Made planning a lot easier.
  9. Yes and you can order a drink & a bottle of water at the same time.
  10. You probably will not be allowed to cruise because most of the open ports will not allow the ships to dock if anyone over 12 has not been vaccinated.
  11. No drink coupon, we were told to go to any bar & request the 2 bottles of water & show them pur card. We never did since we had dri k package so just got a bottle when wanted one. We did get a plate of macaroons , strawberries & truffles that we didn't eat.
  12. we were on the Pride 9/12 also...ours was fine until Sat. it was done the whole day.
  13. Just left Pride...did 1st night and got free bottle but they would not give to us unopened. we had drink package but they said they had to open and pour a small amount then we could take the rest with us
  14. We drove to Port and they actually ask us at entrance to parking our assigned boarding time. I did see them turning some away.
  15. They won`t plastic straws are bad for the environment.
  16. If I lived in the northeast & could drive to Bayonne would opt for that. You can't do everything in 1 day but you can do a lot. There will be plenty of cabs when you get off ship. Do some research and pick your 1st, 2nd & 3 rd choices. Tell the guy...he knows you need to be back and will tell you how much he can fit into your time frame. We even squeezed in about an hour at Horseshoe beach.
  17. I'm on the sailing on the 12th, we have a 10:30 but we are platinum and we're able to check in 2 days early. I did stay up and did my boarding at midnight.
  18. I have had them on extended balcony at least twice without asking.
  19. Umm we are on cruise 9/12 covid test is 72 hours. New protocols start on 9/13. We received a call yesterday from carnival confirming this.
  20. Who did you ask? We are on the Pride on 9/12....would be very happy to see it at 50%.
  21. Does anyone know who has the contract for hard seltzer on Carnival ships
  22. We leave in 12 days and have not received an update from Carnival. Our original email says 3 days! We are hoping to get a rapid test but if we can't there is no way it will be back in 2 days.
  23. We are on 1st sailing of Pride out of Baltimore & we are Platinum. Feel like our room should be ready. The ship has been floating around between Miami and Freeport with no passengers. Plenty of time to have rooms ready .
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