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  1. I have used Special Needs several times. They are less expensive than Scootaround. Scootaround requires you take their $$$ “insurance” You will find that most pax are very considerate.
  2. We are cruising on Enchanted Princess from Brooklyn on 9/07/2024 Any idea how much an Uber would be from LaGuardia ?
  3. I am looking for a service that will transport my Mobility Scooter (and myself) from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to Port Everglades. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.
  4. I am looking for a service that will ship my luggage TO Port Everglades for Enchanted voyage. We have used the service post cruise and would like to do the same pre cruise.
  5. The bag is many years old and still in mint condition. It says “Carnival Concierge Club”.
  6. We have air tags on the way. Amazon to the rescue 😎
  7. Reflection on 12/17 No Bag Did see both the light weight and heavier bags at the pool. Didn’t ask our Steward. We always pack a really nice on from a cruise long ago on Carnival (🤡)
  8. Got off Reflection on 12/17. Used luggage Valet for Delta non-stop to Detroit. We were charged the fee even though we get free bags on Delta. Received the tags. Put our bags out. One bag did not make it to Detroit. Baggage claim in Detroit said it shows checked. In in Fort Lauderdale. That was a month ago. Filed a claim upon arrival in Detroit. Filed a further form with Delta. Contacted Celebrity. So far not a peep. This was our second time using Luggage Valet. First time was perfect. First lost bag in 50+ cruises. It is no fun. TIP ! Put your name (info) INSIDE your bags. Make a list of the bags contents. The bag did have a bright yellow strap with our full name on it. Hopefully it will show up. One thing that can’t be replaced is our “journal” of all of our cruises. Will we use it again ? YES ! Lightning can’t strike twice. (CAN IT ?)
  9. Recently used it for our April Enchanted cruise. Painless and fast. I like it better than the “old” way.
  10. Been on 50+ cruises (Celebrity, Princess, RCCL, MSC….) I have never had a problem with leaving my tablet, iphone etc. in my pool bag while in the pool.
  11. When specialty dining was introduced the “gratuity” was included. How quickly we forget. I began cruising during the “envelope days”. lets go back to the old way. We have been lulled into paying the entire crew and just rolled over and took it. Shame on us.
  12. Review coming…. Spring break 5,500 pax Lots of kidos Beautiful ship Great staff Any questions ?
  13. Help please from anyone currently on Sesscape. Will you ask if the Masters will be on in the Sports Bar.
  14. On a Celebrity cruise in February there was much confusion about the bars being open onboard while anchored off Grand Cayman. Upon arrival all bars were closed. We were told it was a new “ordinance” effective January 1st by the Cayman Government. You can imagine the reaction of the guests who elected to stay onboard, especially those who had beverage packages. About 3pm suddenly the pool bar opened. I will be in Cayman in two weeks and would appreciate an update from those who have been on Seascape in Cayman recently.
  15. CRAZY !! 3:12PM now Still in GC Pool bar is Open I don’t think Celebrity has a clue ???
  16. Water, Juices etc. available No beer, Wine, booze
  17. I am sitting at the Pool Bar 12:29 / 2.09.2023 No bar service at all on Celebrity Sunnitc. None
  18. No mention at all in the daily about bar service.
  19. No bars open not even the pool bar No bars open None
  20. I started cruising long before the cruise lines came up with auto tips. In the “old” system envelopes were left in your cabin toward the end of the cruise. An envelope for your waiter, your assistant waiter, room steward, assistant room steward and the dining room maitre’d. There weren’t envelopes for every crew member. Then (and now) I tipped our steward during the cruise and also at “envelope time”. I have always given bartenders and pool servers cash tips at the time of service. I far prefer the old system. The cruise lines now have control of our money and there is no way for us to know how much of this actually makes it to the intended party(s). Additionally, they diverted our tip pool to staff that previously were paid by a portion of your cruise fare. When you consider the many increases recently, it is a LOT of money. They raise the “crew appreciation” amount, they are reducing the service. (Once a day cabin service…..) I do understand that cruising is a for profit enterprise but the continual nickel and dime changes are making me think hard after 50+ cruises. Just my personal thoughts.
  21. We cruised Sunrise in 2022. Hadn’t been on Carnival (even though we are Platinum) in 6 years. Sail Celebrity (Elite) often. Celebrity is better in every aspect. Do the all included fare.
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