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  1. I feel fine. I monitor my BP and record the numbers per MD's instructions. I just need to get the right balance of meds/no meds to keep the numbers steady. Going off the BP meds seems to have helped.
  2. Hi Lois, I was just on the Celebrity board and saw you booked a Bermuda cruise. I am also going to Bermuda/MV on 5/11 on Eclipse. This is a birthday cruise. I was originally booked on Epic to Alaska 5/31 but due to my recent health issue, I did not want long flights and to be so far away from home. I also want to make sure that things are holding steady. I have a problem with new BP meds. I called my MD Friday and he told me to take half a pill instead of whole one. Yesterday I had to call him because my readings are too low and my ankles were swollen (a side effect of the meds). He took me off the BP medication. I booked Alaska for next May, refundable just in case.
  3. Besides a sewing kit, an eyeglass repair kit would be helpful to have at guest services. Here's what happened to me on one of my cruises. A lens came out of the frame of my glasses. I went to guest services to see if they had something to repair this. They did not but told me to go to the jewelry shop because they have small tools. They were also of no help. I ask my room steward if he had anything and he said no. As I was talking about this, a guest walked by and overheard my request. The guest had an eyeglass repair kit. He kindly fixed my glasses. I now take an old pair along just in case. When I received the survey after the cruise, I mentioned that having an eyeglass repair kit at guest services might be a good idea.
  4. Melody - Glad you had a good trip even after falling. Good to hear you both made it home safely. Lois - Good news your numbers seem to be going in the right direction.
  5. Yes, either a 10 or 11 night, on the Island Princess.
  6. Has anyone gone on or booked one of these cruises? I am looking at one in June.
  7. I have heard of American Cruises. I know they are owned by Carnival. I don't know how their cruises are. Have you looked into American Queen, USA River Cruises and Viking?
  8. Thank you everyone. During covid, I delayed going for treatment for a UTI. This turned into a serious blood infection and I was hospitalized for 3 days. After that, I never delay going to a doctor. I would rather go and be sent home for a false alarm than putting myself at risk. I find urgent care facilities are my first line in getting help. They will either treat you or tell you what you need to do if something is beyond their expertise.
  9. Wednesday night, I had a medical incident. About 5 pm, my heart started racing. After about 1/1/2 hrs., I went to an urgent care and they did an EKG. It was abnormal and the MD told me to go to a hospital. I was at the hospital about 8:30 and they did an EKG, chest X-ray and blood work. The results showed an atrial flutter. I was admitted and had to wait for a bed. So I am in the ER waiting, then I was moved to the hallway, the I was moved to a room used as a holding room in the ER and then around 4 am, moved to another back hallway used only for patients and medical personnel.This hallway had 6 beds against a wall and also a chair. Each bed and chair was partitioned off. Since this was not a room, there was no TV, you could not order food (you got whatever the kitchen sent up). Sitting in a chair is more comfortable so I sat from Thursday AM until I a bed was ready at 9:30 Thursday night. I stared at a beige wall all day with nothing to do. All my tests were completed and came out fine. The last piece was staying Thursday night for additional blood tests. Early this morning, a couple of the nurses told me you are leaving soon. My nurse asked if I was ready to go and I got dressed quickly. My friend picked me up and I was home by 9:30. I am now taking Eliquis. That hospital was a nightmare. So many hours with nothing to do, no sleep, being moved multiple times, little food. The heart racing came on suddenly with no warning. I never had heart problems. If anything like this ever happens, go to an ER so you can be assessed. The hospital people told me I did the right thing and came in quickly. You just never know from one minute to the next what can happen.
  10. The bread has raisins and cranberries. The description next to the bread uses the word stollen. It may not be an authentic recipe but it is similar. This is RC's interpretation of the bread.
  11. That bread is a stollen. Yes, they do. If you don't see it, ask someone. On my cruise last month, it was near the muffins.
  12. Last week, I was on Reflection in cabin 3170. The last few mornings, I heard some banging but it didn't bother me. I sailed solo and the cabin was large enough for me. I can't imagine 3 adults in that cabin. You are going to be on top of each other with little space to move around. Have you seen the picture of the cabin?
  13. I was on last week's cruise. There were 2 evening chic nights, both sea days. My cruise began Sunday and ended Saturday. Evening chic nights were Monday and Thursday.
  14. Hello Ladies. Back from my cruise today. I didn't care for Reflection. I thought the decor was rather dark, a lot of brown. Silhouette was much better. Otherwise the cruise itself was good. It was very windy, overcast and cool even in Cozumel. It wasn't bad in the sun. Many people who wanted to sit poolside were bundled up in towels. There were maybe 10 kids at most. Lois - I have sailed on Princess. I liked them. My only complaint was the theaters were small so you had to arrive early. On other ships, there are always seats available but it was SRO some evenings. I don't know if a lot of kids would be on Princess, not much for them to do. A couple of kids on my cruise looked bored. No kids pool. You are right that Celebrity was charging solos more than double. Before my cruise, I was perusing the Celebrity website and noticed a price drop on my December cruise. I called them and got a much better price. The December cruise is on Apex. Ascent was next to Reflection and I did not see the ship lit up. This was daytime so I don't know what it looks like at night. Melody - Weather in So Fla Tuesday is predicted to be 70.
  15. Out of the 2 options, I would go with the sofa bed. However, neither option would be comfortable for me. I want a bed. You may find 3 women in a cabin tight.
  16. I'm leaving Sunday for my next cruise on Celebrity Reflection. This is the last one for a while. Lois, glad to hear your health is improving. I remember you did go through a rough time.
  17. Yesterday I went on the Celebrity website to see if there was a price drop for my December cruise. I was surprised to see there was a big price difference so I called Celebrity and they adjusted the price. I also checked the priced for my Alaska cruise in June and the price has gone up since I booked. Apparently, it is not across the board for solo price drops.
  18. I am also on this cruise and traveling solo. Looking forward to Sunday. I'm approx. a half hour from the port.
  19. I have had soft serve in Ocean View Cafe along with scooped ice cream.
  20. I have taken the train both ways. The train arrives in Sanford in Central Florida. I would spend the night closer to Ft. Lauderdale. As you mentioned, there are plenty of places to stop. I would consider anywhere from West Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale. Less to worry about being closer to the port.
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