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  1. Hello Ladies, Staples will laminate the covid vaccination card until May 1. I made a copy of mine and had that laminated. I also took a photo and have it on my phone.
  2. I also used to do fixed seating but as a previous poster mentioned, after the first night or 2, most people did not show up. So now I do any time dining or go to the buffet. I have met other solo travelers, a mother and daughter and several women traveling together that I have dined with. The best advice I can give you is to make conversation with people. You never know who you will meet and can become friendly with during your cruise.
  3. US - Garters to hold up women's stockings UK - Suspenders US- Suspenders UK - Braces US - Pants UK - Trousers
  4. I gave myself a trim a few weeks ago. My appt. was supposed to be 4/1 and I went longer than usual because I was timing it to an upcoming cruise. My hair length is almost to the shoulders. I cut about a 1/2 inch. It came out pretty even. If people decide to try a trim, here are some tips. Cut your hair wet. Cut small sections at a time, say from the front of your face to the front of your ear. Use part of the cut section as a guide for the next section. Only trim a small amount of hair. Don't cut layers, only trim the ends. You won't mess up your whole head. And to another poster, please don't use manicure scissors. They are too dull and not made for hair. If you don't have hair shears, kitchen or sewing shears are better. At least they are sharp.
  5. I'm a solo traveler as well. Cruising is a safe way for solo travelers. For excursions, go with a cruise sponsored tour. You won't be alone and the cruise line knows where you will be. If you go off on your own or sign up on an excursion when you leave the ship, no one knows where you are. I do any time dining or eat in the buffet at dinner. If I go to the buffet, I sit in the same section and see the same wait staff member. After a day or two, they get to know you and look for you. You don't feel so alone.
  6. Been on several Canada/NE cruises. Food is subjective but for lobster the ports would be Boston, Portland, Bar Harbor, Halifax. Last year the lobster roll I had in Halifax beat the one in Maine. What you are interested in doing? Take a look at the excursions for your cruise and get an idea of things to see. If you give some direction, it will be easier to give suggestions. Where are you leaving from? Time of year?
  7. I've been on both. What is your group looking for - more of a wow factor or something more subdued? If you choose Celebrity, Infinity isn't even one of their larger ships. It is smaller and older. As far as the ship goes, there is no question Oasis is a better ship. My preference would be Oasis but all of you need to decide what you are looking for in a cruise. No one can make that choice for you.
  8. Just to clarify. The buffet I mentioned was in the MDR. You can get most items from the menu yourself. Off to one side are the hot dishes and the other side has pastries and made to order waffles. In the center, you can find lox, veggies, fruit, dried fruit.
  9. Just off Adventure. Lox was on the buffet but I had to order cream cheese and bagel. You can also get tomatoes and onion at the buffet.
  10. I got off the 6 day Adventure cruise on Saturday. There was only one formal night, the second night of the cruise. The others were casual and one was a Caribbean theme. As on any cruise, there are people who like to dress up each night.
  11. I got off Adventure Saturday. I made my reservations by calling Royal when I made final payment.
  12. I always eat breakfast in the MDR. On sea days, I'll eat lunch in the MDR. For dinner, I'll do either depending on what is being served in the MDR, if I don't want to sit for an hour+ or just for a change.
  13. I will also be on the 12/1/19 sailing. Last sailed on Adventure in May on a Canada/NE cruise. Will look for your review to see what you think of the ship.
  14. I am going on a Baltic cruise next year. What type of adaptor should I buy to charge my phone? I looked up adaptors and 4 different types of adaptors come up for Denmark. I am staying 2 nights at the Crowne Plaza.
  15. The daytime temps are in the 60s. No need for heavy coats. It can get down in the 40s early morning and during the night. Take long sleeve tops and sweaters and light jacket. You can adjust what you wear during the day. It is not out of the question you could have warmer weather. You never know with NE weather.
  16. I am on a Baltic cruise next year. Did you take small amounts of currency for the countries you visited or did you get money from an ATM? I'm not sure what to do so I was wondering what others did.
  17. According to the port website if you prepay, parking is $21 per day. Otherwise it is $30 per day.
  18. Have you ever been to Boston? What are you interested in seeing? There are so many things to see in Boston. If you want to get out of the city, you could go to Harvard Square, the Kennedy Library, take the ferry to Salem. Is there something on this excursion you are particularly interested in?
  19. FredZiffle, Thank you. You have been very helpful.
  20. I am staying at the Crowne Plaza. They have a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the pier? Does anyone know how much the shuttle is? If no pier shuttle, should I just take a taxi? Is this hotel in a safe area? Also after the cruise, is it better to take a taxi to the airport or buy a transfer from the cruise line? For a Baltic cruise, should I just take euros? Any countries that take small amounts of US money? Any help is appreciated.
  21. I have done many cruises solo on RC. I used to sign up for traditional dining but found that after the first night, many table mates didnt't show up. Many times, I found myself at an empty table and left the dining room. Now I get MTD and share a table or I go the Windjammer.
  22. I did the Canada/NE cruise in May from Cape Liberty. I stayed at the Best Western Plus Newark West because they have a shuttle to the port and then back to the airport. Of course, there is a charge for this. I think it was $60 per person. Very easy, no problems. I was at the airport a little after 8 am.
  23. Hurricane Andrew was in August 1992.
  24. You will be able to eat when you board. There should be several options available. Some suggestions for things to do are the aquarium, crystal caves, go to Hamilton, visit the Lili perfume factory, St. George, St. Catherine's fort. Can't answer your question about dining but I know on other cruise lines, the excursion desk opens after the ship sails.
  25. Have you ever been to Boston? If not, why would you bypass everything the city has to offer to spend the day in Salem? There is nothing wrong with going but there are more interesting things to see elsewhere. For a port stop, it really isn't worth the time and trouble to go there.
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