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  1. Really enjoying your updates and photos from your trip. I did my first solo cruise back in October and met so many wonderful people and had a great time!! Enjoy each moment on the beautiful Equinox!! Walter
  2. Following along with you all from Nashville. Enjoy each moment. I appreciate your great comments/photos!! Walter
  3. Hi Paul I always love reading your blogs and you do make us feel like we are right there with you and Edward. Congrats!! Walter
  4. Hi Paul, I hope you and Edward have an amazing cruise!! I always love reading your reviews as you make me feel I am right there along with you!! Cheers from Nashville!! Walter
  5. I so enjoy your reviews as you make us feel like we are there with you guys. Please share your post cruise Rome visit with us all. Walter
  6. I hope you and Edward have an amazing cruise. I love following along with your reviews. You have the best/funniest captain in the Celebrity fleet. Also, Simona the Guest Relations manager has always been kind to me. Bon Voyage and cheers, Walter
  7. I am also on this sailing and sure hope it will not be cancelled as the rates were quite good. Walter
  8. I always love reading your reviews. I really appreciate your attention to detail! Hope you have an amazing cruise!!! Walter
  9. Hi Tim Really enjoying your review and photos. I hope to meet you guys on the Edge preview sailing. : ) Walter
  10. Fantastic photos and review. I am traveling on the equinox next weekend and your photos really were fantastic! Hope to sail together with you guys someday. Celebrity does offer fairly port intensive cruises out of San Juan. : ) Walter
  11. The only bad thing about a cruise is the ending and coming home to reality. I hope you and Edward are able to ease back into reality and cherish your new memories and look forward to your future cruises. I sure do appreciate your attention to detail on your reviews! Hope we sail together someday!! Walter
  12. I love following your posts. Surely someday we will end up on the same ship together. Arno and his lovely wife I have met many times while sailing. If you see them again please tell them Walter from Nashville sends his regards and hugs. Look forward to following more of your and Edwards's adventures!! Walter
  13. I always enjoy following along your posts. Look forward to hearing all the details and photos/videos of your trip. Walter
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