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  1. they used to do Acapulco on 10 day Mexican cruises. We were there many times. it's too bad what has happened there. (Carnival used to do an 8 day from San Diego, it was Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and Manzanillo -- we did that several times also)
  2. We always get a port side balcony on west coast Mexican cruises. If the arrival time in Cabo is later in the morning most lines cruise close to the beautiful Baja peninsula. it is gorgeous, from the blue water, to the strip of empty beaches to the rugged mountains. It is our favorite part of the cruise. On the way back, they do not do this. If you want to see almost nothing but water, go starboard.
  3. sad to think that they are taking crow bars and torches to it now -- what a waste
  4. All good points, but how important not flying will be to people remains to be seen. The San Pedro cruise port is an easy drive for over 16.5 million people (LA & San Diego metro areas) and we have several friends that drive over from Arizona and southern Nevada for cruises, so maybe another 10 million. That is a heck of a lot of folks, some of those, may have flown in the past and now prefer not to if there is another option. Our last San Pedro cruise we had a couple at our table that drove to the port from central Texas. Princess is positioning the Crown in San Pedro for
  5. We have our fingers crossed from more options from LA
  6. Our weather was so bad, most excursions were canceled, including the famous zipline. The was late September, we knew we were taking a gamble.
  7. We're just a little disappointed to not have Victoria. That city is absolutely stunning. We were looking forward to returning. We're not hikers, and with all of the other Alaskan ports, there is more than enough outdoor activities for us, once you get out of town past the tacky tourist shops. We were bored to tears in Icy Straight several years ago -- heavy rains and high winds didn't help 😉 That's what's great about cruising there is something for everyone. We're looking forward to booking the 17th -- it will be great to have a nice balcon
  8. Someone on one of the Sun Princess Roll Calls discovered from the San Pedro cruise site that the Crown Princess is scheduled to sail on 7-3 and 7-17 for 14 day cruises. I think that confirms the speculation about which ship it will be
  9. The Ruby is currently booked for some 10 day Alaska's May 2021 from San Francisco
  10. If it was 10 days, it may have been out of San Francisco. The shortest I've seen from LA is 12 days. (Golden a couple of years ago)
  11. The possibilities are fascinating, plus it gives us something to talk about 😁 Looking forward to the 7th (we would have been Elite and could have booked on the 6th, if we could have taken all of our canceled cruises) We hope the price is reasonable. We booked our Sun cruise with FCC's purchased on board so the 125% offer doesn't mean much.
  12. If it's the Crown and she's uncommitted, I wonder why just two cruises. 2019 they did them all summer on the Golden. Flying isn't going to be very popular anytime soon, so I would think there would be more of a demand for it. Of course, it remains to be seen if cruising will be popular again.
  13. not much of one, Peace Boat has already announced their "new" ship will sail in spring of 2021
  14. This is very new to everyone, including the cruise lines. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Many ships being unloaded, with some perfectly good ships being sent right to the breakers. At least the Sun dodged that bullet. I sympathize with your desire to know what will happen with your cruise. We've gone through it several times so far this year. This is will be our 5th cruise to be canceled due to issues related to Covid-19. It sucks, but it is still a "first world problem" Hang in there, we'll find out soon ☹️
  15. We have our fingers crossed that they find another ship to do the LA-Alaska cruises next summer. Maybe even on to do them for the full season like the Golden was scheduled to do this year. It's been quite a while since having my fingers crossed has helped - this will be our 5th cruise canceled since the pandemic (Yes, I know - it is very much a first world problem)
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