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  1. Sounds like they don't have the "Aloha Spirit"
  2. We're doing our 12th Hawaii cruise next month -- we've had a couple of choppy sea days, but so far, no nightmares 😉 Enjoy your cruise -- you will certainly see more of Hawaii. We love the sea days (and Hawaii) Aloha!
  3. I'm glad we booked with the Early Booking Bonus for our Koningsdam 2021 Hawaii cruise and didn't wait for the Explore 4, which we have used several times. The new Explore 4 isn't remotely as good for us. If we were non-drinkers, it would be another story
  4. I agree -- I wouldn't try anytime. We were a party of 8 last April on the Ruby. We always had a pretty good wait and we could not reserve a table ahead of time. It was our first experience with anytime. I'm sure it would have been better if we didn't need a table for 8, they have few of those and far fewer that will seat 12. Traditional fixed would be the way to go, in our opinion
  5. That stinks --- Have you joined the roll call for your cruise? If it is a fairly active one, you might find others in the group that would be interested in the tour and might help reach the size needed. I think it is unprofessional of them to not honor reservations. We were in New York City about 10 years ago and booked a bicycle tour of Central Park. The weather wasn't great and we were the only ones on the tour. It was terrific since it was just DW and I with the tour guide. He could have stayed home and watched TV, but he give us the tour we booked and then some. We tipped him well. Good luck and Aloha!
  6. I hope missing the PCC will not ruin your cruise. There is a reason Oahu has most of Hawaii's population, there is an awful lot to do there and it is beautiful. (of course all of the islands are beautiful) Aloha!
  7. I'd make other plans and try again next time -- sorry - Aloha!
  8. I would be surprised if they would open on Sunday for a ship's excursion. It is run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( The Mormons). They celebrate the sabbath on Sundays. Of course, I get surprised a lot 😉 Aloha!
  9. Don't spend a lot of time looking for a Kmart in Hawaii -- I think they are all gone now. 🙁 They were very popular there, most ports had a Kmart shuttle, along with Walmart and Hilo Hatties My dad spent 45 years with Kmart / SS Kresge, he retired before the downward spiral. He gifted his three kids some Kmart stock soon after he retired. He advised us to sell it right away. My older sister, who always knows better, kept hers. I think she wall papered her bathroom with it Aloha!
  10. I hope some may find this interesting. Recently we found our daily plans from our first Mexican Riviera cruise in 1988 on the Carnival Tropicale. We were really surprised to see that there were only three or four excursions offered. That wasn't per port, it was the total for all three ports. Must have been before the lines discovered how much money there is in selling excursions 😉 There is a lot to do in these ports -- have fun!
  11. I'd guess most of the folks in the Walmart line were either crew or passengers who've seen the volcano. It is very very popular with the crew. I doubt there are many that visit Hilo for the first time that don't go to the volcano There are more like us, who've been there numerous times. The volcano is most impressive the first few times. We don't take the shuttle, since we've always rented a car in Hilo, but we always stop by the Walmart. When I was working, I'd pick up a dozen or so really nice Hawaiian calendars for 99 cents each as gifts for my co-workers.
  12. Makes sense that Water Shuttle is more easily understood to someone not familiar with nautical terms. Just don't start calling the cabins, rooms
  13. Carnival rarely changes time on the ship int he Caribbean. We were at an excursion location in Honduras once and they had two clocks everywhere. One labeled with our ship name, the other with another ship. The ships were an hour apart. We sailed from New Orleans and stayed on Central time., the other ship sailed from Florida and was staying on Eastern.
  14. I'll let others handle the outerwear -- the biggest tip I can share is to have waterproof shoes. We just picked up a can of waterproofing stuff in sporting goods dept at Walmart and sprayed our tennis shoes. nothing fancy On our first Alaska cruise the captain reported that in the 7 days we were in Alaskan waters, we had 6 major storms. Dry feet was a blessing (spray your hats too) If you don't need it, great - no harm
  15. We were disappointed when the package stopped including cans. Diet Coke is disgusting to us from a fountain gun. The only way to make it palatable to us is to mix it with a premium rum. I'm not sure they come out ahead
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