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  1. Copper, would you know who are the Captain and CD for the Koningsdam crossing starting on April 7th? Thanks CTBob
  2. It's Jerome from Spain, but he sounds British. I enjoyed him. Bob
  3. Not yet, but you're leaving before I am. I've never heard anything about him, have you? Bob
  4. I have three cruises booked with three different cruise lines and on every one there is a thread complaining about the web site so know that you are not alone. Cruise lines just can't get this right! Bob
  5. Sounds like some people had to go from the muster directly to the Dining room for early seating. When was the Meet & Mingle? We will be back on the Divina at the end of the month. Bob
  6. I'm thinking of starting a "Go Fund Me" page so that we can send you on another cruise and enjoy the guilty pleasure of reading your posts every day. Bob
  7. I told my TA yesterday that I will book my next MSC cruise (After this month on the Divina) once I know that the island is fully operational so I hope that some of you come back and report on how beautiful and fun a place it is. I'm not going to Nassau again.
  8. I had a similar problem. Already had my edocs when I noticed a problem with the spelling of my wife's name. Called and got that fixed. Went back to check and now my web check in was incomplete. Couldn't fix it and called to have that fixed. They fixed that and then it showed that I owed money because they forgot to use my Voyagers Club discount. Called my TA and finally got everything fixed. I hope! Bob
  9. No, but if you didn't bring anything to sign they were selling baseballs and something else that I forgot. This was four years ago so who knows what they're doing these days.
  10. I was on a previous baseball themed cruise and you probably won't even know it. They had a few meetings where the players told some interesting and funny stories and they held an autograph session. I took an old poster (They are all retired from the game) and had it signed for my son who is a fan. It was fun but I wouldn't plan a cruise around it and there is no reason to be concerned. Bob
  11. CTBob

    She's back!

    First reviews in from people on the Divina are not good. Many new inexperienced staff who don't know what they are doing. Estimated at 25% new personnel. Sure hope they can learn in a month. Shouldn't be a problem in YC. See you at the M&M. Check out our Roll Call
  12. CTBob

    She's back!

    Thanks Ernie, about a month and I'll be happily back on the Divina. Bob
  13. After complaining about this problem for a couple of weeks I went back to my Web Check-in and found that I had made a mistake (Go figure). Everything is fine now. So I don't know about anyone else, but this was my doing. Sorry MSC! Bob
  14. Unfortunately this is not uncommon. I usually post my cabin number and tell fellow cruisers to call me if they do not receive an invitation in their cabin. There are over 80 in our Roll Call so I may be getting a lot of calls! I sure hope I get my invite. Bob
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