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  1. The most positive thing in the letter is that Celebrity now has an online method of requesting a refund if your cruise has been cancelled so you don't have to call anymore. Probably only works if you booked directly with Celebrity. CTBob Refund Request
  2. I just watched the new Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady slip into what looks like the last open berth. At the same time you can see the MSC Seaside waiting offshore. CTBob
  3. To me it's more of a reset. While those in the cancellation window now know their fate (Although some didn't find out until they got to their embarkation port), those of us outside the window still have to wait it out. My transatlantic on the Edge on April 19th is outside the window so I guess I'd better take a deep breath and try not to be concerned for the next 30 days. Then I'll get nervous again. Maybe by then all will be resolved? We'll see. CTBob
  4. We were there and our son hung out with the kids on the cast. The cast was all very nice and apologetic for causing issues on the ship. My son was an extra in one of the scenes. They did steal my Sky Suite! CTBob
  5. We are scheduled for the Edge transatlantic ending in Rome and I am getting more concerned every day. If we hadn't already made final payment I probably would have canceled. CTBob
  6. Very true, and they must get a cut somehow because the server was very happy when my wife and I upgraded. Or maybe it just makes their job easier? It's $10 a day for my cruise. I think plus the 20% gratuity.
  7. Happy New Year to all on the Sun! Still following your adventure. Bob
  8. Arneka was one member of our "Dream Team" from our segment. Also Vicki, John and Nikolay. Please tell them we loved them all (And Jeffrey the Restaurant Manager). Bob
  9. I'm enjoying your posts and photos Jim. I will post a link to mine once I get them all together. Only up to Antigua so far. CTBob
  10. Hey Jim (That's a Southern Greeting), sorry that I don't have a Pina Colada for you but here's a Dark and Stormy from Bermuda. CTBob
  11. Somewhere on the way to Bermuda we had our "Meet & Mingle" It was nice to meet some of you who I only knew from online. This seems to be the best of the photos we took (Probably because I'm not in it!) CTBob ps - Sorry that I didn't think of this before some people already left.
  12. In New York our guide promised us a surprise if we didn't look "Up" too early. He walked us across the street and then said "Turn around and look up." and this is what we saw. CTBob
  13. Sad to say we have left the ship. However we are sitting comfortably in a hospitality room at the Sheraton. Thanks Viking. Thanks to the World Cruisers for being so gracious. I'll post some of my better photos when I get home. Wishing you fair seas and wonderful adventures. CTBob
  14. Your screen name made me laugh. One of my favorite movies. I was surprised to see there was a pirate named Robert's. CTBob
  15. Just heard that there will be a Caribbean Feast tonight at Aquavit Terrace. CTBob - Segmenter
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