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  1. All Viking Ocean cruise ships have a COVID test lab. According to Viking's Health and Safety documentation, the labs use PCR testing. Health & Safety FAQ | Viking Ocean Cruises (vikingcruises.com)
  2. I read a post from one of the UK only cruisers who said the comfort check-in will walk you through taking a photo so you don't need to have one saved.
  3. Phil - that's a great web site! Thanks! It has tons of photos and shows the differences between all of the cabin categories.
  4. I love your idea of putting the table in the back corner for more room and also noticed that you travel with Lady and the Tramp? 🙂
  5. He has many general travel topic videos on his web site - packing light, using transportation, staying safe, etc. I saw the laundry tip in his packing light topic.
  6. It's labeled as Viking Deli on the deck plan.
  7. In the "Before Times" it was World Café and Pool Grill, but who knows what will be open now.
  8. I had my TA have the Air Plus conversation with Viking.
  9. Here's a list of all of the Viking ships that have webcams (don't worry about the "Attack of the 50 Ft. Tiki" title. It says no webcam for Venus, hut the site was not updated after Venus' launch. Viking Ocean Cruises Webcams - Attack of the 50 Ft. Tiki (ladewig.com)
  10. Several people (Clay?) also gave me some great strategies for "Tea Days." Find an evening when there's nothing special on the dinner menu, have a big late breakfast and no lunch, have tea, then go to the World Café for a late dinner or get a late Chef's Table reservation.
  11. Wow - I knew Viking read CC posts, but to read and respond to posts on the same cruise and then remedy the issue is going above and beyond. I've looked at several of the Viking Dailies and tea doesn't seem to be scheduled on embarkation day.
  12. My Viking Journey: My Viking Journey You enter your passenger information, book restaurants and excursions, and specify onboard preferences such as whether you want robes and slippers.
  13. I asked the question about the onboard temperature and heard from many that it runs a little warm, except for being colder in the theater. Of course everyone's comfortable temperature is a little different. I've watched many Viking videos on You Tube and usually see short sleeves with some people wearing a light sweater.
  14. What brand are your poles? I have hiking poles but they don't easily fold. I have the same issues - some balance issues plus I need a railing for stairs too.
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