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  1. I hope that is true. We will be on the Sapphire in 12 days so we will also check if out and report back. I prefer getting a can so it lasts longer and doesn't spill quite as easily as we move around.
  2. Even if you have the Plus package, one advantage of swapping out for the soda is they give you cans of soda. Using the plus package for drinks, you can only get soda in a glass, no cans.
  3. I'm curiouse as we will be on the Sapphire to South America next month. Do they have USB ports in the cabins?
  4. I know this is a few months old but I would like to share my experience with bidding for an upgrade when in an accessible cabin. On my next sailing, we are in an inside accessible cabin. There have been several balcony accessible cabins available and today, just 11 days before sailing there are still 2 of those available. Today I talked to Princess about bidding for an upgrade to only an accessible cabin. They said that is not available, the system would only offer a balcony cabin, not an accessible one. In reality, someone in a standard cabin with an accepted bid might end up in the accessible cabin if that is the best available even though they are not in need of it. I was also unsuccessful in getting any type of accessible accomodation. The only offer they would make is upgrade at the full price. I know they are not obligated to offer anything but this close to sailing, it was hoped they could come up with something. Not to be. I did not find Princess to be very accommodating for the accessible cabin folks like they are for anyone not in an accessible cabin. And yes, I did also try directly with the Princess accessibility office.
  5. We have completed the full list of documents and been green on our last 3 cruises. For all three, the shoreside staff did not use the QR code or anything we had input. They still scanned the passport and looked at our hard copy documents. I don't see why we should go to all the trouble of completing the app documents when they are not even used.
  6. We had the plus package on 2 of our last 3 cruises. They were priced at $40 each and at that price, we broke even or close to it. It was very nice to have, not thinking about the cost of the beverage, just ordering what we felt like. We really enjoyed it. However, at $50 each it is not the same value for us. I may break even but my DW will only have several cokes and doesn't come close. On our 12 days cruise earlier this month, we did NOT have the package. While it would have been nice to have a drink occasionally, we did just fine with the complimentary drinks and tap water. It is interesting to note that without the package, we did not purchase a single drink. We brought our soft drinks on board. So Princess lost revenue due to their price increase. We booked a new 7 day cruise on board and did not purchase the Plus package as we didn't think we would get our value from it, especially with all the port days. While I think the package is great, we likely will not purchase it again at the current price.
  7. We too were on last months Emerald Transatlantic. We found the food to be average but the choices/selections to be much less than before. Beef was hard to find. They called beef chile the beef dish at the main dining room and the next night it was beef fajita's. Those are not what I considered main dining room fare nor are they a 'beef' dish. We never went hungry of course but we were often disappointed in what was available in both the buffet and main dining room. There was rarely a green salad on the main dining menu. You should have to continually go to the everyday menu to find your main meal selection.
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