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  1. Wonder how Princess Protection Plan will cover this. Changing my 10 day to a 7 day, it seems that could be a “breach of contract” on the part of PCL, but I’m sure there is extra fine print that covers them in this situation too.
  2. I’m curious, when you look at ocean cruise lines, every one is listed. When I found this forum, that was it; River Cruises. Why aren’t the lines listed by name? Not picking a fight, actually just wanting to find information on Viking River Cruise Lines, but find myself wading through a plethora of information that doesn’t pertain to my search.
  3. I have a friend sailing the Sky right now. This is a premium balcony, cat D4, specifically D412.
  4. This was our text exchange in regards to fees and payments.
  5. We agreed on a specific time for him to pick us back up. Rico checked in periodically through the day, and arrived about 20 minutes early to take us back to the ship. Just a great experience all around.
  6. For a quiet day, choose Ricos at the Beach! I found him on social media and he was very very prompt with information and replies. He told us where to meet him when we arrived, drove us to Alleynes Bay and made sure we were settled in before leaving. The beach was lovely and the water was crystal clear! A nice bar within steps served drinks and food, which were delicious! Ricos will be our “go to” for our future stops in beautiful Barbados!
  7. Thanks---was hoping Captain Lawes was going to be at the helm for my cruise on the 18th....there is still a chance though...LOL!
  8. I am sure my post got missed in the blitz of messages.....who is the Captain on the ship?
  9. Has there been a change in Captains? I am really hoping to have Justin Lawes at the helm for my October 18 sailing. I know it is possible that he flies into Fort Lauderdale and boards there, just curious if he happened to take over mid-cruise for you.
  10. Pro's or cons for each? Looking for less crowds, close to a bar, clean and nice water. Thanks in advance!
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