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  1. I booked a spa cabin for next May on the Liberty-sounded like there would be some fun treats for a bit more money than the balcony price. Disappointed-I think we may cancel and shop for something else in the merry month of May. ☺️
  2. Thanks so much for this info. My husband and I also like an earlier dinner and earlier show so I think I’ll go for a 5:30 dinner in Tamarind!
  3. Beautiful sunny weather! I think I read there is one show each night. What is a good time for speciality reservations if we’d like to attend the show also? thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for another good review-we definitely are going to try it. Which night did you eat there? Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks Operakatz-Good to hear. I’ve read many positive reviews on Tamarind-not so much on the other specialty restaurants.
  6. 1angelcat-thank you so much! I’d like to make a reservation for Tamirand before we cruise and this will help us decide which day.
  7. sorry! Posted twice ☺️
  8. Hello all. We have never cruised to Alaska and my packing list is the opposite of a Caribbean cruise which is sundresses and flip flops. 😂 If anyone has sailed Eurodam on the Glacier Bay route could you share which night were the Gala nights? Thanks so much!
  9. Wow-these are great pictures! Thanks,
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